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We're joined by a Decibel Geek legend this week as Shane "The Mooger Fooger" Paisley joins us for The Quarantine Sessions Vol11!

If you've listened to Decibel Geek for any amount of time you're more than familiar with The Mooger Fooger as he's named pretty much every week during our Geeks of the Week segment. Who is this mystery man and how did he get his name? Listen and find out!

As always, we're answering your submitted questions. Topics covered this week include our thoughts on the recent passing of Bob Kulick, time-travel concerts, Deep Purple, Judas Priest, Dial MTV, Bill & Ted soundtracks, Mutt Lange, guitar bodies, concert home videos, pizza, and tons more!

And closing things out, Mooger Fooger vs Chris Czynszak in another exciting round of Beat the Geek hosted by Aaron Camaro!

We hope you enjoy The Quarantine Sessions Vol11 - Ep408 and SHARE with a friend!

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