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It's our craziest episode yet as Rockin' Ron Runyon from Decibel Geek TV joins us for The Quarantine Sessions Vol8! If you aren't aware, Rockin' Ron has been capturing glorious live footage of your favorite bands for years. That footage is distributed via Decibel Geek TV on Youtube. Additionally, Ron has created some amazing enhanced versions of some of your favorite Decibel Geek episodes. It's all available at Decibel Geek TV. Please go there and subscribe, won't you?

This episode goes off the rails in the best way as we answer YOUR listener questions while imbibing in our favorite spirits. Subjects covered this week include AXL/DC, Extreme, Paw, and Skid Row. Also, we talk about how we approach potential guests, Lizzy Borden, and lip-synching. Other topics include Saigon Kick, thrash metal, and Ozzy Osbourne.

As always, we finish things off with another round of Beat the Geek; the weekly trivia show hosted by Aaron Camaro! Did Ron take out Chris? Honestly, it's hard to remember. Take a listen and find out for yourself!

We hope you enjoy this alcohol-soaked episode of The Quarantine Sessions and SHARE with a friend!

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