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In an interview seven years in the making, Vinnie Vincent joins us this week.  Undoubtedly one of the most intense rock records ever made, Vinnie Vincent Invasion was a natural topic choice. Our Albums Unleashed criteria is simple; discuss the making of an album we love with a key player in its creation. The debut album by Vinnie Vincent Invasion is an over-the-top, face-melting masterpiece.

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Vinnie Vincent


Vinnie is incredibly candid in this long-form discussion. After thirty-plus years of others sharing their story on this album, it's namesake goes on on the record to share his memories. Moreover, Vinnie discusses the back story of how Invasion went from being an album title into becoming a band. Additionally, you'll hear him share revelations never heard about the studio environment for this album. Notably, the intense, meticulous nature of how this album was pieced together is an interesting story unto itself.

As can be seen, 2018 is shaping up to be the comeback year of Vinnie Vincent. Since his return at the Atlanta KISS Expo in January, Vinnie has been ever-present online and in public. He's made appearances at Orlando's Spooky Empire convention as well as Gene Simmons' recent Vault Experience stop in Nashville. He's got upcoming appearances at the Chiller Theatre expo as well as Days of the Dead and a special appearance at The Gathering 3 ahead of the KISS Kruise.

Vinnie recently launched his official website. You can keep track of his personal appearances and buy autographed merchandise at the online store. He's also very interactive with fans on his official Facebook fan page.

The Decibel Geek Podcast truly thanks Vinnie Vincent for appearing on the show. Additional thanks to Randy Dietrich for his help setting up this interview.

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