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Continuing our journey through 1986, Chris and Aaron jump right into their spandex pants and get things rolling. Chris gets the shredding started with his first pick, Vinnie Vincent Invasion's "Do You Wanna Make Love?"

Not just one former Kiss guitarist was busy in 1986. The same year Vinnie Vincent invaded, Mark St. John also released new music with White Tiger. The self titled debut album also featured Mike Norton (Mark's brother) on bass and David Donato on lead vocals. Aaron's pick from the album is "Runaway".

Keeping in line with the Kiss Guitar Tri-fecta, next up is a band produced by Gene Simmons and featuring future Kiss guitarist Tommy Thayer. Black n Blue release Nasty Nasty and the title track is chosen as the third pick of the show.

Always room for Motorhead "Built for Speed" from 86's Orgasmatron album is Aaron's next pick. Although with such a heavy, awesome album it was tough to choose just one.

Bon Jovi's Slippery When Wet album released in 1986 would go on to be the best selling album of 1987. The hits from this album are still played every hour on mainstream radio so Chris chooses to spin "Social Disease" one of the few songs from this album not normally heard on the radio.

Aaron's pick, "Face the Day" comes from Great White's second album Shot In The Dark. This album was an independent release and was the catalyst to them signing with Capital Records.

The mighty Iron Maiden released Somewhere In Time in 1986 and Chris chooses "Sea of Madness". Up the Irons!!

Aaron's up next with "Slip of the Lip" from Sunset strip rockers Ratt. Ratt's Dancing Undercover album was their third release and although it didn't fare as well in sales as their previous release it did reach #26 on the US charts.

1986 was a banner year for thrash metal and of course Aaron chooses to assault our ears with some Slayer. Reign in Blood, some say the prototypical thrash metal album and Aaron spins "Raining Blood"

After the onslaught of pure evil, Chris gets melodic and a little spiritually uplifting with Styper.  "Calling On You" from the To Hell With The Devil album is about as far from Slayer as you can possibly get but goes to show how diverse metal can be.

Right back into the thrash scene, Megadeth released Peace Sells But Who's Buying in 1986 as  Dave Mustaine continued his personal war with Metallica. "Wake Up Dead" is Chris's choice from this metal masterpiece.

Blackie and the boys in WASP release Inside The Electric Circus. The last album to feature Steve Riley on drums as he would leave to join LA Guns. Aaron chooses "The Rock Rolls On" for your dining and dancing pleasure.

One of Canada's greatest exports the Killer Dwarfs are busy in 1986 releasing Stand Tall and going on the road with Iron Maiden. "Believe In Me" is Chris's next choice as we start to wind down this incredible year of music.

One band that definitely embraced past influences and created a sound that would help mold the alternative movement of the 90's was Bad Brains. In 1986 they released I Against I, their 3rd studio album. Chris' choice of Secret 77 is a marriage between early 80's punk-meets-reggae and what would become the genre of grunge a few short years later.

Aaron's last pick of the night is Tesla's "EZ Come, EZ Go" from 1986's Mechanical Resonance album. A dirty, gritty no-nonsense rock band, Tesla seemed far removed from much of the spandex and hairspray of the day.

And with that, 1986 is in the Decibel Geek books!

Vinnie Vincent Invasion

White Tiger

Black n Blue


Bon Jovi

Great White

Iron Maiden






Killer Dwarfs


Bad Brains

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We return this week to fire up the flux capacitor and go back in time. After a quick hop, skip, and jump last time with the 2000 Year in Review parts 1 and 2 we go all the way back to a time filled with hairspray, neon, and keyboards....lots and lots of keyboards; 1986!

1986 saw the continued solo success of Ozzy Osbourne with the release of his Ultimate Sin album. Featuring the excellent fretwork of guitarist Jake E. Lee and a more melodic sound, the album would go on to sell over 2 million copies. Aaron's choice from the album is a smart one.

In 1986, the hard rock world celebrated Valentine's Day with the release of The Big Prize by Canadian rockers Honeymoon Suite. Chris' choice of a hit track from the album that was subsequently featured on Miami Vice is full of attitude.

Aaron goes back to the Violent Femmes well with a track from their 3rd album, 'The Blind Leading the Naked' that addresses their concerns of the nation's first lady of the time. Short, but entertaining.

We head into the first break of the show with Chris' pick of a non-disposable track from Metallica's legendary Master of Puppets album. Hailed by many as the greatest metal album of all-time, it still holds up very well to this day. You don't need a time machine with this album; it's still as vital today as it was in 1986.

We come back from the break with a track from a a band that was mired in drama. 5150 was Van Halen's first public musical outing since the departure of David Lee Roth. With a much slicker, commercialized sound, 5150 featured the vocal stylings of already-established solo artist Sammy Hagar. The public immediately took to the radio-friendlier sound of Van Halen and the album peaked at #1. Chris' choice of a track from this album has a personal connection to his childhood and memories of watching hours and hours of music videos on MTV.

Judas Priest adopted also adopted a slicker sound in 1986 with the release of Turbo. Featuring less bone-crunching guitar riffs and more melodic vocals, Turbo received lukewarm reviews from Priest die-hards. Aaron's song choice from Turbo sums up the newly-intended direction of Judas Priest nicely.

With KISS not producing an album in 1986, Gene Simmons was on to other business ventures. One of those ventures included producing other bands. One of those bands was Keel. Fronted by namesake, Ron Keel, The Final Frontier was released on April 30th, 1986 and included the single Because the Night written by Patti Smith and Bruce Springsteen. Aaron's song choice from the album demonstrates that Keel was definitely overlooked in the tidal wave of mid-80's hard rock bands.

One band in 1986 that was certainly not overlooked was Poison. Hailing from the gutters of Hollywood, Poison worked their way up the ranks of the Susnet Strip; garnering attention from record companies. 1986's debut album Look What the Cat Dragged In was an exercise in what has become known as sleeze-rock 

We come back from break #2 with a track from AC/DC that was not only from their Who Made Who album but was also featured on the motion picture soundtrack for the Stephen King-directed film Maximum Overdrive. 

Queen @ Wembley Stadium

One of the most famous concert videos of all time was shot in 1986 as Queen performed in front of 72,000 fans at Wembley Stadium in what would go on to also become the Live at Wembley '86 double live album. The tour was in support of their A Kind of Magic album that was released that year and Chris' song choice was also included in the Top Gun knockoff Iron Eagle.

While a lot of hard rock bands were exploding off the Sunset Strip in the early to mid 80's, Cinderella was launching their career from the east coast in Philadelphia. Fronted by the gritty-voiced Tom Keifer along with guitarist Jeff Labar, bassist Eric Brittingham, and drummer Fred Coury; Cinderella had a much more blues-based sound than their "hair" metal counterparts. Aaron's choice from the 1986 release Night Songs is a prime example of that sound.

2012 saw a lot of drama in the Queensryche camp but thankfully, that wasn't the story back in 1986. Chris' selection of a track from their Rage for Order album is a look back to a much happier and productive time for the Seattle-born band.

The Japanese metal band Loudness released their sixth studio album, Lightning Strikes, in 1986. Already a household name in Japan, this album helped bring the band more exposure in the American marketplace. With a slicker sound more akin to the glam rock that was dominating the charts at the time, Lightning Strikes received favorable reviews from critics while losing a bit of their hardcore fan base at the same time. Chris' choice from the album has some blazing guitar work.

The band that kicked off the Sunset Strip explosion a few years before was on there way out of fashion by 1986. Quiet Riot released QRIII to a disinterested public. Featuring no Slade cover songs, QRIII peaked at #31 on the Billboard charts and failed to reach Gold certification; quite a plunge from their multi-platinum status just a few years earlier. Chris' choice from the album shows that the public may have missed out on a solid album.

We close things out with the other side of the Van Halen split with Aaron's choice of a great track from David Lee Roth's amazing Eat 'Em & Smile album. Diamond Dave is in his full glory with an all-star band consisting of bassist Billy Sheehan, guitarist Steve Vai, and drummer Craig Bissonnette. What more could you ask for? 

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King Diamond

Ozzy Osbourne

Honeymoon Suite

Violent Femmes


Van Halen

Judas Priest








Quiet Riot

David Lee Roth

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Jerry Gaskill, longtime drummer for King's X, was in Nashville this week to resume his work with friend/producer/collaborator D.a. Karkos of Underdog Studios; work that had started in January of 2012 but was delayed for a few reasons. Jerry and D.a. were both kind enough to sit down with Decibel Geek Podcast host Chris Czynszak to discuss it all.

On February 26th Gaskill suffered a massive heart attack and briefly died before being saved via emergency surgery. In this conversation, Jerry shares what he went through during this time as well as how the presence of his then-fiancee Julie most certainly is the reason he is still alive today. 

After news broke of the heart attack, fans of Jerry from all over the globe pitched in in the form of donations and benefit shows to help out the legendary drummer during his road to recovery. 

With his body healed, Jerry and Julie tied the knot in Las Vegas just before King's X went back on a brief tour with Kansas in September. Things were looking up.....until October. 

Jerry, Chris, D.a.

In late October, Superstorm Sandy made landfall along the East Coast and devastated many along the New Jersey shore; the Gaskill's rented home and its contents among them. Once again, fans of the drummer marched into action to raise more funds to help the couple recover from the tragedy. In this discussion, Jerry shows an amazing sense of grace and perseverance. He shares what steps he's taken to continue to move forward with his life and his music.

This long-form discussion also has Gaskill sharing his memories of childhood; becoming influenced while watching the Beatles first appearance on the Ed Sullivan show as it happened live and going on to play his show at the age of seven.

Gaskill first crossed paths with future King's X bassist/vocalist Dug Pinnick in 1979. Shortly thereafter, Ty Tabor entered the picture and King's X was born. During this talk, Gaskill describes the early days of the band, the Christian ideals and labels that were attrributed to them, and how he feels about that description today.

King's X was widely considered one of the highlights of the 1994 Woodstock festival; with the band gaining new exposure in front of the 300,000 audience members as well as the millions that watched at home. In this conversation, Gaskill recalls the feeling of playing to such a large crowd, how it compared to the original festival, and the night of excess a few days before that threatened to affect King's X perfromance at the show. 

As stated before, Gaskill was in Nashville this week to continue working with Karkos as well as legendary producer Michael Wagener at his Wireworld Studio to get more drum sounds for the upcoming solo album. Jerry and D.a. are playing it close to the vest when it comes to describing what fans can expect but they do give a quick glimpse behind the curtain with a story about the unorthodox utilization of a trash can in the studio. 

With expectations of a 2013 release, Gaskill seems optimistic about the future of his music as well as his life. His positive attitude and motivation to press forward regardless of his obstacles are a testament to him and the love he receives from his fans. We hope this conversation gives you a fuller perspective on Jerry Gaskill.

Contact Info:

Jerry Gaskill

Underdog Studios

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Jerry Gaskill

King's X

D.a. Karkos

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We hope you are strapped and and have checked your tire pressure because this week we put the pedal to the metal (and rock) with volume 1 of Camaro's Cut Out Bin. 

What is Camaro's Cut Out Bin? Decibel Geek co-host Aaron Camaro is like a bloodhound when it comes to tracking down good tunes at a low cost. He's amassed an enormous collection of music from garage sales, yard sales, thrift stores, and used book/record shops and this week you'll hear some of the results. 

To go in depth about every artist played this week would take forever. In truth, most of these groups, you've never even heard of. So, with that said, here's a list of what is played in this episode:

Krokus - Round 13 (1999) – Phonag Records
Song Clip – “Blood Comes Easy”

The Panic Channel – One (2006) - Capitol Records
Song Clip – “Left to Lose”

Drama Queen Die – Self Titled Debut (2003) – Independent Release
Song Clip – “One Thing or Another”

Nerf Herder – Self-Titled Debut (1996) – My Records
Song Clip – “Van Halen”

King Missile – Happy Hour (1992) – Atlantic
Song Clip – “Detachable Penis”

Bobaflex – “Apologize for Nothing” (2005) – TVT Records
Song Clip – “Bullseye”

HardRoad – Miles (2010)
Song Clip – “Headed Home”

Buckra – So Many Weapons (2003) – Detonation Labs
Song Clips – “Shake Your Baby Fat”


Asphalt Ballet – Pigs (1993) – Virgin Records
Song Clip – “Weeds”

Voodoo Pharmacology – EP (2009) – Jam House Productions

Song Clip – “Minnesota”

Flipsyde – We The People (2005) – Interscope Records
Song Clip – “Revolutionary Beat”

Loudmouth – Self Titled Debut (1999) – Hollywood Records
Song Clip – “Not Free”

It’s Revenge – Rock N Roll Retribution (2005) – Man Made Monster Music
Song Clip – “Nothing to Lose”

One of these albums was good enough to be the winner of volume 1 of Camaro's Cut Out Bin. Which one was it? You'll have to listen to find out! If you dig it....

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The Panic Channel

Drama Queen Die

Nerf Herder

King Missile




Asphalt Ballet

Voodoo Pharmacology



It's Revenge

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We know, we know; a Best of year-end episode is not very original and many of our podcasting brothers-in-arms have done or are doing the same but you've gotta admit, 2012 was a great year for rock/metal music!

LA Guns returned to form in 2012 withe solid release of Hollywood Forever. Produced by the legendary Andy Johns, the album is, in essence, a love letter to the Sunset Strip scene that launched the band over 25 years ago. Aaron's choice of a track from this solid release is a natural choice.

While we start the show with a band with a serious amount of work in its canon; Chris' choice of a track from Sweden's Eclipse comes from just their sophomore album. We can thank YOU the listener for this as this band was suggested to us throughout the year and has gone on to become one of our favorites. Great, melodic hard rock with a metal tinge.

We follow Eclipse up with a pair of tracks from some hard rock and metal legends respecively. First, Aaron spins a track from the fantastic new album by Overkill, The Electric Age. Following that is a track from, if you believe lead singer Don Dokken, Dokken's Broken Bones album that features some great fretwork from John Levin; filling in for the departed George Lynch.

If there's one band that doesn't know the meaning of subtlety it is Jackyl. The band hailing from Kennesaw, GA has a long history of saying exactly what it feels and Aaron's choice of a track from their new Best in Show album is no exception. It will have you rethinking your dining habits, for sure.

Chris' next pick of a track from In This Moment's Blood album is all due to the power of podcasting; becoming a favorite of his after hearing it on two other great rock/metal podcasts.

Aaron Camaro recently enjoyed a night out on the town, checking out Local H's recent stop in Nashville. His choice of a track off of their 2012 release Hallelujah! I'm a Bum is a tongue in cheek barnburner that takes it's inspiration from a classic Beatles tune; sorta.

As any good Decibel Geek is more than aware, KISS released Monster in 2012; taking things up a notch from 2009's strong showing on Sonic Boom. Was this Chris or Aaron's favorite album of 2012? You'll have to listen to find out but we think Chris' choice of track from this album will definitely have you shouting to the heavens.

Pantera released new music in 2012.......really. While the idea of new music from Pantera seems pretty far-fetched since it's missing a very key ingredient, they did release a shelved track from the Vulgar Display of Power sessions in celebration of the 20th anniversary of its release. We give you some relief from the long wait with this awesome tune.

Closing things out is a track from the long-awaited return-to-Roth version of Van Halen. A Different Kind of Truth was released early in 2012 and it still resonates as loudly at the end of the year as it did in the beginning. The combination of Roth's lyrical gymnastics and Eddie's amazing guitar tone and shredding leads makes this not only a great release of 2012; it's a great release...period. We close out the show with a reminder to keep your cool in the new year.

The Decibel Geek podcast, writers, and contributors want to wish you all a Happy New Year in 2013 and we look forward to providing more entertaining shows, articles, interviews, and commentaries to help you rock out all year long. You deserve it!

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LA Guns





In This Moment

Local H



Van Halen

Ugly Kid Joe

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