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General music listeners tend to state that there's no good music being produced these days. But, true Decibel Geeks know that isn't the case and this week Aaron and Chris are out to prove it as they share some of their favorite tracks from albums released in 2013.

Also included in this discussion are the top picks from the Decibel Geek website writers. You'll learn through this hour-plus episode that a ton of great music was put our in 2013 by classic rockers you love as well as newer upstarts that have something to prove.

Tracks from LaValle, Volbeat, Hardcore Superstar, Black Sabbath, Stryper, Motorhead, and more give you plenty to think about as we head into the new year.

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Michael Monroe - Horns & Halos

Stryper - No More Hell to Pay

Heaven's Basement - Filthy Empire

Motorhead - Aftershock

Black Star Riders - All Hell Breaks Loose

The Bronx - The Bronx (IV)

Queens of the Stone Age - ...Like Clockwork

LaValle - Lavalle - Dear Sanity

Black Sabbath - 13 [Deluxe Edition]

Fates Warning - Darkness in a Different Light

Volbeat - Outlaw Gentlemen & Shady Ladies

Wednesday 13 - The Dixie Dead

Queensryche - Queensryche

Hardcore Superstar - C'Mon Take On Me

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With this week containing that festive holiday that goes by many names (Christmas at DBG headquarters), Aaron and Chris decided to spread some seasonal cheer by spinning some notable songs that fit such a jolly time.


(click artist name to purchase)

E'nuff Z'nuff – Happy Holiday

Twisted Sister – Oh Come All Ye Faithful

AC/DC – Mistress for Christmas

Tom Keifer – Blue Christmas

Dio, Iommi, & Appice – God Rest Ye Merry Gentlemen

Brighton Rock – White Christmas

Wednesday 13 – Buried by Christmas

Dokken – Santa Claus is Coming to Town

The Donnas – Christmas Wrapping

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After getting through the whirlwind that was the first half of the year, Aaron and Chris return to tell the second half of the story in this week's 1978 Year in Review Part 2.

This week, Aaron and Chris discuss the people, places, events, and music of the rest of the year. Stories include the over-saturation of KISS-mania, the poorly received Sgt. Pepper movie, and the Texxas Jam. Tracks from bands including Boston, Ramones, Black Sabbath, KISS, Gillan, Rush, and Rose Tattoo among others. We also include some interesting television commercials and promos from the year that was 1978.

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Boston - Dont Look Back

The Who - Who Are You

Styx - Pieces of Eight

KISS - Ace Frehley

KISS - KISS Gene Simmons

KISS - Paul Stanley

KISS - Peter Criss

Ramones - Road to Ruin

Black Sabbath - Never Say Die

Ted Nugent - Weekend Warriors

Gillan - Gillan

Lynyrd Skynyrd - Skynyrd's First And...Last

Rush - Hemispheres

Judas Priest - Hellbent for Leather

Alice Cooper - From the Inside

Rose Tattoo - Rose Tattoo

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We're going back in time this week to an era of disco, bellbottoms, and great rock n' roll as we present the first installment of our 1978 Year in Review. 

Aaron and Chris had a lot of great music to choose from for this episode and you'll hear it along with all the pop culture discussion you've come to expect from these audio time capsules. 

January through July of 1978 was a busy time for hard rock and early metal acts and Aaron and Chris present plenty of song clips and discussion of artists such as Judas Priest, Rainbow, KISS, AC/DC, Journey, Angel, Starz, Cheap Trick, and much, much more!

Buy Music! (click album title to purchase via Amazon)

Judas Priest - Stained Class

Ringo Starr - Bad Boy

KISS - Double Platinum

Tom Petty - You're Gonna Get it

AC/DC - Powerage

Foghat - Stone Blue

Rolling Stones - Some Girls

Journey – Infinity

Starz – Attention Shoppers

Angel – White Hot

Van Halen – Van Halen

Generation X – Generation X

Bob Seger – Stranger in Town

Cheap Trick - Heaven Tonight

UFO – Obsession

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If there is one band that truly defines having a "good time" it's Van Halen. Formed in 1974 in suburban Pasadena, California, brothers Alex and Eddie Van Halen were joined by bassist Michael Anthony and vocalist David Lee Roth and set forth in creating music history.

Blessed with other-worldly talent, Eddie quickly redefined the art of hard rock guitar playing via two-handed tapping and whammy bar dive bombs. Alex's drumming, rooted in the influences of Ginger Baker and Buddy Rich, was an aggressive undercurrent to the band's sound. Michael Anthony's rock solid bass playing was only overshadowed by his angelic backing vocals. And David Lee Roth's ringmaster routine; featuring high jumps and other assorted acrobatics, rounded out a band that would marry classical influences with Harlem soul to create the combustible mix that was the Roth-Era of Van Halen.

After 1984, it seemed that the spirit of original Van Halen was lost forever with Roth embarking on a long solo career and the brothers starting to work with Sammy Hagar. But, time does tend to heal all wounds and after many years of assorted will-they-won't-they drama, the original Van Halen (sans Michael Anthony) reconvened in 2006 and released new material in 2012.


This week Aaron and Chris are joined by Nashville rock music legend Todd Austin (aka Toddzilla). Todd has been a fixture of the Nashville rock/funk music scene for many years. Known in local circles as the 'Minister of Funk' through his work with JonesWorld and his new project Funkhammer, Todd wanted to join us for a discussion of Roth-Era Van Halen and how it affected him as a guitar player and as a person. In this discussion we'll discuss favorite tracks from all Roth-Era VH albums as well as indulge in some of Toddzilla's favorite memories of Dave and the boys from back in the day. It's a solid hour of nostalgia for debauchery and crazy concert memories of a legendary band. Don't miss it!

More Toddzilla! (Click Band Name for More Info)


Todzilla's Funkhammer


Buy Roth-Era VH Music! (Click Album Title to Buy on Amazon!)

Van Halen

Van Halen II

Women & Children First

Fair Warning

Diver Down


A Different Kind of Truth

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This week on the Decibel Geek Podcast, the boys, Chris and Aaron take the week off to enjoy some football and turkey for Thanksgiving.  In their place the Hoser Heavy Metal Twins of Wally “Wallygator” Norton and Rich “The Meister” Dillon step in to host the episode.

Rich and Wally performed a hostile takeover last Thanksgiving when they hijacked the broadcast, but this year they have been invited back to cover the boys holiday.  Chris and Aaron have delivered funny, entertaining and informative broadcasts each and every week without fail for 111 episodes now….enjoy your well deserved break my friends.

Wally kept his song selections to a “Radio Sucks Theme” while Rich went more in the “Fresh Blood” vein to gather the ten songs that they introduce to the audience this week.  First up Wally made an excellent selection from The Killer Dwarfs new release Start @ One, but not before announcing that this week’s “Geek of the Week” was none other than our “Crack-smoking,  among other things” Mayor of Toronto, Rob Ford, who admitted that he has listened to The Decibel Geek Podcast albeit in a drunken stupor….stupor….stupor, what a fun word to say!  Wally dedicated "The Sky Is Falling" to the troubled Mayor and Rich

 excitedly mentioned the The KiLLeR DWaRfs have now been announced as participating in the Monsters of Rock Cruise 2014.

For The Meister’s first selection he went with a band out of St. Catharines Ontario, Step Echo.  Chuckling at the name of their recording studio where they recorded their album which was called “Fecal Noir”….which the Hosers can only deduce means….”black poop:…..c’mon now you just chuckled as well didn’t ya?  "Crazy" was the song taken from their Jagged CD.

Keeping on the string of awesome new releases this fall from Canadian bands Wally opted for "Boys Club" off Coney Hatch’s new effort, Four, the band’s first since Friction in 1985.  As they discussed when previously hosting the podcast, at a concert Carl Dixon had left the song lyrics to newly penned song, "Blown Away", taped to a stage monitor and thinking it was a great souvenir of the show, The Meister pro-cured them.  Days later it was discovered that that was the only copy as they had just been written the night before the show and Carl was frantically searching for their whereabouts.  The song appears on the album, so you

 know that The Meister returned them promptly.

One Bad Son originally from Saskatoon Saskatchewan, but now relocated to Vancouver B.C. provided the next choice for Rich with their song “Gringo” from 2007's Orange City release. The song is not from the latest self-titled OBS release, but an earlier album and is perhaps the heaviest in their repertoire.  Radio stations across Canada are playing OBS tracks from the latest album, so as you see even though radio sucks, sometimes they do have brief shining moments of glory.

Afraid that Wally was going to get “weird” Rich was apprehensive of Wally’s next pick.  Last time they hosted the podcast Wally did the absolutely unthinkable and played a ballad!!  While it was a great song from a talented band, Gypsy Rose, Rich was not sure he was in a ballad mood today and warned Wally.  Wally assured him that all would be fine and it was about time to work some KISS into the show as always. He spun Brighton Rock’s absolutely creepy and totally different from the original rendition of "Creatures of The Night" off the double cancer benefit KISS tribute CD A World Without Heroes….and although it was a ballad, now at least, Rich deemed it an acceptable choice.

Coming home to Toronto, Meister’s next band is called Twitch that has played a few shows at the becoming famous Rockpile Club.  He chose to feature "Walk" from the Revolution CD, talking about how good this band is live and the covers that they often throw into the set.  Last show they broke into the Four Horsemen’s "Rockin’ Is Ma Business" and you may remember Meister’s story from the Monsters of Rock Cruise last year when he was wearing a Four Horsemen Canada ’94 tour shirt that someone steadily increased their purchase offer on ending

at $120 when his wife dragged him away.

West Memphis Suicide is a band that has been featured on the podcast in the past, on the last Hoser Takeover episode for one.  Well, West Memphis are no more Wally informed a rather shocked Meister, but no fear they have regrouped with a new bass player and changed their name to A Rebel Few.  Barry the guitarist was incredibly kind enough to forward a brand new, as yet unavailable track to Rich and Wally for airplay on the show.  In perhaps a world premiere the boys heard "Empire Falls".

Only discovering this group himself recently, Rich introduced Wally to Ottawa based band Shock.  A band that formed in 1985 and disbanded in 1990, never releasing an album.  Once considered "the best band to never release an album", they lost that moniker when the début, Once Denied came out earlier this year.  One of the best unsigned bands of the time, this release is their first coming almost 30 years after their formation.  Wally enjoyed the "Flaming Towards Earth" track, commenting on it’s Judas Priest like qualities.

Wally deemed that he wanted to jump the order of picks here and have Meister make his final selection back

to back with the Shock pick, proclaiming that he had a surprise in order for the last song of the week.  Rich chose to feature "Skipping Stones" from J'nai, another Toronto area band that the Decibel Geeks and friends have seen live many, many times.  This band has to be seen, no ifs, ands, or buts about it!  They are a bunch of college age kids who are extremely hard working and exhibit a stage presence like none other.  The guys discuss one of their many well choreographed stage tricks, the guitar toss in which the two guitarists switch their instruments by hurling them towards each other mid song, catching them and continuing to play.  Only once have they seen a fumble.  An upcoming J'nai show, opening for Slaughter on April 4th at The Rockpile West on the day that Meister returns from the Monsters of Rock Cruise is also a great time to celebrate Wally and Rich's birthdays of April 10th.  Wally invited all Toronto area Decibel Geeks to come to the party at the Rockpile.

Wally’s last song was not so much of a surprise, but certainly a fitting end to Hoser Heavy Metal #2 as he spun a song from the new Metal On Ice EP.  Metal On Ice started out as a book written by Canadian Guitarist (Helix, Crash Kelly, Nelly Furtado) Sean Kelly about his interviews and playing in a band in Canada.  The album displays the talents of many of the hottest Canadian stars in the metal business in the 80’s including, Russ Dwarf, Nick Walsh, Darby Mills, Daryl Gray, Brian Vollmer, Lee Aaron and more.  The song chosen was "Metal On Ice" written by Nick Walsh, who’s former band, Slik Toxik was a choice on the previous Hoser Hijack and he’s now the frontman for a new band Famous Underground.

Thanks for joining these two Hosers and allowing us to play some of our favorite Canadian artists this week.  Chris and Aaron will be back at the helm next time after the turkey sweats wear off….cheers, eh! 


Killer Dwarfs

Step Echo

Coney Hatch

One Bad Son

Brighton Rock


A Rebel Few



Metal on Ice

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The holidays are fast approaching and Chris and Aaron are as busy as ever getting some great episodes and interviews together to bring to all of you Decibel Geeks. This week, the guys stop to take a breather and give you a taste of what they've been listening to.

There's a lot of variety in this new edition of the Radio Sucks Radio show. Brand new tracks by The Black Spiders, Michael Monroe, The Dead Daisies, and Hardcore Superstar fit in nicely with some awesome covers performed by Vince Neil, The Smashing Pumpkins, and Damone. There's even more but you gotta listen!

Michael Monroe – Stained Glass Heart – Horns & Halos  

The Dead Daisies (ft. Slash) – Lock N’ Load –The Dead Daisies  

Black Spiders – Balls –This Savage Land  

Mr. Big – The Whole World’s Gonna Know –Bump Ahead  

Hardcore Superstar – C’mon Take on Me –C'Mon Take On Me  

Tesla - Children's Heritage -Gold  

Damone - Everybody Wants You –Everybody Wants You  

Randy Castillo/Tracii Guns/Stevie Rachelle – Too Late for Love –Arena Rock Classics  

Vince Neil - Long Cool Woman –Tattoos & Tequila  

Smashing Pumpkins - (We're All) Clones –Aeroplane Flies High   

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Decibel Geek is much more than just a weekly podcast. If you don't already know, there are a TON of great articles being put out consistently by our dedicated staff of writers; giving you more hard rock and metal stuff to geek out on on the days between episodes. Many of the articles are inspired by song choices from Aaron and Chris that are featured on the episodes. There are also a number of reviews of some of the best new and classic albums being put out regularly.

This week Aaron and Chris shine a spotlight on the great articles being written by the Decibel Geek staff. All song choices were inspired by an article written by a particular staff member. There's quite a bit of great variety in this episode and we hope this will help turn you on to some great new/classic music.

Click on writer's name to read the original article that inspired the song choice. 

Click on the album title to go to Amazon and order!

LaValle – Don’t Cry –Dear Sanity  

Arch Rival - In The Face of Danger –In the Face of Danger  

Queensryche – Fallout –Queensryche   

Hawaii - Escape the Night –Loud, Wild, and Heavy  

Alter Bridge – Farther than the Sun -Fortress  

Stryper - The Rock That Makes Me Roll –Soldiers Under Command  

Bobaflex – Wading Through the Dark –Charlatan's Web  

Skid Row - Big Guns –Skid Row  

GWAR – Madness at the Core of Time –Battle Maximus  

Ace Frehley – Snowblind –Ace Frehley 

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Every once in a while in the past, Aaron and Chris would break out a track that's from an up and coming act that has an old-school vibe that fits within the Decibel Geek methodology. They would usually call this a Fresh Blood track. Upon further investigation, there's a TON of great new rock and metal being made these days and Chris and Aaron are in the fortunate position to bring you full volumes of this Fresh Blood series and we kick it off today!  We hope you enjoy this new batch of ear candy!

Click Artist name for more info. 

Click track/album name to purchase on Amazon

Wyldlife The Time Has Come to Rock & Roll [Explicit]

Scorpion Child – Polygon of Eyes – Self-Titled (2013)

Hammering Process - "Kachina"- Hammering Process [Explicit] (2012)

Monster Truck – The Lion – Furiosity (2013)

Robot Lords of Tokyo - "Hell Will Have to Wait"- Virtue & Vice (2013)

Impera – Beast Within –  Pieces of Eden (10/18/13)

Direct download: Episode_109_-_Fresh_Blood_volume_1.mp3
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With Halloween fast approaching, we felt this week was the best time to go ahead and take a look into the history of Shock Rock. It's time for Shock Rocktober!

In this hour-plus episode, Aaron and Chris Go back to the earliest days of Shock Rock with Screamin' Jay Hawkins all the way through Lordi today and along with some acts you may have missed the first time.

Before we get to the music, we're proud to announce a special prize giveaway brought to you by the Decibel Geek Podcast and Michael Wagener. We're giving away a free slot to Michael Wagener's upcoming 7-Day Production Workshop at Wireworld Studio near Nashville, TN. The week-long workshop begins on December 1st. The normal cost of this 7-day workshop is $2450.00. In this workshop, you'll learn hands-on technique in the birth of a song all the way through recording, mixing, and mastering. It's a unique chance to work with a music production legend in an intimate setting. To enter the contest, simply e-mail a letter to us along with an mp3 sample of your work (if available). The letter should state why you think you are the best candidate for this workshop and what you hope to get out of it. E-mail us at Deadline for submissions is midnight on 11/9/2013. Winner will be chosen and notified within 1 week. Good luck to all!

Buy Music! (Click Artist to Purchase)

Screamin Jay Hawkins

The Crazy World of Arthur Brown

Iggy Pop & The Stooges

Alice Cooper


Wendy O. Williams

GG Allin

Ozzy Osbourne


King Diamond

Lizzy Borden


Rob Zombie

Marilyn Manson


Murderdolls - Wednesday 13



Screaming Lord Sutch, The Doors, Frank Zappa, Black Sabbath, Sex Pistols, Twisted Sister, Motley Crue, Green Jelly, Rammstein, TOOL, Mushroomhead, Mindless Self Indulgence, Lady Gaga.

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Whether you know the name Michael Wagener or not chances are, if you're a fan of this show, he's had a major impact on your life. A cursory glance at the discography of this German-born music production legend will leave you stunned due to the number of pivotal hard rock and heavy metal moments he helped create and shape. 

This week Aaron and Chris head to Wireworld Studios for a long-form discussion of some of the many highlights of Michael's career. In this discussion, you'll hear about his early roots in Germany as he helped form Accept and then made the jump across the pond to begin his storied career on a ready-to-explode Sunset Strip. One project led to another and within just a few years Michael had worked with acts such as Dokken, Motley Crue, Metallica, Poison, Stryper, White Lion, and Skid Row just to name a few. 

In this talk, Michael also shares his take on the evolution of the recording industry and the changes that have taken place due to the digital divide. It's a solid hour of insight on many of your favorite albums and artists and it's right here for you this week on the Decibel Geek Podcast. 

Michael Wagener Official Website:

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One of the nicest people that we've interviewed over the past 2+ years was Jan Kuehnemund, founder of all-female hard rock band Vixen. While Jan's guitar skills and physical beauty provided her with a powerful 1-2 punch in the music industry, those things were overshadowed when you actually talked to her. Jan's dedication, integrity, and drive helped propel her and Vixen to stardom in the late 1980's. Those qualities also served her well through the many lean years that followed. All of this is what makes this week's episode so difficult for us. 

Jan Kuehnemund passed away last Friday October 10th, 2013 after a long battle with cancer. 

We interviewed Jan in late February of 2012 and uploaded the episode on March 2nd, 2012. The process of interviewing Jan was a true pleasure. She was forthcoming, funny, intriguing, and patient in giving us knuckleheads in Nashville an hour of her time to yack about rock music and her life in it.

We could have just gone ahead and dedicated this week's episode to Jan and proceeded with a new theme. But, Jan really left an impression on us and Aaron and I still have good memories of talking to her. The Decibel Geek podcast has really grown since April of 2012 (83 episodes ago!) and we couldn't think of a more fitting tribute to Jan than to give you all a replay of our conversation. In this talk, she talks about the early days of bringing Vixen from Minnesota to Los Angeles, their struggles to be taken seriously, and their rise to fame. She also details the difficult days of the 1990's, acrimony among band members and the beginning of reconciliation with the girls for VH1's Bands Reunited series. She also shares touring memories of working with such acts and Deep Purple and KISS.

While the war stories are interesting and entertaining, we hope you will take from this talk what we did; Jan Kuehnemund was a thoughtful, caring, and beautiful spirit that will most definitely be missed. Rock in Peace Jan. Your music lives on.

- Chris Czynszak

Direct download: Episode_106_-_Jan_Kuehnemund_Rock_in.mp3
Category:Podcast -- posted at: 9:05pm EDT

We're back this week with another edition of the Radio Sucks Radio Show. We love doing this version of the show because it allows us to focus on the most important thing....the music!

This week Aaron and Christ return with volume 14 of our popular Radio Sucks Radio Show. In this episode you'll deep cuts from artists such as Tom Keifer, Tora Tora, Peter Criss, and Brides of Destruction. You'll also get a heaping helping of newer stuff from bands like Stryper, Brand New Machine, and Teenage Casket Company. It's over an hour of solid, rock-filled goodness that's just waiting to ooze into your ears so crank it up and check it out!

Geek of the Week is Jamie McNicol from Krazy Knights: The Australian KISS Podcast. Jamie and his co-host produce a weekly show about the Hottest Band in the Land from Down Under. Lots of interesting guests and interesting discussion. We here at the Decibel Geek podcast encourage our listeners to check out this great show!

Buy Music!

Song List (Click to Purchase on Amazon!)

Honky Toast - Shakin and a Bakin from Whatcha Gonna Do Honky

Tom Keifer - Ain't That a Bitch from The Way Life Goes

Tora Tora - Amnesia from Wild America

Bruce Dickinson - Tattooed Millionaire from Tattooed Millionaire

Brides of Destruction - Brace Yourself from Here Come the Brides

Teenage Casket Company - Takes a Little Time from Still Standing

Peter Criss - Bad Attitude from Criss Cat #1

Brand New Machine - Blackout Overdose from The Devil Made Me Do It

Hair of the Dog - The Party Ain't Over from Hair of the Dog

Stryper - Revelation from No More Hell to Pay

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Direct download: Episode_105_-_Radio_Sucks_Radio_Show.mp3
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The average music fan these days tends to enjoy a band while they are "in fashion" and on the charts. Unfortunately, that's a passing thing and what goes up, must come down. It seems that the instant that a band falls out of favor with the general crowd, it becomes the majority's modus operandi to mock said artist for a short while and then, worse, ignore them completely. This usually leads to the artist working twice as hard to put out quality material (sometimes too hard in the case of trend following) and typically continued to be ignored by the mainstream listening audience. It's a sad state of affairs where nobody wins. The artist doesn't win due to their hard work not getting recognized and the music fans don't win due to not being aware of the material being released by the artist due to flavor-of-the-week favoritism.

This week, Aaron and Chris set out to introduce your ears to some gems that were lost on overlooked and ignored albums by bands/artists that had already seen their "better days." Tracks by artists such as David Lee Roth, Enuff Z'nuff, Hanoi Rocks, The Doors, Alice Cooper, Hanoi Rocks and more highlight this episode as we unearth "Buried Treasures."

Enuff Z'Nuff - Tweaked, "Life is Strange" (1995)

Poison – Crack a Smile – “Shut Up, Make Love” (2000)

The Doors - L.A. Woman, "The Changeling" (1971)

Badlands – Voodoo Highway – “The Last Time” (1991)

Black Label Society - 1919 Eternal, "Demise of Sanity" (2002)

Hanoi Rocks – Street Poetry – “This One’s for Rock and Roll” (2007)

Pearl Jam - Riot Act, "Get Right" (2002)

David Lee Roth – Your Filthy Little Mouth – “She’s My Machine” (1994)

Warrant - Ultraphobic - "Undertow" (1995)

Alice Cooper – DaDa – “Pass the Gun Around” (1983)

Buy Music!

Enuff Z'nuff - Tweaked

Poison - Crack A Smile...And More

The Doors - L.A. Woman

Badlands - Voodoo Highway

Black Label Society - 1919 Eternal

Hanoi Rocks - Street Poetry

Pearl Jam - Riot Act

David Lee Roth - Your Filthy Little Mouth

Warrant - Ultraphobic

Alice Cooper - Dada

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Direct download: Episode_104_-_Buried_Treasure.mp3
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This week’s episode is the result of some it’s-a-small-world moments coming together. As you may remember, during our 2012 KISSMAS in July, we featured an episode on KISS Kover songs. One of the songs played was by a band named Hair of the Dog. This band achieved some strong popularity in the upper Midwest; most notably in central Wisconsin, home to Aaron Camaro. We couldn’t find a whole lot of information on Hair of the Dog or the current-day status of their members online and went on to work on other episodes about other artists.

Flash forward to July of 2013 and Chris heads out to the TomKeifer/John Corabi double-bill at local Nashville club 3rd and Lindsley. After running into some mutual friends, he’s introduced to legendary producer Michael Wagener. During the conversation, Chris hands Mr. Wagener a Decibel Geek business card. Overhearing the conversation, guitarist Jeremy Asbrock chimes in that he’s a listener of the show and was impressed by our Lydia Criss interview. After this, Jeremy introduces Chris to Ryan Cook, former singer for the aforementioned Hair of the Dog. Upon learning that Jeremy and Ryan were band mates and living in Nashville, the wheels were set into motion to get microphones in front of everyone and this week, schedules lined up and we dug into lots of discussion.

Hair of the Dog
Ryan Cook - 2nd from Left

While this week’s episode is called The Big Rock Show, its title is taken from our guests’ band. Ryan Cook and Jeremy Asbrock make up part of this group that started out as a fun way to jam on some cover songs that the members grew up on and has turned into a true gig for the guys with appearances all over the country as well as on the high seas for a number of rock-themed cruise ships.

Ryan Cook, while a member of Hair of the Dog, is not also a part-time player in Skid Row; replacing Dave “Snake” Sabo, when scheduling conflicts come up. Jeremy Asbrock, a Nashville native, was a member of longtime Music City favorites The Shazam.

The Shazam
Jeremy Asbrock - Far Left

We get into details of how The Big Rock Show came together, the relationship of the band members, and some memorable gigs that they’ve had over the years. 

Aaron and Chris truly met their match in the KISS fan department as Ryan and Jeremy are every bit as much KISS geeks as they are. This conversation is 90% KISS-related discussion and you must be warned, copious amounts of alcohol are consumed throughout the conversation, resulting in the silliness factor increasing over time. If you are uptight about certain issues with KISS, we may piss you off. If you aren’t, you’ll probably get a good laugh out of it.

The Big Rock Show will be performing in Nashville at 12thand Porter on Friday, October 17th. The show is being sponsored by local classic rock station WNRQ 105.9 The Rock. During this performance, 2 tickets will be given away to KISS KRUISE III, at which The Big Rock Show will also be performing. It promises to be a fun night of great music and lots of KISS fans (including Aaron and Chris) so come check it out if you are anywhere near Nashville.

The Decibel Geek Podcast thanks Ryan Cook and Jeremy Asbrock from The Big Rock Show for their time and the fun conversation. We look forward to having them on again.


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The Shazam

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It was all the way back in April of 2012 when we put out an episode showcasing Aaron and Chris' Top 5 Brian Johnson-era AC/DC songs. With 30 years worth of material on 10 studio albums from the Johnson-fronted version of the band available, it was difficult to narrow down five picks for each host. They never thought picking songs from a 6 album/6 year period would be equally as difficult. The boys' goal this week was to chronicle Bon Scott's much-too-short history in music and with AC/DC while playing selections from their favorite tracks from the classic lineup of the band from the six album span of High Voltage in 1975 through 1979's Highway to Hell album.

Ronald Belford Scott was born on July 9th 1946 in Forfar, Scotland. In 1956 his family moved to Western Australia. It was there that he joined the Associated Fremantle Scots Pipe Band, learning to play the drums. He attended North Fremantle Primary School and later, John Curtin College of the Arts until he dropped out at the age of 15. 

He spent a short time in Fremantle Prison's assessment centre and nin months at the Riverbank Juvenile Institution relating to charges of giving a false name and address to the police, having escaped legal custody, having unlawful carnal knowledge and stealing twelve gallons of gas. He was, for all intents and purposes, a problem child.

He attempted to join the Australian Army but was rejected for being deemed "socially maladjusted." In a very real way, the entertainment industry was tailor-made for someone of Bon's mindset and personality as it allowed him to be himself.

In 1970, Bon Scott moves to Adelaide and joins progressive rock band Fraternity. They soon change their name to Fang. During this time they play support slots opening for Status Quo and Geordie; a band fronted by a gentleman named Brian Johnson who would go on to replace Bon after his death in 1980.

In 1974 Bon is introduced to the guys in AC/DC by friend and former band mate Vince Lovegrove. Vince later worked in journalism and television (including KISS' 1980 Inner Sanctum Special from Australia).

Bon replaced Dave Evans as the lead singer of AC/DC on October 24,1974, when it became obvious the band and Evans were heading in different directions, with Evans having personal clashes with band members and management.

The Bon Scott AC/DC Discography:

High Voltage:

Released 2/17/75 in Australia

3rd Young brother, George, was one of the albums producers and plays bass on a number of tracks.

Most of the songs on this version of High Voltage were not released outside Australia until 1984, when "Baby, Please Don't Go", "You Ain't Got a Hold on Me", "Soul Stripper", and "Show Business" were included on the '74 Jailbreak EP, released in the United StatesCanada, and Japan in October 1984.


Released 12/1/75 in Australia

School Days" is a cover version of a Chuck Berry song.

Only Australian AC/DC studio album for which there is no international counterpart. However, seven of its nine songs comprise the international version of High Voltage, released in May 1976. 

The other two, "Rocker" and "School Days", saw worldwide release as part of Dirty Deeds Done Dirt Cheap's international version (1976/1981) and the Bonfire box set (1997) respectively.

Dirty Deeds Done Dirt Cheap:

Released 12/17/1976 internationally

Certified 6x platinum in the US, selling at least six million copies, becoming the third-highest selling album by AC/DC in the US after Highway to Hell (7x platinum) and Back in Black (22+).

A song titled "I'm a Rebel" was recorded during this album's sessions in 1976, with music and lyrics written by Angus and Malcolm Young's older brother, Alex Young. This song was never released by AC/DC and remains in Albert Productions' vaults. German band Accept later released it as a single and named their second album after the song.

AC/DC's record label at the time, Albert Productions, was not happy with the album's vocals and production. According to bassist Mark Evans, the band's manager Michael Browning told him he assumed Bon Scott would be fired as a result.

On the Live At Donington DVD, Angus and Malcolm explain that the concept of this album was to make it a Humphrey Bogart-esque mystery scenario.

Furthermore, the term "Dirty Deeds Done Dirt Cheap" is an homage to the cartoon Beany and Cecil, which Angus watched when he was a child. One of the cartoon's characters was named Dishonest John, and carried a business card that read, "Dirty Deeds Done Dirt Cheap. Holidays, Sundays and Special Rates.”

Let There Be Rock:

Released 6/23/77 internationally

Last AC/DC recording to feature bassist Mark Evans, who previously played on T.N.T. (1975) and Dirty Deeds Done Dirt Cheap

Music video for title track featured Scott as a priest and the rest of the band as altar boys.

For the original vinyl release, in all markets other than the USA and Japan, "Crabsody in Blue" was featured instead of "Problem Child".

 International version's cover also marked the debut of the band's logo, designed by Gerard Huerta. 

Double platinum in the U.S.


Released 5/25/1978

Originally released on Atlantic Records, and reached No. 133 on Billboard's Pop Albums chart in the US, eventually going platinum.

First AC/DC album to be released nearly simultaneously in both Australian and international markets, and the first to use just one cover image for both. 

Last Bon Scott-era studio release to feature production work by Harry Vanda and George Young.

Studio debut of bassist Cliff Williams. Former bassist Mark Evans says that the album also has bass by him, as the Powerage songs started being done during the recording of his last album Let There Be Rock, and producer George Young, while Williams was having trouble on getting his work visa.

Keith Richards has also stated that Powerage is his favorite AC/DC record.

"Riff Raff" is frequently played on Guns N' Roses/Velvet Revolver guitarist Slash's iheartradio channel, "Slash FM", citing it as one of his favorite AC/DC songs. "Riff Raff" is covered by Guns N' Roses on their current Chinese Democracy World Tour. This song was also covered by the Canadian heavy metal band Annihilator on their 1996 album Refresh the Demon. The main riff for "Riff Raff" is often used as a soundcheck for Melvins guitar player Buzz Osbourne before live Melvins performances, as heard on the DVD Salad of a Thousand Delights.

"Sin City" was covered by the '80s heavy metal band Twisted Sister, on their album Twisted Forever. The song has also been covered by the punk rock band The OffspringGreat WhiteUgly Kid Joe and Bruce Dickinson. "Sin City" is Aerosmith guitarist Joe Perry's favorite AC/DC song.

"Kicked in the Teeth" was covered by Nashville Pussy on their album Eat More Pussy and also available on the bonus CD of Let Them Eat Pussy.

Highway to Hell:

Released 8/3/1979

Certified 7x Platinum by the RIAA. In 2003, the album was ranked number 200 on Rolling Stone magazine's list of the 500 greatest albums of all time.

First to break the US Top 100, eventually reaching #17

The final words spoken by Scott on the album are "Shazbot, na-nu na-nu", phrases used on the then-popular American sitcomMork and Mindy, by lead character Mork (a visiting extraterrestrial played by Robin Williams). The phrase ended the song "Night Prowler" and closed the album.

Pre-production of the album began in January 1979 with demos cut at Albert Studios in Sydney, Australia, where they met the intended producer, Eddie Kramer. Kramer was fired before a single track had been completed, and Robert John "Mutt" Lange was brought in to replace him. 

Recorded during sessions in February 1979 at Criteria Studios inMiamiFlorida, and March–April at Roundhouse Studios in London, England.

Bon Scott died February 19, 1980.  After passing out in a car after a night of drinking in a London club, he was found dead the next afternoon in the car by a friend. Initially his death was as pulmonary aspiration from choking on his own vomit but later confirmed as due to acute alcohol poisoning, classified as “Death by misadventure.”

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September is the gateway to autumn; leaves changing, kids in school, football on the weekends.....and a ton of strange holidays. America continues its downward spiral into over-thinking everything and Chris and Aaron use it to their advantage this week as their song choices are inspired but some of the nutty holidays that take place in September

September 5th is Cheese Pizza Day in the United States. Chris' choice of a track from Motley Crue's 1989 Dr. Feelgood album hits the spot.

September 2nd is Labor Day. While this one isn't wacky at all, it was too good to resist using as inspiration for Aaron's pick from Motorhead's Snake Bite Love album.

September 16th is Working Parents Day in America. While there were lots of choices that could have been made, Chris throws a curve ball with his mother-ly choice of a song from Dope's Life album.

September 6th is Fight Procrastination Day. Putting things off is a common trait for many people and this holiday surely hits home for lots of people. Aaron's choice of a pick about the hope of love on the near future from KISS' 1980 Unmasked album is an interesting one.

September 17th is Constitution Day. While laws and rights are all about what make up America's number one document, Chris goes across the ocean for a pick from Hardcore Superstar's 2013 C'mon Take on Me album.

No look at important dates in the month of September hold more weight than September 11th. This date is burned into the minds of all that witnessed it and the guys had to address it in this episode. Aaron's choice of a track from LA Guns' Waking the Dead album is a fitting tribute to some of the heroes from that fateful day.

Continuing on a serious note is Chris choice of a song to celebrate September 13th; Fortune Cookie Day. Just kidding. It's actually quite a stretch but well worth it to spin a track from Thin Lizzy's legendary Bad Reputation album from 1977.

September 13th is Blame Someone Else Day. This day is probably popular in Washington. Either way, Aaron picka a track from Poison's debut album Look What the Cat Dragged In.

September 23rd is Dog in Politics Day. What does this mean? We have no idea but it was enough impetus for Chris to pick a track from Krokus' new album Dirty Dynamite. The video is a must-see.

We close out the show with Aaron's pick of a track from Ugly Kid Joe's America's Least Wanted album that helps celebrate September 28th; Good Neighbor Day.

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Aaron and Chris return this week to talk about their favorite subject...themselves!

This is the official self-congratulatory episode of the Decibel Geek podcast. The reason for this? The guys have finally reached triple digits!
In this week's episode, Chris and Aaron take a look back at the past 100 episodes and discuss some of the highlights, lowlights, and technical problems that have been a part of everything that makes up the Decibel Geek podcast.

In this episode, you'll hear Chris recount the circumstances that led him to start a podcast, the producer that was here one minute and gone the next, and Aaron Camaro's introduction to the show.
The guys also recount some of their favorite moments including favorite interviews, guests, and topic discussion of the past 100 episodes.
Aaron and Chris also play numerous voice mail recordings left by listeners, past guests, rock legends, and fellow rock/metal podcasters.

Closing out this 100th episode celebration is Chris and Aaron listening and commenting on Episode Zero - An Introduction that Chris recorded by himself back in April of 2011. Lots of comedy here at Chris' expense. 
For those of you that have been with us along for the ride as well as those of you that are new to the show, we'd like to extend a huge THANK YOU to all of you. This show doesn't exist without the support and passion of great people like you. We look forward to invading your ears every week to bring you more rock/metal talk and music to make your week brighter.
We hope you'll stick with us for the next 100. Thanks again!
Chris & Aaron
Direct download: Episode_100_-_A_Look_Back.mp3
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Okay, we've been threatening it for a long time and the day has finally arrived. We're going into the thrash genre this week. Aside from the M&M episode that focused on favorite Metallica and Megadeth songs, we've shied away from the harder-edged stuff. Why? Well, we learned early on that a large amount of our listeners are not big on thrash metal. That said, there have been a number of requests for us to delve into the genre and we think we've come up with an interesting way to do this that will, hopefully, be entertaining to everyone (including the non-thrash lovers). If not, we'll see you next week for episode 100 (please leave us a voicemail HERE to help us celebrate 100 episodes).

Thrash metal was, and continues to be, a non-mainstream form of music. The only exception, of course, would be what's referred to as, The Big 4. This elite club is, typically, filled out by metal gargantuans Metallica, Megadeth, Slayer, and Anthrax. While the mainstream music listener would almost certainly agree that these bands deserve their spot in this exclusive club, there are a ton of great thrash metal bands out there that go under the radar due to the Big 4 taking up so much of the spotlight.

Our goal this week is to pose the hypothetical question: "What if the Big 4 became the Big 5?" What bands would be considered for elevation to such lofty status? Aaron and, most certainly, Chris' picks are going to surprise some and enrage others. Thrash fans are a lot of things and "passionate" would be at the top of that list. So, before we get into the meat of the episode, a quick disclaimer:

The following episode of the Decibel Geek podcast is being done with tongue planted firmly in cheek. While some of these songs and bands definitely could be considered for Big 5 status, certain choices by the hosts of this episode are being made and hypothetically elevated to Big 5 status in good-natured fun. The Decibel Geek podcast, it's staff, and their wives do not claim to be experts and/or authorities on thrash metal. Before threats of castration and the carving of the Slayer logo across our foreheads take place, remember this episode is being produced in a lighthearted manner and is only intended for entertainment purposes and to turn you on to some thrash metal that you may not know about. Thank you for your time and attention.....and put that knife away. - Editor

We kick things off a band that has been nominated by many thrash fans for Big 4 status, so Aaron's pick of Testament is definitely warranted. With a rich history of metal music, Testament is still one of the tightest bands in thrash today. We take a listen to a track from their 1992 album The Ritual.

Chris' first pick is, undoubtably, not what comes to most thrash fans minds when you think of the top of the heap of thrash. With that said, Onslaught, an English thrash metal band from the 1980's, released a real gem back in 1989 with their In Search of Sanity album. This was their only album to feature the vocal stylings of former Grim Reaper front man Steve Grimmett (many will remember him from Beavis and Butthead). While Grimmett's look caused a rather comedic reaction in many, there's no doubt that the guy had some serious pipes.

Aaron's next pick of a track from Suicidal Tendencies' 1990 album Lights....Camera....Revolution! shows that thrash metal doesn't have to always abide by a strict set of guidelines. S.T. were always pushing the genre envelope and this track shows that they could really pack a punch when it was called for but still maintain a swagger within the song to keep things interesting.

When you think of the upper echelon of thrash metal you think of Artillery.......right? Well, maybe not but Chris' choice of a track from this Danish-born technical thrash band's third studio album has this talented group showing off many twists and turns in their sounds complimented by some powerful Dio-esque vocals. 

While Scott Ian and Charlie Benante are members of Big 4 act Anthrax, they are a part of another awesome New York-born thrash band from the 1980's. The Stormtroopers of Death featured Ian and Benante along with bassist Dan Lilker and vocalist Billy Milano. Aaron's track choice from their 1985 debut album Speak English or Die is a relentless number that will leave your ears pummeled with enjoyment.

Whle Kirk Hammett is the longtime lead guitarist for Big 4 member Metallica, he helped form Bay-Area thrashers Exodus back the early 1980's. Never getting their just-due, Exodus has released 9 albums since 1985's Bonded by Blood release. Chris' choice of track from that first album features some solid riffing by guitarist Gary Holt. 

While we're rarely focused on thrash metal on the show, one band that transcends that and has been played a number of times is Overkill. One of Aaron's all-time favorite bands, it would be impossible to not include them on this list; especially considering how overlooked they've been by the mainstream music-buying public. His choice of a track from their 1991 Horrorscope release explains the band's sense of gratitude towards that lack of support.

We close out the show with Chris' choice of a band that is credited with helping develop the genre of thrash music in the first place. Originally from San Francisco and then via Aberdeen Washington, Metal Church formed in 1980 and took their influences from the New Wave of British Heavy Metal and added some speed and precision to help solidify the thrash metal genre with their eponymous release in 1984 and have been putting out quality material ever since. The band is still going strong to this day. 

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Metal Church

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We're back this week to celebrate the second half of 1985 as we dissect July through December. There was a ton of music released in the second half of 1985 and Chris and Aaron are back to bring you some of the best tracks from the year. Without further ado, here are the stories, the people, and the sounds that made 1985 an interesting year for Decibel Geeks:



July 13 – The Live Aid concert takes place in Wembley Stadium, London, UK and Philadelphia, USA. The headlining acts at the latter venue included a Led Zeppelin reunion, the first since their 1980 disbandment.

Rough Cutt – Take Her (Rough Cutt) 


August 31 – Richard Ramirez, the serial killer known as the Night Stalker, is captured in Los Angeles.

Metal Edge Magazine is Launched.

Pantera – I Am the Night (I Am the Night) 

DIO - Fallen Angels (Sacred Heart) 

KIX – Sex (Midnight Dynamite) 


September 6 – Michael Jackson purchases the publishing rights for most of the Beatles' music for $47 million, much to the dismay of Paul McCartney, whom he is bidding against.

September 19 – The Parents Music Resource Center's (P.M.R.C.) United States Senate hearing on rock censorship begin in Washington, D.C. Heavy metal singer Dee Snider of Twisted Sister, rock star Frank Zappa and country singer John Denver testify against the P.M.R.C.

September 22 – The Farm Aid concert is held in Champaign, Illinois, USA.

KISS – Who Wants to be Lonely – (Asylum) 

Slayer - At Dawn They Sleep (Hell Awaits) 

Vandenberg – All the Way (Alibi) 


October 18 – The first Nintendo home video game console in United States is released by the Nintendo Entertainment System.

ZZ Top - Planet of Women (Afterburner) 

The Cult – Rain (Love) 


Aerosmith – Let the Music Do the Talking (Done with Mirrors) 

Twisted Sister - Kill or Be Killed (Come Out and Play) 

Dokken - The Hunter (Under Lock and Key) 

King Kobra – Shadow Rider (Ready to Strike)

WASP - The Last Command (The Last Command) 



December 23 - Two young fans of Judas Priest in Sparks, Nevada shoot themselves, one fatally, after listening to the band's records. A lawsuit is brought against the group in 1986 claiming that they were compelled by backwards subliminal messages hidden in their music.

Bands Formed:

Britny Fox, Dream Theater, Drivin and Cryin, Roxx Gang, Guns N Roses, Jane’s Addiction, LA Guns, L7, The Mr. T Experience.

Band Breakups:

Diamond Head, Hanoi Rocks, Mercyful Fate, The Power Station, Quarterflash, Scandal


Orianthi, Reggie Bush, Bruno Mars


Nicolas Colasanto (Coach from Cheers), Margaret Hamilton (Wicked Witch), Rock Hudson (AIDS), Orson Wells, Ricky Nelson 

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ZZ Top

The Cult


Twisted Sister


King Kobra


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We're back this week to kick off two weeks of nostalgia to a simpler time when the hair was high and the Stroh's flowed freely. 1985 was smack dab in the middle of a rock revolution as the New Wave of British Heavy Metal was being usurped by its American proteges. At the same time, new wave was being kicked to the curb by a bunch of guys wearing women's makeup as the "hair" era was beginning to hit its stride thanks to a change in direction by some Motley guys that were taking over Los Angeles.

We kick things off with an import from Japan. Loudness was well into their career in their homeland but were brand-new to the Unite States. We take a listen to a track from the Thunder in the East album.
After the ultra-acrimonious breakup of The Eagles, the members of the band worked on solo careers with varying success. Joe Walsh was in the midst of a haze of substance abuse but still managed to release an album in 1985. We hear a clip from The Confessor

Anthrax unveiled a new singer in 1985 with Joey Belladonna replacing original vocalist Neil Turbin. The Armed & Dangerous EP was Joey's introduction to the band and we hear his take on a Turbin-era track.
An unlikely group that was launched in 1985 was The Power Station. A true 80's supergroup featuring Robert Palmer, the Taylor brothers (Duran Duran), and Tony Thompson (Chic), the band received favorable airplay but was destined to be a part-time project due to the schedules of those involved. We head into break 1 with a clip of their take on a T-Rex classic.
Returning from the break, we head to Alcatrazz. Not the prison, the band. The Graham Bonnet-fronted group was without a guitarist by 1985 as Yngwie Malmsteen had moved on to other pastures. Plucking the next hot thing, Steve Vai joined the band and brought a new direction to the group. We take a listen to a song from the Disturbing the Peace album.

A band that is always a favorite of us Decibel Geeks is KEEL. Their 1985 album The Right to Rock is still an underrated gem that deserved much more attention than it received. 
Well-known in Canada as more of a novelty act, Thor released their 5th album in 1985 with Only the Strong but this title-track shows that there was more than meets the eye with this band.
One of the early thrash bands that tends to get overlooked is Over Kill. But not on our show. We take a listen to part of their 1985 output from the Feel the Fire album.

While heavy metal in the 1980's was usually summed up as "evil" or "dark" in many cases, you couldn't apply that tag to Stryper. Known for their Christian message, Stryper proved that you could have an uplifting message and still rock as this track from the Soldiers Under Command album proves.
We return from our 2nd break with a word about a crowdfunding project that is near and dear to our hearts. Hair I Go Again is a documentary that shows a band that split up in 1985 trying to rally back together in hopes of opening for their 80's hard rock heroes. The film has numerous interviews with many DBG-friendly artists and is an interesting take on a DIY project. We'd love to see this move get released and hope you will consider making a donation. There's rewards for each level of donation so what have you got to lose? Check out the trailer below and go HERE to make a donation.

June of 1985 was a huge month for hard rock and heavy metal. 
The ever-underrated Lizzy Borden released their debut album, Love You to Pieces, on 6/1/1985. The shock rocker is celebrating 30 years in the business and this track from that album shows why.

Megadeth was still on their way up the ladder in 1985. They garnered additional attention with the release of Killing is My Business....and Business is Good on 6/12/85. It only takes one listen to the track we hear today to see where a good chunk of Metallica's early sound comes from.
Motley Crue hit a new level of stardom in June of 1985 with the release of Theatre of Pain. Shooting up to #6 on the Billboard charts, the album went on to go quadruple platinum. We take a listen to a track from the album that features some high-intensity drumming from Tommy Lee.

We wrap up our look at the first half of 1985 with a classic guitar-driven track from Ratt's June 13th release of Invasion of Your Privacy.
We've got lots more from 1985 coming for ya next week. Rock on!

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After a full month of celebrating KISS, we're back to celebrating all things that rock. KISSMAS in JULY was a huge success and we're ready to now turn you on to some stuff you aren't getting on the radio.

For the new listeners, the Radio Sucks Radio Show's premise is simple. We expose you to some great quality music (old and new) that rock radio is just not giving you. We do this as a service to you, the listener, to encourage you to go out and purchase this great music and support the artist. Check the Amazon links for each artist played at the bottom of these show notes to hook yourself up with great tunes!

We start off volume 13 of this series with a palate cleanser for the non-KISS fans in our audience that endured a full month of us extolling the virtues of how much KISS rocks. Teenage Bottlerocket, from Wyoming, released an album in 2009 that featured a tongue-in-cheek punk ditty pronouncing the band as being 'Bigger Than KISS' with lots of jabs thrown at the band. We want to play this for the non-KISS fans and those of you that have a sense of humor. We love KISS, you know that. We think it's good to laugh at things you love once in a while.


Supagroup, from New Orleans, started up in 1996. In this episode, we take a listen to a rock track that's sure to get you in trouble if you take it too seriously. Have a seat over there...

One of the benefits of rock/metal podcasts are the fact that you can get turned on to music that you certainly can't find on the airwaves. Such is the case with The Wildhearts. Fronted by the enigmatic Ginger, the band has gone through numerous lineup changes but due to Ginger's amazing songwriting, has continued to put out some of the catchiest rock songs you've never hears. We listen to a track from their self-titled debut that's easy to love.

Dick Wagner

One of our favorite interviews was with former Alice Cooper guitarist Dick Wagner. Dick has an amazing musical history with his connections to Alice, KISS, and Aerosmith among others. His solo output is also very good. We take a listen to Dick's take on a rock and roll classic that inspired him. This track comes from his autobiography 'Not Only Women Bleed' which is available HERE. Highly recommended!

We return from the first break to listen to a track from a modern-day power trio. Richie Kotzen, Mike Portnoy, and Billy Sheehan combine their chops to form The Winery Dogs. Their new release has already become one of the biggest rock albums of 2013; charting high despite limited airplay. We try to do our part in supporting this awesome release with a track that will leave you wanting more.

Another recently-released album that's getting critical praise yet not nearly enough attention on radio is ...Like Clockwork, the latest offering from Queens of the Stone Age. Picked up on Aaron Camaro's recent excursion to Los Angeles, the album has been in constant rotation on his playlist. We take a listen to to a sampling of this new album.

2013 has proven to be a good year for rock and metal as Chris' next pick proves. With one of the more surprising releases of the year, King Kobra returns with a sophomore effort for their new lineup featuring Paul Shortino on vocals. King Kobra II has a full slate of solid material and we take a listen to the lead-off track that will run right over you.

Heading into the next break, we hear from longtime Chicago doom metal legends Trouble with a track from their new release 'The Distortion Field.' Hailed by some as one of their stronger albums, we take a listen to a great track that will have you headbanging in no time.

For those familiar with the Decibel Geek podcast, it's no mystery that Chris has become a Thin Lizzy fan over the show's history. This is due to many listeners pushing him to check out their catalog. Now rebranded, The Black Star Riders, have released a new album with 'All Hell Breaks Loose,' an album full of dual-guitar leads and swagger; hallmarks of the Thin Lizzy sound. While Phil Lynott can never be fully replaced, it's hard to argue with Ricky Warwick's channeling of the gone-too-soon frontman/bassist on this new track.

Closing out the show is a band that's long been a go-to pick for our Radio Sucks Radio Shows. LA Guns, with their ever-changing lineup, have released a massive amount of good tunes over the years. We couldn't think of a better way to close out this new installment than with this edgy track from the Shrinking Violet sessions.

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Teenage Bottlerocket


The Wildhearts

Dick Wagner

The Winery Dogs

Queens of the Stone Age

King Kobra


Black Star Riders

LA Guns

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Direct download: Episode_96_-_Radio_Sucks_Radio_Show.mp3
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Last week's conversation with original KISS road crew member, Peter "Moose" Oreckinto, was the fastest downloaded episode in Decibel Geek history. On top of that, it's elicited some of the best feedback we've ever had. This week we're proud to bring you another long-form discussion with Moose!

In this week's episode, Moose returns to share more road stories from the early days of KISS as well as some memories of his return to the band in a management capacity on the Destroyer tour.

First, some business to attend to:

The interview clip that you hear at the beginning of the show of Peter Criss speaking of Moose  is courtesy of Annika Sonic from The Sonic Boom LIVE show on 95.3 DNH in Honesdale, PA. Check out the show HERE

As some of you may know, the original intention of this week's episode was to have an in-person discussion between Moose and Aaron Camaro. The conversation did take place, at The Rainbow Bar & Grill no less, but technical gremlins got hold of the file and the audio was lost. Luckily, Moose was nice enough to do part 2 through Skype. 

Moose showing Aaron where
KISS roadies were harassed
in front of The Rainbow

While at the legendary Rainbow, Aaron and Moose received some first class service and food from their waitress Julie and the staff there. So, this week's Geek(s) of the Week are the staff at The Rainbow Bar and Grill. Check out the Rainbow online HERE.

We dive into the conversation discussing KISS' rehearsals and showcase at the famous Fillmore East in late December 1973 into early 1974. With Paul wearing the short-lived bandit makeup and the band using a short-lived spiderweb backdrop, it's an interesting moment in KISStory. We get Moose's memories of this time including a heated exchange between him and a Casablanca Records executive.

In this discussion, you'll also get Moose's recollections of KISS' first trip out west to provide the entertainment for the Casablanca Records launch party at the Century Plaza Hotel as well as their television debut a few days later at the Aquarius Theater for Dick Clark's In Concert program. Speaking of television, we also get Moose's memories of the band's wild appearance on the Mike Douglas Show and how the low ceilings in the studio presented some problems for the band's pyrotechnics.

Mike Douglas & Gene Simmons

KISS' first appearance on June 1st, 1974 was a big moment on the band's climb up the ladder but money problems were plaguing the band and, especially, the crew. Moose shares his memories of the crew being stranded in San Francisco with no money for food or gas to get to the next show 1800 miles away in Minot, North Dakota.

We also hear Moose's memories of returning to KISS after his injury to be the assistant road manager on the Destroyer tour and how it differed from his previous job working with the special effects. Some interesting takes on Ace and Peter from the road.

1976-77 Destroyer Tour Stage Set

Other subjects touched on in this in-depth discussion include KISS' strange appearance at Eielson Air Force Base in Fairbanks, Alaska in front of a very shocked group of soldiers and their families, Moose's memories of Joyce Biawitz/Bogart, his time after KISS working with artists such as Angel and Alice Cooper, and how he met his wife (there IS a KISS connection).

The book that has been referenced in this episode, and last week's, is the upcoming 'Nothin' to Lose: The Making of KISS (1972-1975)' in which Moose is quoted as well as 200 others that worked with/for the band during those formative years. This book was put together by the band and author Ken Sharp and is expected to be one of, if not the, best KISS-related book to be released. Pre-Order Nothin' to Lose HERE.

Aaron Camaro & Moose
posing with the upcoming
Nothin' to Lose book.

The Decibel Geek podcast thanks Peter "Moose" Oreckinto for his time and amazing stories on the early days of KISS. This will, no doubt, lead to more appearances in the future as we've really become close with Moose and look forward to more in the future. We wish him all the best in his personal ventures as well as for the success of the upcoming book.

Peter "Moose" Oreckinto (far left)
photo courtesy Lydia Criss

The Decibel Geek podcast also wants to thank Lydia Criss for providing this great photograph of some of the road crew including Moose (far left), Sean Delaney, and JR Smalling. Pick up Lydia's amazing 'Sealed with a KISS' book HERE

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Direct download: Episode_95_-_KISS_Road_Stories_with.mp3
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When preparing for this year's KISSMAS in JULY episodes, we wanted to dig in and talk to some people that were first-hand witnesses to KISS' rise to stardom. This week's guest not only witnessed it; he helped make it happen.

Peter Oreckinto, or "Moose" as he's known in KISS circles, was brought into the KISS family very early in the band's history. Having a background in theater, as well as pyrotechnics, Oreckinto was tailor-made for his job as a member of the early KISS road crew; and what a crew it is.

Setting up and tearing down a KISS show these days is a task of military precision, with a military-sized crew handling the job. But back in the early days of the band, the KISS road crew were a tight-knit group of guys that worked tirelessly to help assemble the ladder that the band would use to go on to bigger success. The amount of blood, sweat, and tears that went into working for KISS in those early days is not to be underestimated. 

In this discussion, Oreckinto shares what it was like barnstorming the country with a group of 4 struggling New Yorkers that were out to see the world for the first time. It was doubly hard for KISS' crew in those days due to the ridicule they would endure from rival crews as well as the attitudes they would run into due to KISS routinely blowing the headliners off the stage with their wild stage shows.

It's well-known that Bill Aucoin financed a lot of KISS' early road expenses on his American Express cards. What you may not know is there were other forms of financing for the band in those early days; and not at all in the cleanest sense. During this conversation, Oreckinto reveals some "family" ties to the KISS organization and how not keeping a certain promise led to some near-death incidents that threatened the lives of the band and their crew.

KISS' early tours were scatter-shot affairs that were known as "dart board" tours due to the crazy nature of travel routing. In this discussion, Oreckinto shares what it was like to cover thousands of miles between gigs, crisscrossing the United States on very little money, and even less sleep.

KISS also had to tour with a wide variety of acts for different reasons including being thrown off tours for upstaging the headline acts. During our Conversation, Moose shares his recollections of the numerous acts that KISS toured with; including some heated exchanges with acts such as Black Sabbath and Lyrnyrd Skynyrd and even a knife fight with members of Aerosmith's road crew.

We only get to scratch the surface in this discussion but there's plenty of interesting conversation about the early days of the Hottest Band in the Land. We thank Peter "Moose" Oreckinto for his time. It's truly an honor.

Stay tuned for Part 2 and submit your questions through any of the contact methods below!

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Direct download: Episode_94_-_KISS_Road_Stories_with.mp3
Category:Podcast -- posted at: 10:34pm EDT

A new KISS tribute album is coming out in August. Many KISS fans will let out a collective yawn when they hear this news. But, this time it's different; for many reasons.

Good friend of the Decibel Geek Podcast and a podcast personality in his own right (Dropping the Needle and Three Sidesof the Coin), Mitch Lafon joins us to discuss project he's put together that is nearing completion that helps celebrate 40 years of the Hottest Band in the Land. The kicker? It's all done for a good cause; and the KISS Army has supported it in droves. 

A World With Heroes features professionally recorded performances from many artists that warm the hearts of Decibel Geek listeners everywhere. The artists involve donated their time and efforts for free and all of the proceeds go towards helping The Vaudreuil-Soulanges Palliative Carea cancer care hospice that took care of Mitch's father-in-law in his final days.The project has been funded through Pledge Music

We hear the whole story of how this project was launched, its personal meaning to Mitch, and why KISS fans truly have the biggest hearts of any rock fans with how they've embraced this project and helped it come to fruition.

Also in this long-form discussion are takes on specific tracks on the album and personal stories from Mitch about how this project served as an open door for many musicians to meet one another and, in one case, actually form a band that plans to play live. 

Mitch Lafon can be found on his own podcasts at the following links:

Three Sides of the Coin (KISS-themed podcast)

Dropping the Needle (All music discussion)

Both are fantastic shows. Mitch's co-host on both shows is former KISS webmaster Michael Brandvold and Three sides of the Coin features Tommy Sommers as well. All KISS fans would be well-advised to check out both podcasts as they offer a great discussion-based show that can be very thought provoking.

A World With Heroes Track List


DISC 1 – Track Listing


1) PSYCHO CIRCUS (Paul Stanley/Curt Cuomo)
Performed by: DDrive (Phil Naro, Don Mancuso, Dave Sessions, JT Taylor & Bobby Bond)

2) SPIT (Gene Simmons/Paul Stanley/Van Zen)
Performed by: Ken Dubman, Jimmy Callahan, Scott Metaxas, and Mark Tornillo

3) DEUCE (Gene Simmons)
Performed by: Bill Leverty, Kevin Valentine, John Regan, & Russ Dwarf

4) SURE KNOW SOMETHING (Paul Stanley/Vincent Poncia)
Performed by: Chris Buck & ANTHONY CARDENAS MONTANA

5) DETROIT ROCK CITY (Paul Stanley/Bob Ezrin)
Performed by: Ron ‘Bumblefoot’ Thal, Rex Brown & Brian Tichy

6) EYES OF LOVE (Eric Carr/Bruce Kulick/Adam Mitchell) 
Performed by: Eric Carr, Benny Doro & John Humphrey

7) SHOUT MERCY (Paul Stanley/Tommy Thayer)
Performed by: Jeff Paris, Troy Lucketta, Eric Brittingham & Jeff LaBar

8) CREATURES OF THE NIGHT (Paul Stanley/Adam Mitchell)
Performed by: Brighton Rock (Gerald McGhee, Greg Fraser, Stevie Skreebs, Johnny Rogers & Mark Cavarzan)

9) LARGER THAN LIFE (Gene Simmons)
Performed by: Rex Brown, Brian Tichy & Mark Zavon

10) COLD GIN (Ace Frehley)

11) LOVE GUN (Paul Stanley)
Performed by: Tony Harnell, Mark Kendall, Scott Snyder, Sean Michael Clegg, Kevin Valentine & Tommy Denander

12) LITTLE CAESAR (Eric Carr/Gene Simmons/Adam Mitchel
Performed by: Ron Young, John Regan & Tommy Denander

13) HARD LUCK WOMAN (Paul Stanley)
Performed by: Chris VanDahl, Stacey Blades & Adam Hamilton

14) OUTERSPACE (David Askew/Jesus Mendez Jr.)
Original demo later covered by Ace Frehley on his Anomaly album
Performed by: Shredmill (David Askew, Jesus Mendez Jr, Jaime Moreno)

15) GOODBYE (Paul Stanley)
Performed by: IMPERA & Bob Kulick (J.K.Impera, Matti Alfonzetti, Tommy Denander & Mats Vassfjord)
Additional guitars by Lars Chriss

16) SEE YOU TONIGHT (Gene Simmons)
Performed by: Todd Farhood and Mystery (Todd Farhood, Michel St-Pere, Sylvain Moineau, Jean-Sébastien Goyette, Francois Fournier & Benoit Dupuis)

17) BETH – The Grand Piano version (Peter Criss/Bob Ezrin/Stan Pendridge)
Performed by: MICHAEL LARDIE

18) TOMORROW (Paul Stanley/Vincent Poncia)
Performed by: Dressed To Chill (Matt Bradshaw, Rav Thomas & Rhys Lett)

19) ANYTHING FOR MY BABY (Paul Stanley)
Performed by: Slaves On Dope (Kevin Jardine, Jason Rockman, Seb Ducap & Peter Tzaferis)

20) UNHOLY (Gene Simmons/Vinnie Vincent)
Performed by: Fred Duvall, Glenn Belcher, Mark Slaughter (Guitar Solo), Rob Zakojc & Russ Dwarf



1) BREAKOUT (Ace Frehley/Eric Carr/Richie Scarlett)
Performed by: Tod Howarth, John Regan & Kevin Valentine

2) ROCK N ROLL HELL (Gene Simmons/Bryan Adams/Jim Vallance)
Performed by: Ron Keel, Troy Lucketta, Eric Brittingham & Jeff LaBar

3) NOWHERE TO RUN (Paul Stanley)
Performed by: Druckfarben (Phil Naro, Ed Bernard, William Hare, Troy Feener & Peter Murray)

4) THE OATH (Paul Stanley/Bob Ezrin/Tony Powers)
Performed by: Rick Hughes, Chris Buck & Bob Richards

5) MASTER & SLAVE (Paul Stanley/Bruce Kulick/Curt Cuomo)
Performed by: Adam Hamilton, Scott Griffin, Stacey Blades & Phil Lewis

6) CALLING DR.LOVE (Gene Simmons)
Performed by: Burning Rain (Keith St John, Doug Aldrich, Sean Mcnabb & Matt Starr)

7) I STOLE YOUR LOVE (Paul Stanley)
Performed by: S.U.N. (Brian Thomas Tichy, Sass Jordan & Tommy Stewart) with Derek Sharp (of The Guess Who)

8) REASON TO LIVE (Paul Stanley/Desmond Child)
Performed by: Johnnie Dee & Derry Grehan of Honeymoon Suite with Michael Foster & Bill Leverty of Firehouse

9) HARD LUCK WOMAN – Canadian mix (Paul Stanley)
Performed by: Fred Duvall, Glenn Belcher, Rob Zakojc & Russ Dwarf

10) FOREVER (Paul Stanley/Michael Bolton)
Performed by: Terry Ilous, Sean Kelly with Jeff Paris.

11) SWORD AND STONE – Live In Wacken (Paul Stanley, Bruce Kulick, Desmond Child) – Taken from Bonfire Live in Wacken
Performed by: BONFIRE (Claus Lessmann, Hans Ziller, Chris Limburg, Uwe Köhler, Harry Reischmann)

12) GOD OF THUNDER (Paul Stanley)
Performed by: American Dog (Michael Hannon, Steve Theado & Keith Pickens)

13) SHE (Gene Simmons/Steve Coronel)
Performed by: RAZER (Chris Powers, Chris Catero, Jordan Ziff, Paul Sullivan, Eric Bongiorno & Chuck Alkazian)

14) NEW YORK GROOVE (Russ Ballard)
Performed by: Slaves on Dope (Kevin Jardine, Jason Rockman, , Elizabeth Lopez & Peter Tzaferis with Marty O’Brien of Methods Of Mayhem, Kelly Clarkson, Lita Ford)

15) MAGIC TOUCH (Paul Stanley)
Performed by: Jim Crean, Phil Naro, Vinny Appice, Steve Major & Stan Miczek

16) TEARS ARE FALLING (Paul Stanley)
Performed by: WILLIE BASSE, Bruce Bouillet, Scott Warren & Mike Hansen.

17) ROCK N ROLL ALL NITE (Gene Simmons/Paul Stanley)
Performed by: Harley Fine, John Regan & Atom Fellows

18) SHANDI (Paul Stanley/Vincent Poncia)
Performed by: Dani Luv, Scott Griffin & Matt Starr

19) BETH – BONUS TRACK (Peter Criss/Bob Ezrin/Stan Pendridge)
Performed by: Chris VanDahl & Scott Griffin.

20) BETH – BONUS TRACK (Peter Criss/Bob Ezrin/Stan Pendridge)
Performed by: Phil Naro, William Hare & Ed Bernard

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Direct download: Episode_93_-_Rock_for_a_Cause_with_M.mp3
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One of the most popular KISS-related shows we've done was our GPS: KISS Landmarks episode with special guest host Chris Epting. Chris is well-versed in KISS, pop culture, and travel as he's written books on all three. He also now hosts a great new music talk show that you can access HERE

We had such a great response to that episode that we knew we had to do a part 2 for this year's KISSMAS in JULY. We're fortunate that Chris was equally enthusiastic about coming back to discuss KISS Landmarks. So, let's crank up the engine and hit the highway!

1 Washington Blvd  Detroit, MI 48226 - Cobo Hall

A  very pivotal location in KISS’ history. Most well-known for a sold-out 3 night stand in January of 1976, Cobo was one of the hosts of the Alive! album and was a meeting place for the blue-collar faithful that made up KISS’ early fan base. 

Cobo Hall

It’s also worth noting that it was the host venue for 1984’s Animalize Live/Uncensored performance as well as the venue chosen for the kickoff of the Alive 35 tour in 2009.

238 Bagley Avenue, Detroit, MI - MichiganPalace

Another well-known marker of KISS’ early Detroit dominance, the Michigan Palace was built in 1926 as a movie theater and hosted KISS on their earliest American tours. 

Michigan Palace location

It was also a beneficial presence for KISS’ promotional efforts as it was utilized for the videos for Rock N Roll All Nite and C’mon & Love Me as well as the cover photo for the Alive! album shot by Fin Costello. The majority of the structure was torn down but the ornate ceilings can still be seen above the parking garage that sits in its place today.

Corner of 23rd & 8th, NYC – Dressed to Kill Cover site.

The only non-structure on our list, this street corner will always big popular in the annals of KISStory. In 1975, a then-struggling KISS was working on a creative photo shoot with legendary New York photographer Bob Gruen. 

Inspiration struck during this shoot and the members of the band were in quick need of some business suits. Peter, being the only one that actually owned a suit, looked spiffy on this cover but the rest of the band looked awkward due to having to borrow manager Bill Aucoin’s duds and Gene borrowing Gruen’s wife’s clogs. It’s a strange album cover for sure but always a destination for KISS fans visiting the Big Apple.

1255 Hempstead Turnpike  Uniondale, NY 11553 - Nassau Coliseum

While Madison Square Garden will probably always be the crown jewel of New York rock concerts, Uniondale’s Nassau Coliseum has a special place in KISStory from a special time. On 12/31/1975, the band was presented with their first gold album awards prior to taking the stage. 

Nassau Coliseum

Also of note for this concert was the fact that Blue Oyster Cult were the opening act. This was symbolic in the fact that a year prior, KISS was opening in this venue for BOC. This took place 2 years to the day of their first public performance at the Academy of Music. A true crossroads for the band on their way to superstardom.

3500 Sports Arena Boulevard, San Diego, CA 92110 – San Diego Sports Arena

Now known as the Valley View Casino Center, the San Diego Sports Arena was host to many classic rock bands from the 1970’s and KISS is no exception. Built in 1966, the arena has hosted numerous sporting events as well as notable concerts by acts like Jimi Hendrix, Tina Turner and Metallica. 

San Diego Sports Arena

San Diego Sports Arena fits in the KISS ether by way of one very famous photograph. The gatefold image of KISS in full bombastic glory from the Alive II album has always been a stern message to other bands to “Top this!” While it’s one of the most iconic photos in rock history, it’s origin location is refuted by the original photographer. Barry Levine has claimed in interviews that the photo was not snapped at Sports Arena but, in fact, at L.A.’s Forum. Regardless of where it was taken, it still makes many say “Wow” upon first glance.

254 West 54th Street, New York, NY 10019 – Studio 54

Studio 54 will always be strongly tied to the disco era. The Manhattan haven for debauchery was an escape for many well known celebrities from the entertainment and fashion worlds including members of KISS. Paul Stanley was actually inspired to write ‘I Was Made for Lovin’ You’ after a night at 54 listening to pulsating disco beats that were on top of the charts. 

Studio 54

Also of KISS note, Studio 54 was the host venue for one of the only times that band performed as a trio. KISS were set to lip-synch to the song ‘I’ from the Music from The Elder album during a live satellite broadcast for the San Remo Festival in Italy in January 1982. Ace Frehley was a no-show and the band had to soldier on despite his absence. A very strange location for a very strange performance from a very strange album. Strange, indeed.

After taking a huge leap of faith by unmasking on MTV in 1983, KISS decided to go half a world away to break in the fresh-faced version of the band. Located. literally, in a highly vegetated jungle-like atmosphere, KISS unveiled their new look for the Lick it Up tour at Cascais Hall in Lisbon, Portugal. 

Cascais Hall, Lisbon

As evidenced by the footage on KISSOLOGY Volume 2, the Portuguese fans were a bit surprised by the band’s new appearance but were quickly won over by the energetic ferocity that they still brought to the stage.

T C Industrial Park, Depew NY, 14043 – Borden Ink Plant (Marvel Comics)

By 1977, KISS were keenly aware of what it took to generate press attention. They took full advantage of a good story by flying out to the Borden Ink Plant near Buffalo, NY to pour viles of their own blood into the red ink for use in their upcoming Marvel comic. 

Borden Ink, Depew NY

Marvel master Stan Lee was on hand as well as a notary and members of the press. This was an iconic moment in the band’s history and it also ushered in the saturation of non-musical merchandise that was to come.

1 Stuart St  Binghamton, New York 13901 – Broome County Veterans Memorial Arena

We’re sure a lot of KISS fans are wondering what Binghampton, NY could possibly have to do with Kisstoric landmarks. Broome County Veterans Memorial Arena was built in 1973 and has hosted a number of notable events including a pair of Elvis’ final concerts. 

Broome County Arena, Binghampton NY

Of KISS note, it is the only venue to feature a full Mark St. John KISS performance. Struggling with Reiter’s Syndrome, St. John was sidelined for most of the Animalize tour and played a couple of split shows with then-replacement member Bruce Kulick. But in Binghampton, St. John would play the entire set. Being a rather small arena, only a select number of fans got to witness one very unique and short-lived lineup of KISS.

100 1st Avenue Nashville TN - Riverfront Park

Fresh off the release of KISS My Ass: Classic KISS Regrooved, the band was only playing a handful of U.S. dates in 1994. Decibel Gee’s own Chris Czynszak was fortunate enough to see one of them. 

Riverfront Park, Nashville TN

Headlining the Gibson Guitars 100th Anniversary concert, KISS played after an eclectic mix of artists including Pat Travers, Brother Cane, and Fleetwood Mac. The band threw down a musical gauntlet without the use of pyro or flashy stage effects. Performing on a floating stage, the band pulled out a barrage of heavy and obscure tunes that had the diehards panting for more. Truly a unique concert in KISStory.

1000 Elysian Park Ave, Los Angeles, CA 90012 - DodgerStadium

After record-breaking attendance numbers on the reunion tour or 1996-97, KISS were determined to assault the media with the launch of new album and tour Psycho Circus. On Halloween night of 1998, the band received wall-to-wall coverage on the FOX Network due to their guesting on numerous shows including Mad TV and Millenium. 

Dodger Stadium

The network also aired the beginning of a raucous concert at Los Angeles’ Dodger Stadium. While the merits of the album and pre-tour hype are hot-button topics for any KISS fan, it’s pretty clear that this venue, on this night, hosted a band that had truly returned to form.

8255 Sunset Boulevard Los Angeles, California 90046 – Casablanca Records Offices

Soon to be documented by a Hollywood film and already documented by the great book by Larry Harris, Casablanca Records Offices were abuzz in the 1970’s in more ways than one. 

Casablanca Records Site

With cocaine running rampant and hype spilling out of every corner thanks to the enthusiasm of label owner Neil Bogart, the Casablanca Offices provide a perfect example of the phrase “If walls could talk.” There are some famous photos in KISS-fan circles of the large billboard outside the building that would regularly feature KISS album advertisements.

3000 West Alameda Avenue, Burbank, California – NBC Studios

This location is famous for some of the biggest moments in television history; The Tonight Show being one of the biggest. But, for KISS fans, this sacred ground is the site of one of KISS’ most explosive television appearances. 

NBC Studios Site

On 4/1/1975, KISS ripped through a handful of future-classics in front of a slack-jawed audience on The Midnight Special. This fiery performance included loads of energy by the front three as well as machine gun-like drumming from Peter Criss as well as Chris totally trashing his drum kit at the end of the set (a la Keith Moon). This footage is a great way to show a newbie how powerful KISS was in the early days.

483 George St  Sydney NSW 2000, Australia – Sydney Town Hall

While KISS’ popularity was certainly waning in the United States in 1980 after a big change in sound and a personnel change at drummer, the band was massive in Australia. The KISS tour of Australia in 1980 was as close to Beatlemania as a band could get. 

Sidney Town Hall

Playing soccer stadiums, making front page news every day, and parties that seemed to never end, the band had their official welcome on the balcony of Sydney Town Hall looking down on thousands of fans that had gathered to get a glimpse of their heroes.

2121 Trumbull St., Detroit, MI 48216 – Tiger Stadium

If there was ever one place that every KISS fan wanted to be it was Detroit’s Tiger Stadium on June 28th, 1996. Paul, Gene, Ace, and Peter finally delivered on what so many fans had dreamed of; a full reunion with the original band. 

Tiger Stadium Site

Playing to a massive sold out audience, KISS was there to say “Meet the new boss….same as the old boss”

8852 W Sunset Blvd, West Hollywood, CA 90069 – The Viper Room

Guest host Chris Epting has a personal KISS connection to this venue and the next. The Viper Room was the venue that Chris and his son were allowed to interview all four members of KISS on August 13, 2012. 

The Viper Room

The band were there to unveil the massive Monster book. Chris and his son had a special moment with the band as Gene took note of the strong father and son bond that had connected the two through the love of the band.

6300 Pacific Coast Hwy, Redondo Beach, CA ‎- Rock and Brews Restaurant

Closing out our discussion of KISS Landmarks is another location near and dear to Chris Epting. On May 13, 2013 the band performed and impromptu 3 song set at the grand opening of Rock and Brews PCH location. 

Rock & Brews PCH

Not using their trademark gear, the band performed with the gear that was laying around but still pulled off an energetic set that had KISS fans in the crowd excited. We close out the show with an exclusive audio clip of KISS performing ‘Hotter Than Hell.’

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Seasons Greetings Geeks!

Welcome to our annual KISSMAS in JULY celebration. We devote our show/site/facebook/twitter etc. to the Hottest Band in the Land for the entire month of July. There's even more reason to celebrate in 2013 as July has 5 weeks this year!

This week we kick off KISSMAS with some of favorite tunes performed by past and present KISS members outside the confines of the band. 

In this episode, you'll hear a track of our choosing from the career of each member of KISS spanning their 40 year career.

Aaron and Chris made their member selections draft-style and we start things off with Chris' choice of Gene Simmons. While Gene has only released one full-length album in the post-1970's (2004's Asshole album), Chris dug up an interesting demo that can only be found on the lunchbox version of 2003's Sex Money KISS audiobook. 

Aaron chimes in with his first song choice and it's from the current catman in KISS; Eric Singer. From the 1999, self-titled ESP album, we check out a scorching cover of a SWEET classic.

Up next is Chris' choice of Bruce Kulick. Bruce has released a number of solid solo albums but he really stepped up his game with BK3, his most recent release. It was a difficult choice in what song to play but this track featuring vocals from The Knack's Doug Fieger, is a power pop monster.

It's hard to believe that Eric Carr left us 22 years ago. In his void, a few projects have been released in his memory. One such project was 1999's Rockology; an album that featured songs Carr was working on before his death. 

Band mate and friend Bruce Kulick helped flesh out and complete the songs for this release. Aaron's song choice is a great testament to the talent of The Fox.

After the break, we return with Chris' choice of a track by, arguably, the most polarizing member of KISS ever. Vinnie Vincent seems to elicit passionate opinions on both sides of the fence. Chris' selection of a young Vincent taking on the lead vocal from an early demo showcases what might have been had Vinnie not preferred the helium-induced singing style that was so popular in the 80's.

Peter Criss has released a handful of solo albums spanning three decades. Aaron decided to go back to the beginning with a troublesome track from his 1980 solo debut Out of Control.

Mark St. John was very much a man of mystery outside of KISS. Aside from the short lived White Tiger project, St. John's releases were largely ignored; even by KISS fans. Chris found a real gem of a ballad from his Mark St. John Project album featuring former Criss front man Phil Naro.

Like Gene Simmons, Paul Stanley has only released one solo album since the 1970's. Released in 2006, Live to Win featured strong songwriting and a modern-day production. While many KISS fans were a bit let down by the new-school sound of the album, Aaron spins a track that still has a strong rock and roll heart.

Chris' next choice is from Tommy Thayer. This is a bit of a cheat as Thayer has never released any solo material but we wanted to have all members represented. It's no secret to many DBG listeners, that neither Aaron nor Chris are very big fans of Black N Blue. For the sake of the show, Chris delved into their catalog and found a pretty strong track from the 1988 In Heat album.

We close out the show with Aaron's pick of Ace Frehley. With a solid string of releases from Frehley's Comet all the way to 2009's Anomaly album, there was a lot to choose from. Aaron chose a lesser known diamond in the rough from the Live +1 album that was released by Frehley's Comet.

That's week 1 of KISSMAS in JULY down. 4 more to go!

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Gene Simmons

Eric Singer

Bruce Kulick

Eric Carr

Vinnie Vincent

Peter Criss

Mark St. John

Paul Stanley

Tommy Thayer

Ace Frehley

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With KISSMAS in July just around the corner, we'll be knee-deep in the Hottest Band in the Land when Independence Day rolls around but we still wanted to celebrate America's birthday. We decided to do our Patriotic duty and spin some rock songs about America this week. 

Before we get down to business, we name Jay Hardman Geek of the Week for his hilarious response to a "Pick Your Poison" question on the Decibel Geek facebook fan page that pertains to some of Metallica's more "experimental" projects.

Chris attended the Geoff Tate-led version of Queensryche's performance at War Memorial Auditorium in Nashville. In this review, you'll hear his thoughts on the band's performance, concert attendence (or lack thereof), and his memories of the meet & greet after the concert. 

We kick off our ear-bleeding tribute to America with some love for the USA from a Canadian as Sebastian Bach performs 'American Metalhead' from 2007's Angel Down album.

The Offspring are well-known for their tongue-in-cheek, silly tracks from the 90's. However, there's more to this band if you dig a little deeper. We take a listen to the title track from 1998's Americana album.

Only in America would someone name themselves Jizzy Pearl. Love/Hate remains a criminally underrated gem of a band from Hollywood. We feel it our patriotic duty to give Jizzy and company their just due and spin the title track from 1992's 'Wasted in America' album.

Next up is a track about America that got this British hard rock band in quite a pickle during a festival show in England. British metalheads took it upon themselves to shower Def Leppard with bottles of urine during their performance at the Reading Festival in England. We take a listen to 'Hello America' from the On Through the Night album.

Before we get back tot he music, Chris reads some hilarious Letters to the Editor from a 1989 Hit Parader magazine. 

Up next is another rock artist that doesn't get near enough attention from the music buying public. Lizzy Borden has been doing his shock rock show for 30 years. We take a listen to 'American Metal' from 1985's Love You to Pieces album.

We go from Def Leppard telling America 'Hello' to Blackie Lawless and WASP bidding the Land of the Free adieu with 'Goodbye America' from 1995's Still Not Black Enough album. 

It wouldn't be a patriotic Decibel Geek show without a little KISS. To get you primed for next month's KISSMAS festivities, we spin 'All American Man' from the studio side of Alive II.

In 90 episodes (so far), we've never played anything by The Runaways. That changes this week as we take a listen to 'American Nights' from their 1976 self-titled debut album.

A true transplanted American is Lemmy of Motorhead. Always a fixture of L.A.'s Rainbow, Lemmy has written a number of songs about America. We spin 'Stone Deaf in the U.S.A' from 1987's Rock n Roll album.

Closing out the show is the lyrical genius of one, Alice Cooper. 1982's DaDa album has gone down in history as a piece of work that is not in Mr. Cooper's memory banks due to the high volume of alcohol consumption going on at the time. Aside from that, he had a spark of brilliance when he penned a patriotic song that extols on the joys of wonder bread, the A-team and waitresses that love to flirt. A perfect way to cap off our tribute to America. 

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Sebastian Bach

The Offspring


Def Leppard

Lizzy Borden



The Runaways


Alice Cooper

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We're hitting the road this week to go cross-country on a Road Trip! We're spinning some of our favorite songs with cities/states in the title. There have been a ton of songs written about a ton of places so we had plenty to choose from. Let's grab the keys and go.

We begin in the Pacific Northwest. Duff McKagan is a proud resident of Seattle and we take a listen to his ode to home with a track from his Beautiful Disease solo disc.

Up next is Chris' pick of what some would call a supergroup although there wasn't a whole lot of success resulting from it. In 1991 members of Shark Island, LA Guns, Ratt, Michael Schenker Group, and Vixen convened to form Contraband. Their self-titled release did not attain chart success but their cover of a Mott the Hoople classic is certainly worthwhile of play in this episode. 

There isn't a whole lot of information about the band Spearfish. We played their cover of a Sensational Alex Harvey Band track last year. This time we're spinning their take on a Steve Earle penned tune about attaining justice in a Canadian town. 

There's a lot more to Bowling for Soup than just their take on 1985 and the a cartoon theme song. Their tongue-in-cheek lyrics can sometimes overshadow their great ability to craft some great modern-day power-pop music. This time we spin a track that features a singer pining for his girl to come home after leaving the Lone Star state for the Midwest. You can find this track on their album A Hangover You Don't Deserve.

In the 2 plus years we've been doing this show, we've never crossed the Kid Rock line. Until now...Aaron's been wanting to tempt podcasting fate by putting the Detroit golden-boy into the Decibel Geek ether. While he's certainly well-known for the rap and country stylings, there are nuggets of true hard rock material to be mined from Kid's catalog. This track features some heavy guitars, a blues influence, and lyrics about Mississippi. 

After influencing half of the hair metal genre in the early 1980's and fronting a great band like Hanoi Rocks, you'd think Michael Monroe would be happy to rest on his laurels and call it a career. But, this Finnish-born rocker's got other plans. We take a listen to his new single that's a tribute to the seedier parts of Manhattan in anticipation for his forthcoming Horns and Halos album due out August 27th, 2013.

One band that certainly got swallowed up int he hair to flannel transition of the early 1990's was Junkyard. Texas-born transplants to the strip, the band signed on with Geffen but wasn't able to gain any traction in the shifting sands of the music industry. We take a listen to this underrated band's material with a track from their  1989 self-titled debut that's all about that ever-changing Sunset Strip.

One artist that could relate to Junkyard's troubles would be Butch Walker. Now a hitmaker for many Top 40 artists and a well-respected solo artist, Butch came to Hollywood from Atlanta in the early 1990's with his band SouthGang. The group seemed to have all things in place; well-constructed songs, tight musicianship, and a singer that had "the look." The only problem, that wasn't "in fashion" anymore and SouthGang was on it's way out almost immediately. We take a spin back home with a track that seems to have been written out of homesickness from their Tainted Angel album.

We couldn't have a travel-themed episode without taking a spin up to Wisconsin. Aaron is not ashamed of his pride in all things Wisconsin and Packers. Tuff vocalist Stevie Rachelle is definitely of the same mind with his Cheeseheads with Attitude project. We spin a track by CWA that will sound a little familiar but, if you're a Pack fan, you'll certainly feel like a winner.

Closing out the show is, quite possibly, one of the most criminally underrated bands ever. They've had huge success overseas but never could catch on in America (unless it was via Quiet Riot). 

Noddy Holder and company have put together decades of strong material. We finish off this week's show with a track from their Nobody's Fools album from 1976 that celebrates the breaking off of bad luck in Tinseltown. See ya next week!

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Bowling for Soup

Kid Rock

Michael Monroe





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Back in March of 2013, Decibel Geek writer Rich "Meister" Dillon attended the Monsters of Rock Cruise. But, his reporting on the events and artists of this tour-de-rock on the seas goes back further than that. Remembering how great a time he had on the 2012 Cruise, Meister started his "Views of the Cruise" series in advance, interviewing artists that would be aboard as well as giving previews of the bands playing. Of course, while on the cruise, Meister kept a diary and reported back to us at DBG headquarters. In all, the Views of the Cruise series swelled to 19 volumes! 

Aaron and Chris were so impressed with Rich's amazing documentation of the MOR Cruise that we wanted to give our listeners a first-hand account from Meister himself. So, Rich sent us his Monsters of Rock Cruise Top 20 Memories and we got him on the horn (ie. Skype) from Canada to recount his days of debauchery on the high seas. Below you will see the actual Top 20 that Meister sent us so you can read along with us as we recount his Monsters of Rock Cruise Memories.


20-The whole damn thing!


19-JSRG(Vixen)-The biggest pleasant surprise of the cruise. They were astoundingly awesome at the pre party show. I did not expect them to rock like that! Gina is an excellent guitar player and there was a decided absence of the keyboards that make the records kind of flaccid. Their pool stage set was the same although you could see they were tired (it was a 1am show). These girls kicked my ass!


18-The guy at the pool party who started at a $20 offer for my 20 year old Four Horsemen t-shirt and was up to $115 when his wife dragged him away. Talking to same guy at Saxon pool deck show, laughing about shirt I pass him a card and he stops and looks at me and says "are you The Meister? I've been following your blog!" Holy


17-Helix-my fellow countrymen always put on a great show and they rocked the Zebra Lounge Set on the last day.


16-Keel-both of their shows aboard ship in the Theatre and Zebra Lounge. Awesome band live. Other performers often join the stage for Right to Rock-Zebra was Steve Riley and Lita Ford, theatre was Oz Fox, Brian Vollmer, Ted Poley and Jason McMaster. Many pics from all players too and autographed set list.


15-Making tons of new friends in the rock & roll party environment and meeting and chatting however briefly with performers like Jason McMaster, Share Ross, Nikki Blakk, Russ Dwarf, Brian, Kaleb and Fritz of Helix, Lorraine Lewis, Courtney Cox, Graham Bonnet, Nigel, Biff, Doug and Paul of Saxon, Dave Meniketti, Gina Stile, Georg and Brian of Rhino Bucket, Maz Mazza, Pat Fontaine and of course Ron, Dwain, Geno, Brian and Marc of Keel.


14-Alcatrazz-also a surprise. They were quite good both shows in the theatre and the Zebra. I would certainly go see them again if I had the opportunity.


13-TNT-their show in the theatre was surprisingly awesome. I was not sure what to expect and they were great. I caught a bit of their second set another day in the Zebra Lounge and they were not as good. Singer Tony Mills looked angry or drunk not sure.


12-My "in progress" sleeve tattoo-a guitar case with all my favourite band logos. Keel, Saxon, Russ Dwarf and Helix all took pictures of their logo and asked for pics when it's finished. Dave Meniketti looked unimpressed, but he was extremely drunk at the time.


11-Having the pleasure of introducing Dwain Miller (Keel drummer) to his hero, Nigel Glockler (Saxon drummer). A fun night drinking with Nigel and Biff and Doug of Saxon, Dave Meniketti, Ron, Geno and Dwain of Keel. Watching the two drummers chat and also watching Ron Keel interview Biff Byford for his radio show.


10-DangerousToys-closing the pool stage. Many are putting them up as the best show on the boat, incredible, yes but I think Saxon was better. I was distracted by beers and a young lady during this set however, so I may not have been paying full attention.


9-The Mojito Bar-on the top deck this is the spot to be late at night after all the performances as cruisers and performers alike drink until the wee hours, especially on the last night aboard ship.


8-Loudness-I only caught half to 3/4 of this show on the pool deck and I'm not a huge fan of their newer material, but they were unbelievably tight and Akira Takasaki's solos were blistering. They sounded awesome. Also a highlight-Akira Takasaki's hair!


7-Breasts-A young lady asking me to autograph her breasts before the first Saxon show. I don't know if she thought I was someone important, but I happily obliged. Also another young lady in a teal blue bathing suit exposing her magnificent breasts to a crowd of male onlookers during Cinderella and friends!


6-Y&T-their show the first night on the pool deck is something I have long looked forward to, tragically missing them last year. They were blistering and as their latest album says, Facemelting. Also leaning on front of stage for this show.


5-The AC/DC Beer Can Guy-this is a bit of nonsense, but still fun and a cool idea. AC/DC marketed a beer and this guy has started a FB page and is taking the empty AC/DC brand beer can to see the world. I met the can and had my pic with it. It has been as far as the south pole to date.


4-RhinoBucket-both of their shows in the small Zebra and Pigalle Lounges were flawless. Straight ahead rock, no gimmicks, call themselves "The last real rock & roll band". Got Forsythe pics and drumstick at Zebra show.


3-The island of Coco Cay-I'm not an overly "beach type" of guy, but this place was beautiful and quiet, private for our cruise ship. It was great to see stars like members of Helix, Keel, Queensryche, Wendy Dio, Loudness, Femme Fatale and others enjoying themselves on the beach.


2-Keel-riding in a limo with 3 of them to watch their rehearsal prior to cruising and singing a line of Speed Demon with Ron and later Right to Rock with Brian Jay. Totally incredible day!


1-Saxon-their show on the pool deck on Sunday-I was front row, leaning on the stage and lost my voice after that show. They were awesome, borderline erotic!

If you've been won over, book your spot on the 2014 Monsters of Rock Cruse HERE!

Monsters of Rock Cruise Official Facebook Page

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As most regular listeners know, we like to mix it up as far as themes/format on the Decibel Geek Podcast. Over the 2+ years of our existence one of our most popular formats seems to be our Bizarro Covers series where hard rock/metal bands perform songs that, shall we say, are not typical for what they would perform. 

We've had three very popular installments of this theme with many requests from listeners for a volume 4. With the glut of cover songs out there; many of which are not good, we sifted through and think we've pulled out some real gems that you'll enjoy. If not, it's some good comedy either way.

We start things off with the Revolting Cocks taking on a 1979 Rod Stewart classic and pondering  if you think they are sexy. Strange question coming from a band that's "revolting." You can pick this one up on their 1993 album Linger Ficken' Good.

While Michael Jackson had quite a history of r&b hits, the closest he ever flirted with hard rock would probably have to be 1982's 'Beat It" from the iconic Thriller album. Featuring a some strong riffage from Steve Lukather and a scorching solo from Eddie Van Halen, the song was massive all over the world. We hear a much harder (yet still true to the original) spin on this track as Raintime, an Italian progressive/power metal band, blast out their version from 2007's Flies & Lies album.

Nine Inch Nails converted a lot of people to a different type of rock (good or bad) in the early 1990's. A big part of that was the Pretty Hate Machine album. We hear a feminine vocal approach to 'Head Like a Hole' from Lullacry's Crucify My Heart album from 2003.

Closing out segment one of the show is a song by Danish metal genre-mixers Volbeat. This band has really started to break through into the mainstream consciousness with their new album Outlaw Gentleman & Shady Ladies. We take a look back, however, at their extremely creative cover of a Johnny Cash song that will grab you by the tongue.

One band that knows a lot about combining different elements of music under the metal umbrella is Anthrax. Their knack for taking hip hop foundations and building hard driving riffs on top has turned on fans of numerous genres to something they normally wouldn't tap into. We take a listen to their awesome update to a Beastie Boys track from the Beavis & Butthead Experience soundtrack. 

In the 2 years that we've been doing this show we never envisioned playing a montage song from a Rocky soundtrack. Actually, we did it a couple weeks ago but that was an obvious choice due to the vision theme of the episode. With that said, a show listener brought to our attention a fantastic cover performed by Bullet for My Valentine of a song from the Rocky IV soundtrack. We must break you.

Up next is possibly the strangest song that we've ever played on the show (until later). The Black Ingvars are a band that has been in contention for airplay on a Bizarro Covers special but haven't quite made the list....until today. If any song fits the Bizarro category, this Swedish dance-metal band covering the Backstreet Boys certainly qualifies. Please take it in a lighthearted form and don't unsubscribe!

Before we get to our next pick, we hear from listener Amy via our voicemail hotline (540) - DBGeek-1 if you'd like to call. Amy takes us to task for not including Dream Theater in our Epic Episode or our Big in Japan episode and asks if we have a personal beef with the band. We try to clear up any confusion as we spin a great Dream Theater cover of a Deep Purple song that will make us all closer.

Two stories going on in the world of rock include Doors keyboardist Ray Manzarek passing away as well as the most recent breakup of Stone Temple Pilots. We decided to have both stories cross paths with a great Doors cover performed by STP in happier times.

Closing out today's show has to be the only song more Bizarro than the Black Ingvars offering. Stahlhammer is an Austrian metal band that's been around since 1992. Ironically, we spin a cover by the band of a song that was big right around that time in a much different world. Ever wondered what an Austrian metal band covering MC Hammer might sound like? Well, your wait is over. And we're outta time. See ya next week!

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Revolting Cocks





Bullet for My Valentine

Black Ingvars

Dream Theater

Stone Temple Pilots


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While the Decibel Geek Podcast definitely caters to a worldwide audience, this week marks a very important holiday to Americans in Memorial Day. We thought we would put our own spin on this theme with our own memorial show in the vein of hard rock and heavy metal.

To make things crystal clear, we know that we will hear complaints about who was left out of this show and we assure you that we agree. The simple fact is, so many of our rock and metal heroes have passed that it's impossible to squeeze everyone deserving into an hour format. We will definitely do this theme again next year so head over to our facebook fan page and let us know who you nominate in advance.

Kicking things off is a track by the Sensational Alex Harvey Band from 1972's Framed album. With an odd image and progressive-meets-blues sound, the band never broke through commercially but this track surely shows you what an important cog they were in the British rock scene of the early 70's.

Next up is a track from Slaughter's album The Wild Life. Tim Kelly was a standout guitarist in the early 1990's and this track makes it clear why he was a big loss to the rock community.

It's hard to believe but it's already been 3 years since we lost Ronnie James Dio. The metal community is still not over the loss of this great vocalist and a void is definitely still there. We spin a track in his honor from 1984's Last in Line album that was written by Dio all on his own.

While the offstage drama is what seems to get the most attention, Enuff Z'nuff has a staggering amount of great music in their catalog; overshadowed only by the lack of attention that it receives. Guitarist Derek Frigo and drummer Ricky Parent have both left the earth. We pay tribute by spinning a track from the Peach Fuzz album that is a good example of what they brought to the Chicago-born group.

Our next artist only recorded one full album, but it was a very memorable one. Mad Season was the 90's version of a supergroup. Formed by members of Pearl Jam, Alice in Chains, and Screaming Trees, they released Above in 1995. Featuring a sound all it's own, the album had a dynamic range of heavy emotion mixed with laid back tracks that served as a means for Layne Staley to convey is lyrics. Both Staley and bassist John Baker Saunders have since passed. In their honor we share with you a track that fits in nicely with this reflective week.

One of the most impactful losses in the metal world took place a few years ago when Dimebag Darrell was assassinated onstage at a club in Ohio. It's still difficult to wrap one's mind around such a tragic and senseless loss. We remember Dime in better times with a searing studio track that was included with the Official Live: 101 Proof album from Pantera's glory days.

Southern California's own Social Distortion has a musical history dating back to 1988. Their tight, punk-influenced sound has lasted through numerous fads and trends and the band is still performing to this day. Founding guitarist Dennis Danell died suddenly in February, 2000 from an apparent brain aneurysm at the young age of 38. We honor Danell with a track from the 1990 self-titled album.

One of the most popular episodes of the Decibel Geek Podcast, by far, was the Eric Carr discussion that we had with Eric's sister Loretta. To this day, Carr's reputation remains sterling as fans from all over the world continue to pay tribute to the former KISS drummer. We do our part with a shining example of his drumming power with a track from 1982's Creatures of the Night album.

A memorial episode wouldn't be complete without paying tribute to The Ramones. Sadly, the majority of the band members are all deceased. Their music lives on though and we pay tribute with a strong track from the Road to Ruin album.

Finishing things off is a song that Stevie Rachelle of Tuff recorded as a reaction to the death of the aforementioned Dimebag Darrell. Metal Heroes is a track that focuses on what this episode is all about; paying tribute to our heroes from the rock and metal universe. It only seemed fitting as a way to end this week's show.

This week's episode is dedicated to the memory of Slayer guitarist, Jeff Hanneman

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Sensational Alex Harvey Band



Enuff Z'nuff

Mad Season


Social Distortion




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It may not be well-known but, according to the National Eye Institute, May is Healthy Vision Month. We thought we would help spread the word and enjoy some good music at the same time. Here's what the National Eye Institute wants to tell you:

"Millions of people living in the United States have undetected vision problems, eye diseases, and conditions. HVM is designed to elevate vision as a health priority for the Nation by promoting the importance of early detection and treatment, as well as the use of proper eye safety practices, in preventing vision loss and blindness.

One of the most important things people can do to protect their vision is to schedule a comprehensive dilated eye exam. In this painless procedure, an eye care professional examines the eyes to look for common vision problems and eye diseases, many of which have no early warning signs. A comprehensive dilated eye exam can detect eye diseases and conditions in their early stages, before vision loss occurs. Early detection and treatment can help to save your sight."

With that said, we thought we'd celebrate Healthy Vision Month by spinning some songs that refer, in the title, to sight/vision is some form. Here we go.

After deciding on the title for this episode, Chris' first choice came very easily. From 1977's Draw the Line album, we kick things off with Aerosmith performing 'Sight for Sore Eyes.'

Aaron starts his sight-related picks with a track from the oft-overlooked 1995 release from Dokken; Dysfunctional. This album marked the return of George Lynch. We spin the opening track, 'Inside Looking Out.'

Electric Six

Chris decided to do some digging in research for this episode. A nugget was found in the vast space that is youtube with his choice of the track 'Night Vision' off Electric Six's 2005 release Switzerland.

Aaron's next pick is 'Eyes of a Strager.' Wait, before you think it's the well-known Queensryche track, think again. This great sing comes from the appropriately-titled Visual Lies album from Lizzy Borden and is a great addition to the show.

We return from break one with a selection from Motley Crue's debut album Too Fast for Love. While filled with lots of great hook-y songs, Too Fast....sports one track that fits in with our vision-themed show as we spin 'Starry Eyes.'

Up next is Aaron's choice of a bonus track from Ozzy Osbourne's iconic Blizzard of Oz release. Featuring some seering Randy Rhoads guitar work, 'You Lookin' at Me, Lookin' at You' is a testimony to the strength of material being created by the gone-too-soon guitarist and the Prince of Darkness.

Chris keeps the Crazy Train on track as we segue into a double-dose of Ozzy with his choice of 'Looking for Tomorrow' from the classic Sabbath Bloody Sabbath album from 1973.

One band that doesn't get nearly the amount of recognition it deserves is Turbonegro. We try to alleviate that problem with Aaron's choice of 'If You See Kaye' from their Party Animals album.

We close out the show with Chris' choice of a KISS track that appeared on two different albums in the band's catalog with different personnel. 'See You in Your Dreams' was selected from Rock and Roll Over and features some powerful drumming from Peter Criss and a great solo from Ace Frehley.

Playing things out this week is a fantastic cover of a sight-related classic that's all about focus. Aaron's choice of At Vance's version of 'Eye of the Tiger' is a motivating way to finish things off.

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Electric Six

Lizzy Borden

Motley Crue

Ozzy Osbourne

Black Sabbath



At Vance

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One thing we've definitely learned in the 2 years that we've been doing this show is that there's a great big world out there beyond our United States. While America tends to latch onto trends for a few years and then throw those artists away like yesterday's garbage when the next one shows up; other parts of the world seem to have a long-lasting appreciation for good rock and metal music.

With that said, this week we bring you the Big in Japan episode; an hour plus of music and discussion of artists that truly rock but have not attained the Stateside success that they deserve. 

We kick things off with, quite possibly, the most underrated band of all time; Cheap Trick. It's no secret that Japan was an important factor in breaking the Rockford-Illinois born and bred band via their hugely popular breakthrough album Live at Budokan. Aaron's choice of a competitive rocker from Heaven Tonight is a great way to start off the show.

The Trews

Chris' first choice is an extremely well-known band......if you live in Canada. When we solicited suggestions from listeners on our Facebook fan page, one band that came up numerous times was The Trews. With the large amount of Canadian listeners, we trusted their judgement and spin a track from their 2012 EP ....Thank You and I'm Sorry that exploits the good side of alcohol consumption.

One of Aaron's favorite active rock bands today is Queens of the Stone Age. While they have certainly gained recognition in America in recent years due to the extra exposure from their ties to Dave Grohl, Europe caught on much earlier. We present a track from the fantastic Rated R album that helps expose what makes them one of the premier rock acts of today.

One of the biggest crimes in the American music is the ignorance of the public to the sheer genius that is Ginger and The Wildhearts. If it wasn't for Aaron Camaro and a few choice rock podcasts, Chris would have never known about this amazing talent that gets wrongfully ignored on American soil. The Japanese bonus-track that Chris play from the 2009 !Chutzpah! album buries lead singles by many well-known rock acts. Ginger continues to not get his due but he gets it on this show. 

We return from the break with a very unorthodox choice by Aaron Camaro. You'd think that Chris would be the one to pick a song by Firehouse with his love for 80's and early 90's melodic rock. But Aaron did his homework this week and found a track off their 2003 Prime Time album that is deceptively heavy. Firehouse only had a couple peak years in America but are still a vital band in other parts of the world. This track shows you why.

One of the highlights of our 1979 Year in Review episode was the inclusion RIOT. This band was woefully unrecognized over the years in America and were on the brink of imploding back in the late 70's before British deejay Neal Kay started playing their tracks and, unintentionally, made them a part of the New Wave of British Heavy Metal. Chris' pick of a track from their Fire Down Under album features some searing riffs and powerful drumming.

A highlight for the Decibel Geek Podcast was getting to chat with Ugly Kid Joe's Whitfield Crane. In this conversation, Aaron Camaro made a plea with Whit to bring UKJ to the States rather than playing so much outside the country. Unfortunately, it hasn't panned out. So, with that said, we hope to motivate you to contact your local concert promoter/radio station/venue to bring them to the States as we spin a track from their 2012 EP Stairway to Hell.

One band that certainly got lost in the mix of the grunge transition was New York's Warrior Soul. Started on a bet from a promoter, singer Kory Clarke brought Warrior Soul to Geffen Records and have released 10 albums from 1990 through 2012. We check out a track from 1992's Salutations from the Ghetto Nation.

After the second break, Chris brings TNT into the picture. Formed in 1982, the Norwegian band has released 12 studio albums and gone through numerous lineup changes. We take a listen to a track from their successful 1987 Tell No Tales album.

Before we finish things off with Aaron's final pick for this week, we hear from Chiaki from the Metal Moment podcast. There's no better special guest for this episode as Chiaki is from Japan originally. He gives us his Top 5 Big in Japan bands with some tasty guitar work as well.

We finish things off with Aaron's pick from a band that stands tall among all others when it comes to the Japanese audience. Mr. Big is known, basically, as a one-hit wonder in America but in Japan they rival the Beatles with constant sold out arenas and large album sales. We close out the show with a track from their 2011 reformation album What If...

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Queens of the Stone Age

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Ugly Kid Joe

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Mr. Big

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Volume 12 of our Radio Sucks Radio Show came a little early but that's okay. We've been saving this one for a while. Why? Well, it could be any number of reasons (ie. a guest cancelled, a scheduling issue, we wanted a week off) but it doesn't matter because we're still back this week to provide you with some great music that the schmucks from corporate radio are just not giving you.


We start of with something brand new and Chris' pick of a track from the recently-released Motherland album by Pretty Maids. The inspiration to play this track comes from Chiaki of the Metal Moment podcast who spun a track from their previous album that got our attention. Pretty Maids is an outstanding band with a  large catalog of music that sadly doesn't get enough attention in the States. We hope to help change that with the opening track from their new album on Frontiers Records.

Aaron kicks off his choices with a great pick from Helmet's 1992 Meantime album. A band that truly deserved to be bigger, Helmet were ahead of their time and stuck in a strange time in the musical landscape that was very transitional. Listening back to this hard-hitting track helps one to appreciate how innovative Page Hamilton and crew really were.

It's no secret around the Decibel Geek offices that we love Russ Dwarf. After all, he was the first interview we conducted after Aaron joined the show and our Canadian writers have done a great job spreading the word about his endeavors. We tip our hat to our diminutive friend from the Great White North with a selection from his new Wireless EP that features acoustic takes on Killer Dwarfs classic. 

Another band that certainly didn't fit into their time period was Life Sex & Death (L.S.D.). Of course, any band fronted by a homeless person is probably not going to fit in to their scene. Led by the eccentric Stanley, Aaron's choice of a track from their Silent Majority album from 1992 showcases the quirky but talented band in a good light. We may not be able to pronounce the song title, but it's pretty clear that it rocks.

We return from the first break with a track that was recorded when Poison had the Blues....Saraceno, that is. Crack a Smile was an album that was recorded with the gifted plaid-clad guitarist replacing a replacement of an original guitarist. After CC Deville imploded from drugs and Richie Kotzen was shown the door after "relations" with a band members girlfriend, the L.A.-based glam band recruited Saraceno to provide his technical expertise to their next record. Unfairly ignored for years due to being shelved after it's 1995 recording; the album finally got a proper release in 2000 to little fanfare as Deville had returned to the fold by then. We spin a track off this highly underrated album.

Chris & Aaron usually see eye-to-eye on many of the artists featured on the Decibel Geek podcast but one artist that splits them down the middle is Gilby Clarke. Chris never liked him; Aaron does. Aaron tries to sway Chris' stance on Clarke with a track from his pre-GNR band Kill for Thrills. Will Chris change is his mind? Listen and see.

Not much needs to be said when it comes to the greatness of Van Halen's 1978 self-titled debut. It was influential, intense, and revolutionary. Chris' choice of a rarely-spun-on-radio track features everything that makes this early VH-era amazing; great harmonies, incredible guitar playing, and total charisma in a singer. Dream big.

If you asked many hard rock/metal fans what they thought of when they heard the name Weezer, you'd typically hear answers referring to sweaters, Buddy Holly, or living Beverly Hills. While the band is well-known for their ironic turns-of-phrases and poppy hooks, there's lots of harder edged stuff that many people don't know about. Aaron's track selection from their Maladroit album is a clear indication that Weezer is a band worth investigating.

Some of our most popular shows, without question, revolve around Vinnie Vincent. Listeners can't seem to get enough of the behind-the-scenes stories provided by some of our past guests regarding the troubled guitarist. While that stuff is interesting, we want to also show the most important side of Vincent; the amazingly gifted songwriter/guitarist that, behind all of the rumors and speculation, has penned some great rock music that deserves more notice. We spin a track from the All Systems Go album that proves that point.

Closing out the show this week is Aaron's choice of a song from Twisted Sister's mega-selling 1984 classic Stay Hungry. The album is certainly well-known enough based on its singles/videos but we give you a taste of a deep cut that is a monster in its own right.

Featured Artist:

Screaming Eagles

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Life, Sex & Death


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Vinnie Vincent

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When KISS decided to drop their trademark makeup in 1983, many fans from the band's 1970's glory years were perplexed when they saw a diminutive figure sitting next to Gene Simmons and loudly questioned, "Where's Ace?!" 

For the general music-buying public, the once Hottest Band in the Land had become a niche curiosity with dwindling popularity. Ever-changing lineups and forays into different genres had watered down the band and turned off many in their core audience. It stand to reason that many of KISS' old school fans weren't aware that Frehley himself had grown disenchanted with the group's direction and left the previous year.

With KISS' unmasking in 1983, many fans started wondering what happened to their favorite Spaceman and what his musical plans would be for the future. Our guest this week was instrumental in what happened next.

John Regan is commonly known amongst KISS fans as the bassist for Frehley's Comet but his resume tells a much bigger story. John was nice enough to talk to Chris & Aaron this week about his 30+ year career in the music industry, working with artists such as Ace Frehley, the Rolling Stones, and Peter Frampton

We start in 1980 with Regan's first meeting with Ace Frehley while collaborating on mutual friend "Crazy" Joe Renda's Variable Speed Band album that featured the quirky Frehley-penned single 'Eugene.' Regan shares how Renda and North Lake Sound Studios in White Plains, NY would continue to be crucial in the advancement of his musical career.

In this long-form discussion Regan shares how he first started working with Peter Frampton in 1982 and the marathon 3 day cram-session to learn Frampton's entire live set. This would mark the beginning of a friendship and musical bond that would bring the two together numerous times over the next three decades.

1985-86 would see Regan working with legendary artists such as David Bowie and Mick Jagger. In this discussion you'll hear his recollections of recording with the two for their 1985 duet of 'Dancin' in the Street' as well as his memories of working with the Rolling Stones during the sessions for the Dirty Work album. 

A bit of recording and touring in 1984 with Frehley would lay the foundation that Regan would return to in 1987 as Megaforce Records picked up Frehley's Comet and backed the new lineup featuring Frehley, Regan, drummer Anton Fig, and gutiarist/vocalist Tod Howarth. John shares his memories of the recording process for the album and the difficulties that came up after Fig was given the full-time job as the drummer for David Letterman's band. 

Regan shares his memories of working with Jamie Oldaker as the legendary drummer took over the drum stool in the Comet. Some Comet fans throughout the years have expressed resentment that Oldaker didn't "fit" the Frehley sound and, in this discussion, you'll hear Regan's reaction to that criticism.

Also in this long-form talk, Regan shares his thoughts on Eddie Trunk and his place in helping get Ace Frehley back into the public consciousness. "I don't think Ace would have got signed if it weren't for Eddie being the real force behind it."  Regan shares how Trunk was adamant about Frehley's potential and swayed Megaforce president Jon Zazula to give the former KISS axe-man a shot. He also shares, later in the interview, how he heard that Trunk has been telling Frehley that a Comet reunion would not be a good idea.

Regan also tells us his opinion of Second Sighting and how he thinks the Live +4 album that was shoehorned in between it and the debut may have sabotaged the band's potential growth. John also notes that the absence of Eddie Kramer behind the board may have hindered the album's sound but how there are also some shining moments as well.

1989 saw Frehley release Trouble Walkin'. With Kramer back behind the board and Richie Scarlet replacing Tod Howarth on guitar, the album had a grittier feel than the earlier Comet material and also did not bear the Comet tag. Regan explains why Howarth may have left the group and what went into the decision to not bill this lineup as Frehley's Comet.

We also ask Regan his opinion of claims made by Gordon Gebert in his KISS & Tell book that involve Regan producing Frehley-related live & greatest hits packages as a method for recouping money owed to him by Ace. 

Other topics touched on in this hour plus interview include Regan's work with artists such as Michael Monroe and David Lee Roth. We also ask John some listener questions that were sent in. 

There's a lot to get to in this discussion and we barely scratched the surface. John was a great sport and we really appreciate him appearing on the show. We hope you enjoy this talk.

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No stories are more entertaining and thought provoking than war stories. The rock and roll equivalent to this is road stories. Our guest this week is a treasure trove of experience in the annals of rock history; especially KISSTORY as former KISS guitar tech Tom Harper joins us for a discussion that is a great look behind the scenes that most music lovers never get to see.

Tom is most commonly known among KISS fans as a guitar tech (Paul Stanley’s on the Dynasty tour) that was tasked with playing the bass track on the track Shandi from 1980’s Unmasked album. Before we get into what took place to lead Tom into replacing Gene Simmons on this poppy number, we go back to his roots.

Our discussion starts in Connecticut in the early 1960’s and Tom’s indoctrination into the world of rock and roll as he witnesses the Beatles first appearance on the Ed Sullivan show. The tv appearance that launched a million wannabe rock stars nabbed Tom hook line and sinker as he quickly joined a band that already had 40 original songs and was playing talent shows and local bars at an age where he should have not been allowed admission.

Tom shares stories of playing seedy clubs on the wrong side of New Haven, CT and witnessing bar brawls and stabbings while performing sets.

In this discussion, Harper also remembers seeing legendary performers such as Cream and Jimi Hendrix as they made their way through Connecticut on their ascent to the top of the charts as well as the image of seeing Hendrix light his guitar on fire first-hand.

In 1969 Tom’s musical interests shifted as he became seduced by the technical prog-rock sounds of YES and their dynamic bassist Chris Squire.

The early 70’s saw Harper join a hard-rock act named BUX and he shares his experiences of recording an album for Capitol Records with promise and seeing that promise dashed when their manager meets an untimely demise. This situation leaves Harper without a band or a job in the middle of New York City.

Through connections and a timely ad in the Village Voice, Harper winds up as an employee of SIR Rehearsal Studios in NYC. It would be through this job that his path would cross with the Hottest Band in the Land.

Soon after beginning work for SIR, Tom finds out that producer Eddie Kramer is enlisting the company to provide various Marshall studio heads for the Ace Frehley 1978 KISS solo album. Harper shares his recollection of how he ingratiated himself into KISS circles by providing top-notch maintenance for Kramer and Frehley during the recording process.

In this discussion, you’ll hear how Harper became friendly with KISS’ road crew and landed the job of being Paul Stanley’s guitar technician. You’ll hear about an awkward first meeting with the Starchild at the KISS Dynasty album cover shoot that made it clear that Harper would have to be on his toes while working for Stanley.

Tom also shares his memories of then-KISS road manager Fritz Postlethwaite and his chainsaw named Arthur that he would use to bring order in hotels on the road.

The KISS Dynasty tour of 1979 was a virtual city-on-wheels and in this discussion Harper shares how the pre-tour preparations and rehearsals had the crew on the brink of exhaustion. He also shares some interesting stories about some ill-fated laser effects that sounded great on paper but turned out to be a nightmare to execute.

The tour rolled through America with 8 trucks and a flying rig for Gene Simmons that was state-of-the-art. Harper shares memories of the massive size of the show as well as some problems that happened along the way as ticket sales did not live up to expectations for the tour.

Before we get to the Shandi discussion, we take a couple of interesting detours as Tom shares with us his memories of being the musical director for the Peter Criss Out of Control tour that wound up being cancelled due to poor album sales. A planned appearance on a famous late-night show was cancelled and the revelation takes us completely by surprise. Interesting stories about the Catman.

We also discuss Tom’s time working with Judas Priest; of whom he became friendly with as the opening band for KISS’ Dynasty tour. Great road stories of working with Priest over the years ensue and we ponder the question of just how Rob Halford could pull off 5 shows in a row with no rest for his voice on 1982’s Screaming for Vengeance tour.

We also briefly discuss Eric Carr’s KISS audition and Tom’s memories of the Carr as a drummer and as a person.

We finish things off with the Shandi discussion in which Tom tells us how he wound up playing on the track, his thoughts on KISS’ creative process, the poppy sound of the Unmasked album, and the professionalism of Vini Poncia. It’s a great story and one we’re thrilled to share with you.

As a special treat to our listeners, we outro the show with the basic track of Shandi as Tom recorded it that day in 1980. This version of the track features a guide vocal from Paul and a basic production and comes from Tom’s personal collection. We hope you enjoy this different sounding version of Shandi.

Tom Harper recently released an EP entitled Vintage UK. This 4 song EP features tracks that heavily inspired Tom in his musical journey from British Invasion artists of 1967-68 and is available at the links below. Clips from these songs were played throughout the episode. If you enjoyed it and want to hear more, pick it up!

Purchase on iTunes

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Website for Vintage UK

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Last week's look at the first half of 1979 showed quite a bit of variety inside the genre known as rock. The second half of the year would continue that trend. Some of rock's heavy hitters released albums in the second half of 1979. Some bands stayed the course and continued to churn out music that fit their sound and style while others attempted to capitalize on the radio success of disco and new wave.

Radio stations jumped all over the disco craze in 1979, relentlessly pushing more pop-oriented songs to the top of the charts while rock and metal continued to commercially take a back seat. But the general public was ready for change as we evidenced in July when Disco Demolition Night at Chicago's Comiskey Park quickly went from light-hearted promotion to all-out riot due to the overwhelming turnout of disco-hating music fans ready to destroy albums by the Bee Gees, Donna Summer, and many others.

We take a look at the list of big singles of 1979, talk about Disco Demolition and play musical choices from big albums released by AC/DC and a very different-sounding version of Rainbow.

August of 1979 saw Led Zeppelin performing their final British shows (until 2007) in a 2 night stand in front of nearly 400,000 people. We head into our first break with a clip from the divisive and experimental sounding In Through the Out Door album.

We head into September with the news that U2 heads into a local studio to begin their first recordings and Chris shares a funny story about an awkward fan interaction with Bono at a concert. 

Good rock and roll was coming from Canada in 1979 with bands like Helix & Trooper releasing albums. Aaron's choice of a track from Trooper involves using math to size up a girl's looks. Trust us, it'll make sense when you hear it.

Also included in our discussion of September is Judas Priest's Unleashed in the East album, Cheap Trick using more orchestration on their Dream Police album, and the Eagles releasing another massive album that flew off record store shelves.

October brought yet another release from Lemmy and co. as Motorhead brought forth the Bomber album. And they wouldn't be done as is mentioned later in the show. Also included from October is a bluesy selection from Whitesnake's Lovehunter album and a quick discussion about the arousing album cover.

Before we get into November of 1979 Aaron reads off a list of the top television shows of the year and helps cement the theory that there really wasn't as much competition as their is now for viewers. That said, the unintentional cheesiness of some of the shows lends a charm to the nostalgia.

November saw the release of The Soundhouse Tapes by an upstart band out of the UK known as Iron Maiden. This would mark only the beginning of a career that has spanned nearly 35 years.

Also in November, Pink Floyd's concept album The Wall hits the scene and provides the soundtrack to a new generation of jilted teens.

November also saw the release of Night in the Ruts by a very divided Aerosmith. Only featuring a partial contribution from guitarist Joe Perry, the album still manages to have a sizable selection of good material. We spin a track off this surprising album.

December of 1979 started with tragedy as 11 people were killed in a stamped at Cincinnati's Riverfront Coliseum while trying to enter a Who concert. The band was not notified until after the show.

In December, The Clash released their smash album London Calling. Featuring a hybrid of rock, punk, reggae, and ska music London Calling spoke to an entire generation of young kids and has reverberated for decades since. Check out a great article about the album HERE.

We close things out with a relatively obscure band with a well-known guitarist. Electric Sun released Earthquake in December of 1979 and featured the guitar wizardry of former Scorpions member Uli Jon Roth. While Electric Sun didn't exactly set the world on fire, Roth's guitar work would go on to help inspire many 80's shredders such as Yngwie Malmsteen. This track that we go out on is a fitting way to leave 1979 and enter a bold new decade for music.

For articles about some great albums from 1979 that you probably haven't heard, check out BJ Kahuna's pieces HERE and HERE

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Judas Priest

Cheap Trick

The Eagles



Iron Maiden

Pink Floyd

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The Clash

Electric Sun

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We're back this week to discuss the first half of a very transitional year in music history. 1979 was a true crossroads for rock music fans; with the genre splitting into multiple sub-genres and another genre that ruled the world becoming passe.

The "Year of the Child" kicked off with the Music for UNICEF concert featuring pop tarts such as ABBA, Donna Summer & the Bee Gees performing sets on January 9th. Any chance Chris & Aaron decided to spotlight any of those artists this week? If you said yes, welcome new listener.

We cover January with a track by alt-rocker Joe Jackson that would go on to become one of the more well-known tracks from thrashers Anthrax. Also included for the first month of the year are clips from the debut album by Accept & a track from UFO that will leave you with palpitations.

February saw the passing of Sex Pistols bassist Sid Vicious due to a heroin overdose the day after being released from prison. We listen to a clip of Sid of vocals for the Pistols from their Great Rock & Roll Swindle album. Also featured in February are tracks from Scorpions' Lovedrive album as well as a very Cheap Trick-like track from Angel's Sinful album.

We return from the first break a news clip from the Three Mile Island nuclear power disaster that took place in March of 1979 set to the soundtrack of Van Halen's D.O.A. from their II album. Representing the third month of the year is a track from Motorhead's Overkill album that is more no-frills greatness from Lemmy and co.

Spring of 1979 shows upbeat picks of song clips from Thin Lizzy's Black Rose album, Journey's Evolution, and New England's Paul Stanley-produced self-titled debut. Quite a month for melodic rock and roll.

We head into May with KISS' sharpest left-turn to date with the release of the much poppier Dynasty album. Featuring the disco hit 'I Was Made for Lovin' You,' we spin a track from Gene Simmons that ponders the question on every narcissist's mind. Also included from May of '79 are overlooked tracks from Riot's Narita album & Ted Nugent's State of Shock.

Since this is just part 1 of our 1979 Year in Review, we finish off the first half of the year in June with three very unique tracks. Paul McCartney will most likely be remembered for his gentle ballads and melodic numbers. But, the choice of track from his Back to the Egg album will give you a much edgier impression of Macca. Also included from June of 1979 is a track from the pre-KISS Bruce Kulick/Michael Bolton project known as Blackjack and a show closer that's definitely not obscure but still rocks plenty enough to get us amped up for part 2 next week. We hope you dig the music and, if you do........

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Here at the Decibel Geek podcast we like to make a point to keep the show at around an hour. There's no mysterious reason for this. We don't want to overload you in one episode and an hour seems to be a good median length of enjoyment.

With that said, it can be a challenge for us in picking songs for an episode and a number of fantastic songs get purposely left on the drawing board due to their length. So, this week, we proudly give you The EPIC Episode!

This week's show features all songs that are 6 minutes and longer in length from a nice variety of artists running the gamut from the roots of NWOBHM to mid-80's thrash to a controversial guitar legend that speaks best through his guitar.

We start things off with our Geek of the Week. This week it's Tim James who left us an awesome voicemail on our hotline all the way from Australia! You can be eligible for Geek of the Week by joining the Facebook fan page or calling the voicemail hotline at (540) DBGeek-1.

Mother Love Bone's what-might-have-been legend seems to grow more as the years move on and Chris' choice of the mashup of 'Chloe Dancer/Crown of Thorns' from their 1989 Shine EP is a prime example of the emotional relevence of the late Andrew Wood.

For a fantastic view into Andrew's story, check out our friends at Legendary Rock Interviews' chat with his brother Kevin of the band Malkfunkshun. Good insight into a very troubled soul.

Aaron's first song choice clocks in at over 7 minutes long and comes from the Grammy-nominated album Persistence of Time. Anthrax's 'Keep it in the Family' is a an 80's tour-de-force of thrash metal from a band most deserving of their spot in The Big 4.

Anthrax has new material out in 2013 with the release of their new Anthems EP featuring covers of some great classic rock tunes. Look for a full review here on the site in the near future.

Returning from the first break is Chris' choice of a song that legendary rock writer Martin Popoff listed at #17 on his Top 500 Heavy Metal Songs of All Time.

'Victim of Changes' from Judas Priest's sophomore Sad Wings of Destiny album features some of Rob Halfords most impressive vocals and truly fits the 'Epic' theme of this week.

With all of the change taking place in the early 90's as grunge began to swallow up the hair-metal genre, a group of crazies from Texas released their Cowboys from Hell album; signifying the arrival of groove-metal to the national scene. Pantera's 'Cemetary Gates' is, essentially, a pissed-off power ballad.

With a wide vocal range, vocalist Phil Anselmo spars with guitarist Dimebag Darrell towards the end of the song. This is the longest song in Pantera's catalog and Darrell's solo is considered an iconic piece of lead playing.

If there's one band that knows a lot about epic songs, it's Rush. Although 2112 is certainly near the top of the heap when it comes to epic songs, Chris decides to give a spin to something more recent with his pick of 'Seven Cities of Gold' from 2012's Clockwork Angels album.

Clocking in and over 7 minutes, the track features a thick guitar/bass mix, strong vocals from Geddy Lee, and the inevitable amazing drumming from Neil Peart. This song is helping to get Chris prepped for his upcoming experience seeing Rush in Nashville on May 1st.

Closing out the show a pick that is person to Aaron Camaro. His choice of 'Fred Bear' from Ted Nugent's 1995 Spirit of the Wild album brings back memories of growing up in the northern woods of Wisconsin.

While Ted Nugent is a very polarizing person when it comes to politics, this track proves that it's hard to argue with the amazing musicianship that he's churned out for over 40 years in the music industry.

We really enjoyed getting the chance to share some longer, "epic", songs with you this week and hope that you found something new to enjoy. If you did.....

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Judas Priest



Ted Nugent

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This week's episode was a long time coming as it's the result of a suggestion by one of our faithful listeners over a year ago. 

Dissecting and discussing the non Ozzy/Dio era of Black Sabbath was no easy task for Aaron and Chris as, quite honestly, it's a grouping of albums and songs that mostly went overlooked by them during their younger years. 

Joining them to discuss this lost period for the forefathers of heavy metal is Rob Kern from the From Out of Nowhere podcast. Rob is a self-proclaimed fanboy of the 1983 Born Again album and has strong feelings (positive and negative) about all of the material released after it by Tony Iommi & co.

Going in chronological order, we begin with the aforementioned Born Again album from 1983. The only Black Sabbath album to feature former Deep Purple single Ian Gillan, this album was widely panned by critics but has become a cult favorite over the years. Opinions differ drastically among the hosts as they share facts about the controversial album cover, the over-the-top vocals from Gillan, and how the tour for the album factored into a major plot point for This is Spinal Tap. Rob's choice track from this album is Zero the Hero; a popular one among many fans of this album.

1986 saw Tony Iommi itching to go solo but the material he was crafting was forced to bear the Sabbath moniker due to pressures from Warner Brothers Records. Billed as Black Sabbath featuring Tony Iommi, Seventh Star sported a much more commercial sound as well as new vocalist Glenn Hughes. 

The only track that partially broke through the public consciousness was 'No Stranger to Love' due to it's appearance on MTV. Rob's choice of album opener 'In for the Kill' is the closest thing that old-school Sabbath fans could sink their teeth in.

Following the recording of Seventh Star, a crazy amount of personnel issues crept up with band members playing musical chairs and issues on tour forcing Hughes out of the band and a short stint with future Badlands singer Ray Gillen. Enter Tony Martin.

Tony Martin brought his full-throated voice to Black Sabbath for 1987's The Eternal Idol. Your hosts share some interesting stories about Gillen's exit, Eric Singer's short tenure, and a strange story about the making of the album cover. 

While not a retro-sounding tune, Aaron's choice of 'Glory Ride' is definitely one of the brighter spots on an otherwise forgotten album.

Black Sabbath closed out the 1980's with Headless Cross. The album has been praised by Iommi; no small feat considering his dismissal of most material from these years. 

When we solicited suggestions of some of our listeners favorite material from this era, the title track from this album came up quite often; necessitating a quick spin of the song. 

The 1990's began on a strange note for Black Sabbath as they released the pseudo-concept album TYR

Featuring a number of songs relating to Norse mythology, the album has been bashed by many critics and largely ignored by fans. Chris makes a case for some redeeming qualities on the album as he spins the track 'Valhalla' featuring a huge guitar riff. 

1994's Cross Purposes featured some stronger songwriting for the band; some would say from a guitar legend. It's been rumored that the track 'Evil Eye' was originally written by Eddie Van Halen but his appearance was scrapped due to record company politics and re-recorded by Iommi. It remains to be cleared up. 

One thing that is clear is the strength of Aaron's choice of 'Cardinal Sin' as a track to show off the album's highlights.

We finish things off with 1995's Forbidden album. Produced by Ernie C. and featuring an appearance by rapper Ice-T on 'The Illusion of Power,' Forbidden is an album released at a strange time for a veteran band that had been through a lot. 

Some lively discussion of this album includes Rob's take on how comical the album cover appears; especially if you substitute flowers for a scythe. 

These Black Sabbath albums will never sit comfortably alongside Paranoid, Sabotage, or Mob Rules; but that doesn't mean they should be ignored. We hope that we shed a little light on what the band went through during these lean years when the vast majority of the music-buying public ignored them. If you dug some of what you heard on this week's show.....

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After a heavy week of Dropping Names, we thought it would be a good idea to reflect on the past this week. Obviously, podcasting did not exist in the 1970's so please allow us to be silly this week as Decibel Geek presents Radio Revisited 1975!

What would the Decibel Geek podcast have sounded like if it were a radio show in 1975? We take you to an alternate universe this week and give you a sample of what it would have sounded like had Aaron & Chris been decked out in bell bottoms & platform shoes while spinning deep cuts from great classic rock and early metal bands from the eight-track era.

Starting things off on this rebroadcast from WDBG is a Aaron's choice of a track from an upcoming Australian band with an energetic guitarist and charismatic front man. AC/DC asks 'Can I Sit Next to You Girl?' from their T.N.T. album.

Up next is Chris' choice of Thin Lizzy covering (and improving) a great Bob Seger track in 'Rosalie from their awesome new album entitled Fighting.

This has been a big year for Alice Cooper as he steps into a solo career with Welcome to My Nightmare. Produced by Bob Ezrin and featuring new upstart guitarist Dick Wagner, Aaron's choice of album-close 'Escape' is a welcome addition to the airwaves.

We head into the first break with 'Anything for My Baby' from the band that's trying to steal Alice's shock rock throne; KISS. This track off their 'Dressed to Kill' album shows that there's more to this group of face-painted monsters than a flashy stage show.

Coming back to 2013 for a moment, we get a visit from friend of the show & co-host of the Dropping the Needle and Three Sides of the Coin shows, Mitch Lafon who is heading up an amazing crowd-funded benefit project designed to help celebrate the 40th anniversary of KISS. 'A World  With Heroes' features awesome cover songs spanning KISS' entire history performed by loads of Decibel Geek-approved artists. This project promises to be one (if not) the best KISS tribute album of all-time but it won't happen without your help! This is funded purely by your pledge and the money will go towards helping a cancer care hospice that has been a blessing for many families going through a very difficult time. Click HERE to see the artist roster and find out how you can help.

We come back from the break with a heavy track by Ozzy Osbourne and his partners in Black Sabbath as they break out 'Hole in the Sky' from the awesome new album Sabotage. It's impossible to imagine this band without Ozzy. We're betting that doesn't change.

One of the hottest trios going today is ZZ Top from Texas. Chris' choice of 'Nasty Dogs & Funky Kings' from their Fandango! album shows you just why. 

We return from our second break with another great band emerging from the deep south. Lynyrd Skynyrd have blasted their way out of Florida and are quickly gaining a foothold in the worldwide rock arena. Aaron's choice of 'On the Hunt' from their new Nuthin' Fancy album is a prime example of the swagger with which these southern rockers carry themselves.

A band from overseas that is being sorely ignored in today's rock radio is the Welsh band Budgie. Their new album Bandolier from MCA Records is chock full of thick riffs and catchy melody lines. Chris shows off the album with the cut 'I Ain't No Mountain.'

Aaron finishes his picks off with a heartfelt dedication to an ex-girlfriend that left a mark on his heart as he spins 'Miss Misery' off the recently-released Nazareth album, Hair of the Dog. A truly anti-romantic number.

Closing out the show is Chris' pick from the first solo-album from former Amboy Dukes' guitarist Ted Nugent. An artist that prefers to let the music do the talking, 'Stormtrooping' providing a boot-stomping ending to this week's show.

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This week the Decibel Geek Podcast is here to kick ass and take names! Or is that drop names? Anyways there are many rock songs that have names in the title. Now I know that "Mandy" from Barry Manilow was the first thing to come to mind but that song fortunately didn't make Chris and AAron's playlist this time around. Instead they have chosen ten "Decibel Geek" approved tracks that are dropping names all over the place.

Up first the godfathers of metal, Black Sabbath kick off the show with "Johnny Blade" from the 1978 Never Say Die album. This was the last studio album with Ozzy and an album that Ozzy would later refer to as "the worst piece of work I have ever been involved in". I am sure the heavy drug and alcohol abuse might have been part of the problem.

Up next we have the band Johnny Rocket from Little Rock, Arkansas. AAron found this CD in a bin at Goodwill, and with a song entitled "Kiss, Clash and Johnny Cash" it certainly made this week's show. Three name drops in one song and gets our first KISS reference of the show!

From Chicago, Illinois the band Bad City pull out another Kiss reference with "Call Paul Stanley" from their 2010 debut album Welcome to the Wasteland. Paul Stanley actually endorsed the band, calling their album "an absolute knockout and the best album I've heard in ages. A killer, cohesive album of great rock and bombastic production that has been sorely missing. Every track is a winner and Bad City raises the bar out of most band's reach. It's really that good".

After starting off the show with Black Sabbath, we turn the tables and feature the Supersuckers (the self proclaimed greatest band in the world) and their song "OZZY" from their 1995 release, The Sacrilicious Sounds of the Supersuckers. Mixing a blend punk, grunge, country and rock these guys have recorded with Willie Nelson and opened for Motorhead and the Ramones.

1991 was the year that  Florida based band Saigon Kick released their debut album. This was the year that grunge was starting to get it's foothold and you can hear some of that sound creeping in to many of the bands of the time. Saigon Kick were one of those bands that seemed to straddle the rock/grunge fence and can be heard on the track "Suzy".

L.A. sleaze rockers Faster Pussycat get in on the action with "Mr. Lovedog" from 1992's Whipped album. Written as a eulogy for Andrew Wood, best known as lead singer of Mother Love Bone who had died of a heroin overdose in 1990. In retrospect, MLB's "Apple" album most likely would have been the first great Seattle Rock album of the 90's, and very likely that Andrew Wood would have been a bigger star that Kurt Cobain, and extremely likely none of us would have ever heard of Eddie Vedder.

The Bulletboys released their second album Freakshow in 1991. On that album was a killer funky cover of a Tom Waits song, "Hang On St. Christopher". The song made it to #22 on the US mainstream rock charts.

"Charlotte the Harlot" comes from the 1980 self titled debut album from Iron Maiden.

Written by Dave Murray and is said to be based on a true story. The Charlotte character would reoccur over the years in 3 more Maiden Tunes (22 Acacia Avenue, Hooks In You & From Here to Eternity), known to Maidenheads as the Charlotte Saga.Written by Dave Murray and is said to be based on a true story. The Charlotte character would reoccur over the years in 3 more Maiden Tunes (22 Acacia Avenue, Hooks In You & From Here to Eternity), known to Maidenheads as the Charlotte Saga.

After dropping the name of a Saint, Aerosmith are up next with a biblical name drop in the song "Adam's Apple". Off the 1975, Toys in the Attic album this track was written solely by Steven Tyler and produced by Jack Douglas.

Closing out all this name dropping is southern rock band Drive By Truckers and their song "Ronnie & Neil" From the 2001 album Southern Rock Opera, Ronnie and Neil is a song about the musical feud between Lynyrd Skynyrd and Neil Young. "Rock stars today ain't half as real. Speaking their minds on how they feel. Let them guitars blast for Ronnie & Neil".

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That's right everyone it's time for another "Radio Sucks" episode of the Decibel Geek Podcast because as you know, radio sucks. So once again Chris and AAron put on the DJ hats and spin some great music that you probably will not hear on your radio dial. So just sit back, relax, open your ears real wide and say "give it to me straight Decibel Geek Podcast. I can take it!"

Chris' pick of Heaven's Basement performing "I Am Electric" is a testament to how important you, the listener, are to this show as a suggestion from listener Devin Fox impressed us so much that it took the place of one of our previously picked songs. This is a great, energetic track from their debut album Filthy Empire that starts the show off right. Dig it!

Up next is "Tomorrow Never Comes" from Saints of the Underground, the heavy metal super-group featuring members of Ratt, Warrant, Alice Cooper. From the 2008 release "Love the Sin, Hate the Sinner" this would be Jani Lane's last full length album release, he passed away on August 11th, 2011.

Bruce Kulick released his BK3 album in 2010 and he utilized some "friends" as guest vocalists throughout the album. "Ain't Gonna Die" is one of those tracks that featured the vocal stylings of Gene Simmons. A great little rocker that you won't hear on your local radio station.

Nu Metal band turned straight ahead rockers, Papa Roach are "Still Swinging" from their 2012 The Connection album. This may seem like an unorthodox pick for the Decibel Geek podcast but we think you'll agree that this group has definitely matured their sound since their earlier days.

In 1993 Kerrang Magazine voted Earth vs. The Wildhearts, the debut album from The Wildhearts as the number #1 album of the year. A band with quite an interesting and unpredictable history, Chris and AAron spin "TV Tan" from their debut album.

Also in 1993 producer Tom Werman (Motley Crue, Cheap Trick, Poison, Nugent, LA Guns, etc.) was at the helm for Pariah's To Mock a Killingbird" album. An amazing album featuring the tune "Love To Turn You On" but the band was dropped by Geffen records.

Swiss band Shakra formed in the late 90's and have released 11 albums including 2013's Powerplay album. Turned on to the Decibel Geek Podcast from the Talking Metal podcast, "Back On Track" is the title track from their 2011 album on AFM Records

Up next is 100 Watt Opera - "Servant" from their self titled 2005 album. This is a band that AAron recently discovered right in his backyard of Nashville. Veterans of the Nashville club circuit, 100 Watt Opera are an impressive group of Music City rockers that deserve your attention.

Closing out the show this week, you wanted the best, you got the best! The hottest band in the world.....KISS! If your hungry and you need a meal you can always call for a little "Room Service" from their 1975 Dressed to Kill album.

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2013 marks the 40th year of existence for Hottest Band in the Land. So, it makes perfect sense for us to use episode 73 (as in, 1973) as a chance to time travel to numerous destinations that played a part in the overall history of KISS.

Joining on this global KISS trek is author Chris Epting. Chris is the perfect guest for this conversation as he's written a number of travel-related books on different eras of pop culture as well as his recently-released e-book, 'All I Need to Know I Learned from KISS: Life Lessons from the Hottest Band in the Land.' This book is filled with stories of how being a KISS fan shaped Chris' life and affects him even today. If you are a hardcore KISS fan, this book is definitely for you as it will certainly elicit some familiar emotions.

1. 10 E. 23rd Street - The Loft

The birthplace of KISS. This location is the spot where Paul, Gene, & Peter first auditioned Ace Frehley and the band took shape. The location is now next door to a comic book store that has an inventory that includes KISS comic books. Go figure.

2. 108 116 W. 43rd St. - Hotel Diplomat

The location that allowed KISS to secure management as Bill Aucoin, Sean Delaney, & Eddie Kramer all witnessed this hungry, young band that wore lots of makeup and electrified the audience in this downtrodden ballroom. A great history of the Hotel Diplomat can be found HERE.

3. 47-03 Queens Blvd. - Coventry

Site of some of the earliest KISS shows before they became a touring act. Coventry changed their name from 'Popcorn' just as KISS began their run playing the location. Footage of one of their Coventry performances is on the KISSOLOGY series of DVDs. A fantastic in-depth history can be found HERE

4. 4 Pennsylvania Plaza - Madison Square Garden

The site where KISS' dream was realized. During the band's earliest years, while performing at dive bars all over the country to sparse crowds, the band would psyche themselves up by imagining that that night's venue was "the Garden." This is also the site of this week's guest Chris Epting's first concert in 1977.

5. Starwood Ampitheatre - July 21, 1990

The site of Chris Czynszak's first KISS concert, Starwood is no longer in existence but it provided a venue for many KISS tours during the 90's and early 2000's.

6. 1919 Alliant Energy Center Way, Madison, WI - Veterans Memorial Coliseum

The site of Aaron Camaro's first KISS concert on the Revenge tour in 1992 on December 2, 1992.

7. 106 E. 86th Street - Park Avenue United Methodist Church

The front door of this church in Manhattan was the inspiration for the door used on the Music from the Elder album cover.

8. 400 Linden Street, Cadillac, MI - Cadillac High School

The site of the infamous KISS invasion of Cadillac! What a lot of us would give to time travel back!

9. 124 Broadway, Amityville, NY - The Daisy

The site of KISS' foray into the makeup characters we know and love today. It's rumored that their first show at the venue, which was sparsely attended, featured the band covering 'Go Now' by The Moody Blues.

10. 126 E. 14th Street, NYC - Academy of Music/The Palladium

A very KISStoric site as it was the venue that hosted the band's "coming out" party to a shocked group of industry onlookers as the band upstaged headliners Iggy Pop and Blue Oyster Cult. This venue was also the site of Eric Carr's debut performance with KISS in 1980.

11. 6230 Sunset, Hollywood - Aquarius Theatre 

Site of tv taping for ABC's In Concert hosted by Dick Clark in 1974.  KISS' earliest television appearance.

12. 1032 N. Sycamore Avenue, LA, CA - The Record Plant

Site of recording for parts of Paul Stanley (1978 solo album), Killers, and Creatures of the Night. 'Nuff said.

13. 1616 Butler Avenue, LA, CA - The Village Recorder

Site of recording for Hotter than Hell & parts of Paul Stanley (1978 solo album).

14. 26101 Magic Mountain Parkway, Valencia, CA - Magic Mountain

Now owned by Six Flags Corp, Magic Mountain was the shooting location of the infamous KISS Meets the Phantom of the Park television movie from 1978. Loved and hated by the fan base, the park still features the Colossus roller coaster that is featured prominently in the film.

15. 5th & Market Streets, Philadelphia, PA - KYW-TV Studios

Site of KISS' appearance on the Mike Douglas show. Filmed in the basement studio, the show featured a bizarre interview panel with Gene Simmons on stage with comedian Robert Kline and comedienne Totie Fields who skewered the demon in front of a national audience.

16. 30 Rockefeller Plaza, NBC Productions Studios, New York, NY - The Tomorrow Show

While '30 Rock' is well known for a whole host of famous television moments, none is more important to KISS fans than what took place on Halloween night in 1979 as Ace Frehley stole the show much to Gene & Paul's horror and Peter's delight.

17. 237 West 54th Street, NY,NY - Bell Sound Studios

The home recording studio of Bell Records with a history dating back to Buddy Holly, the band used this studio to record their self-titled debut album in 1974.

18. 52 W. 8th Street, NY,NY - Electric Lady Studios

The house that Hendrix built has been the home to many important moments in KISStory including the Wicked Lester recordings, first album demos, Dressed to Kill, Peter Criss (1978 solo album), Dynasty, and Asylum to name a few.

19. 105 2nd Avenue, NY, NY - Filmore East

The site of KISS' debut to the press in a special concert presented in January of 1974.

20. 2-3 KitanomarukĊen, Chiyoda, Tokyo - Budokan

A very pivotal location in KISS' history as the band broke attendance records in the 70's previously held by the Beatles and has hosted the band in each decade since to much fanfare. Japan's love of KISS is timeless.

21. Morumbai Stadium, Sao Paulo, Brazil

The site of KISS last show in makeup (at the time). While the band had hit a major low point in popularity in America, the fans in South America were only too happy to fill mammoth soccer stadiums and show the band that they 'love it loud.'

22. 2000 E. Gene Autry Way, Anaheim, CA - Anaheim Stadium

Site of KISS' first-ever stadium show in 1976, this appearance seemed to help mark KISS' transition from popular group to superstars.

23. West 46th Avenue & 12th Avenue, Pier 86 - USS Intrepid

Location of the official announcement of KISS' reformation in 1996. The event was emceed by Conan O'Brien and attended by fans and press from all over the world.

24. 665 West Jefferson Blvd, LA, CA - Shrine Auditorium

Location of KISS' first appearance in makeup with the original band at the 1996 Grammy Awards. The band only showed up to present an award with Tupac Shakur and didn't tip their hand regarding a reunion. But the writing was clearly on the wall.

25. 460 West 54th Street, NY, NY -Sony Studios

Site of KISS' appearance on MTV Unplugged, the night ended on a high note with Peter Criss and Ace Frehley joining the band for a few songs and encores and sparking the reunion that would take shape shortly after.

26. Brooklyn Bridge NY, NY

Site of KISS' appearance on the 1996 MTV Video Music Awards, KISS originally chose Ellis Island for their appearance but couldn't secure proper permits in time. Instead, they put on a blistering performance in the shadow of the Brooklyn Bridge that has gone down as one of the musical highlights from the reunion of the original band.

27. 314 Hermitage Avenue, Nashville, TN - Muther's Music Emporium 

An 800 seat facility in Nashville in the early 1970's that hosted a number of lesser-known acts working their way up the ladder that included Ted Nugent, Bruce Springsteen, and a face-painted group known as KISS on their first tour. Die hard KISS fans will recognize the venue name due to a handful of photos of Ace Frehley donning their logo on a t-shirt in the 70's.

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Ahhh yes, Valentines Day is here and love is in the air. This week Chris and AAron take us on board the tunnel of love as the Decibel Geek podcast serves up one "for the ladies." Now, before you all go running for  the doors, I will assure you that you will not hear any Barbara Streisand, no Celine Dion, and definitely no Luther Vandross.

These love songs are all Decibel Geek approved. So grab your sweetheart, open a bottle of wine, unwrap that new box of chocolates and remember "clothing is optional". Personally I can't think of a better way than to spend Cupid's special day with Chris and Aaron, your signifigant other and the Decibel Geek Podcast.

Who better to get this love fest started than former Motley Crue vocalist, John Corabi. John recently released his new acoustic album and up first on the show is the beautiful "If I Had A Dime." This track was co-written by none-other than friend of the Decibel Geek podcast D.A. Karkos.

Aaron takes us on a journey back to the early 90's with a power ballad tailor-made for the 80's with Tuff's I Hate Kissing You Goodbye from their What Goes Around Comes Around album. 

One thing we've definitely come to notice on the Decibel Geek podcast is that there's a very big world out there with lots of great music. One band that is sadly under-appreciated in the States is Thunder. We try to bring a little spotlight their way with a spin of 'Love Walked In' on this romantic day.

Speaking of under-appreciated bands, Stateside Chicago natives Enuff Z'nuff are one of the unsung greats of the late 80's and early 90's rock scene. Unfairly lumped in with many generic "hair" bands, Donnie Vie and company have a long career of great melodic rock songwriting and Aaron's choice of How am I Supposed to Write a Love Song? is a prime example of their talent. 

While Poison took the world by storm in the mid 1980's after making the westward trek from Pennsylvania to Los Angeles, the band the helped give them their blueprint was not nearly acknowledged for their contribution. KIX's brief window of fame culminated with Chris' choice of one of the most well-structured power ballads of the 80's with Don't Close Your Eyes from the Blow My Fuse album.

When Jizzy Pearl isn't blacked out in the redroom or writing one of his best selling books you might be surprised to know he can also lay down a pretty nice love song - "How'd I Get So Lonely"

While Chris and Aaron don't typically spin anything that has a southern tinge to it, it doesn't mean that there isn't a bevy of great music from that region. While we typically solely focus on hard rock and heavy metal, this week seems like an appropriate time to introduce you to The Bluefields. Consisting of Dan Baird (Georgia Satellites), Warner Hodges (Jason & the Scorcers), and Joe Blanton (Royal Court of China), The Bluefields are the outgrowth of a group of well-experienced and supremely talented now-Nashville residents. Their 2012 album Pure has caused many in the rock and roll world to sit up and take notice. Thanks to listener Tim Harrigian for turning us on to this great band that is right in our back yard. You'll be hearing more from this group in the future!

Certainly one of the most hauntingly beautiful songs to come from sleaze rockers LA Guns as they keep the love going with "The Ballad" from the oh so sensitive Waking the Dead album. It was a tough choice between this track and Hellraiser's Ball.

The road is a lonely place for many a rock and roll band. With all those long after show parties, scantilly clad groupies and thousands of worshipping fans it must make you wish you were home. "Coming Home" from the Long Cold Winter Album has Tom and the boys in Cinderella capturing those lonely moments on the road.

For you fellas that stuck it out through all of the mushy stuff we played for your better-halves today, we end the show with something just for you with Steel Panther's heartwarming rendition of Community Property from their Feel the Steel album. Thanks for hanging in there!

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Jizzy Pearl

The Bluefields

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Steel Panther

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After taking a 2 week long look at 1986, we're taking a detour back to Bizarro World with our third installment of Bizarro Covers.

What are Bizarro Covers, you ask? Basically, these are songs that were not originally considered hard rock/metal (mostly) and are being covered by, you guessed it, hard rock and metal bands. There's no shortage of strange cover songs out there and we're happy to share, what we think, are some of the best. 

We start things off with Yngwie Malmsteen's take on an ABBA disco classic. Of course, Yngwie shows complete restraint; letting the song breathe and allow lots of open space to take in the lyrics.....NOT. Either way, it's an interesting approach to this sugary pop number.

Next up is a case of Germany covering Australia as power metal veterans Sinner cover the Midnight Oil 80's classic Beds Are Burning.

We keep the German theme going with power/speed metal legends Blind Guardian's 1996 cover of the 1954 Chordettes sugary Mr. Sandman. Not quite as snuggly as the original.

Keeping with the old-school vibe, Aaron pulls out The Misfits covering the 1960 Drifters hit This Magic Moment for their Project 1950 album. Jerry Only in fine form on this one.

We break new ground coming out of the first break with a cover of a Lady Gaga track! Before you hit the 'unsubscribe' button, give us a chance to expose you to a great performance of Bad Romance by Halestorm.

Being the KISS nerds that we are, we couldn't help but pull out a great version of 1977's Plaster Caster from the Love Gun album performed by grunge forerunners The Lemonheads.

We really go deep into Bizarro World with the next track being a cover of A-ha's 1985 hit Take on Me from Italian progressive power metal band Vision Divine. You get extra cool points if you've heard this track before.

In keeping with strange cover versions, Aaron's choice of Mindless Self Indulgence's cover of Rush's Tom Sawyer will have you looking at the song in a whole new way.

Paul Stanley really created a monster (no pun intended) when he penned a song titled Hide Your Heart in the late 1980's. Originally a rejected song from the Crazy Nights album, Stanley put the song on the open market and it was snapped up by a number of different artists including Bonnie TylerMolly Hatchet, and Ace Frehley with Frehley's version being the only one that could compete with KISS' release of the song for their 1989 Hot in the Shade album. We take a serious listen to Ace's version of the song from his Trouble Walkin' solo release. 

Closing out the show is a Doro Pesch cover of Procol Harum's 1967 timeless classic A Whiter Shade of Pale. A definitely more rocked-up version of this Summer of Love number.

We hope you've enjoyed this visit to Bizarro World! If you did......

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Yngwie Malmsteen


Blind Guardian



The Lemonheads

Vision Divine

Mindless Self Indulgence

Ace Frehley

Doro Pesch

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Continuing our journey through 1986, Chris and Aaron jump right into their spandex pants and get things rolling. Chris gets the shredding started with his first pick, Vinnie Vincent Invasion's "Do You Wanna Make Love?"

Not just one former Kiss guitarist was busy in 1986. The same year Vinnie Vincent invaded, Mark St. John also released new music with White Tiger. The self titled debut album also featured Mike Norton (Mark's brother) on bass and David Donato on lead vocals. Aaron's pick from the album is "Runaway".

Keeping in line with the Kiss Guitar Tri-fecta, next up is a band produced by Gene Simmons and featuring future Kiss guitarist Tommy Thayer. Black n Blue release Nasty Nasty and the title track is chosen as the third pick of the show.

Always room for Motorhead "Built for Speed" from 86's Orgasmatron album is Aaron's next pick. Although with such a heavy, awesome album it was tough to choose just one.

Bon Jovi's Slippery When Wet album released in 1986 would go on to be the best selling album of 1987. The hits from this album are still played every hour on mainstream radio so Chris chooses to spin "Social Disease" one of the few songs from this album not normally heard on the radio.

Aaron's pick, "Face the Day" comes from Great White's second album Shot In The Dark. This album was an independent release and was the catalyst to them signing with Capital Records.

The mighty Iron Maiden released Somewhere In Time in 1986 and Chris chooses "Sea of Madness". Up the Irons!!

Aaron's up next with "Slip of the Lip" from Sunset strip rockers Ratt. Ratt's Dancing Undercover album was their third release and although it didn't fare as well in sales as their previous release it did reach #26 on the US charts.

1986 was a banner year for thrash metal and of course Aaron chooses to assault our ears with some Slayer. Reign in Blood, some say the prototypical thrash metal album and Aaron spins "Raining Blood"

After the onslaught of pure evil, Chris gets melodic and a little spiritually uplifting with Styper.  "Calling On You" from the To Hell With The Devil album is about as far from Slayer as you can possibly get but goes to show how diverse metal can be.

Right back into the thrash scene, Megadeth released Peace Sells But Who's Buying in 1986 as  Dave Mustaine continued his personal war with Metallica. "Wake Up Dead" is Chris's choice from this metal masterpiece.

Blackie and the boys in WASP release Inside The Electric Circus. The last album to feature Steve Riley on drums as he would leave to join LA Guns. Aaron chooses "The Rock Rolls On" for your dining and dancing pleasure.

One of Canada's greatest exports the Killer Dwarfs are busy in 1986 releasing Stand Tall and going on the road with Iron Maiden. "Believe In Me" is Chris's next choice as we start to wind down this incredible year of music.

One band that definitely embraced past influences and created a sound that would help mold the alternative movement of the 90's was Bad Brains. In 1986 they released I Against I, their 3rd studio album. Chris' choice of Secret 77 is a marriage between early 80's punk-meets-reggae and what would become the genre of grunge a few short years later.

Aaron's last pick of the night is Tesla's "EZ Come, EZ Go" from 1986's Mechanical Resonance album. A dirty, gritty no-nonsense rock band, Tesla seemed far removed from much of the spandex and hairspray of the day.

And with that, 1986 is in the Decibel Geek books!

Vinnie Vincent Invasion

White Tiger

Black n Blue


Bon Jovi

Great White

Iron Maiden






Killer Dwarfs


Bad Brains

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We return this week to fire up the flux capacitor and go back in time. After a quick hop, skip, and jump last time with the 2000 Year in Review parts 1 and 2 we go all the way back to a time filled with hairspray, neon, and keyboards....lots and lots of keyboards; 1986!

1986 saw the continued solo success of Ozzy Osbourne with the release of his Ultimate Sin album. Featuring the excellent fretwork of guitarist Jake E. Lee and a more melodic sound, the album would go on to sell over 2 million copies. Aaron's choice from the album is a smart one.

In 1986, the hard rock world celebrated Valentine's Day with the release of The Big Prize by Canadian rockers Honeymoon Suite. Chris' choice of a hit track from the album that was subsequently featured on Miami Vice is full of attitude.

Aaron goes back to the Violent Femmes well with a track from their 3rd album, 'The Blind Leading the Naked' that addresses their concerns of the nation's first lady of the time. Short, but entertaining.

We head into the first break of the show with Chris' pick of a non-disposable track from Metallica's legendary Master of Puppets album. Hailed by many as the greatest metal album of all-time, it still holds up very well to this day. You don't need a time machine with this album; it's still as vital today as it was in 1986.

We come back from the break with a track from a a band that was mired in drama. 5150 was Van Halen's first public musical outing since the departure of David Lee Roth. With a much slicker, commercialized sound, 5150 featured the vocal stylings of already-established solo artist Sammy Hagar. The public immediately took to the radio-friendlier sound of Van Halen and the album peaked at #1. Chris' choice of a track from this album has a personal connection to his childhood and memories of watching hours and hours of music videos on MTV.

Judas Priest adopted also adopted a slicker sound in 1986 with the release of Turbo. Featuring less bone-crunching guitar riffs and more melodic vocals, Turbo received lukewarm reviews from Priest die-hards. Aaron's song choice from Turbo sums up the newly-intended direction of Judas Priest nicely.

With KISS not producing an album in 1986, Gene Simmons was on to other business ventures. One of those ventures included producing other bands. One of those bands was Keel. Fronted by namesake, Ron Keel, The Final Frontier was released on April 30th, 1986 and included the single Because the Night written by Patti Smith and Bruce Springsteen. Aaron's song choice from the album demonstrates that Keel was definitely overlooked in the tidal wave of mid-80's hard rock bands.

One band in 1986 that was certainly not overlooked was Poison. Hailing from the gutters of Hollywood, Poison worked their way up the ranks of the Susnet Strip; garnering attention from record companies. 1986's debut album Look What the Cat Dragged In was an exercise in what has become known as sleeze-rock 

We come back from break #2 with a track from AC/DC that was not only from their Who Made Who album but was also featured on the motion picture soundtrack for the Stephen King-directed film Maximum Overdrive. 

Queen @ Wembley Stadium

One of the most famous concert videos of all time was shot in 1986 as Queen performed in front of 72,000 fans at Wembley Stadium in what would go on to also become the Live at Wembley '86 double live album. The tour was in support of their A Kind of Magic album that was released that year and Chris' song choice was also included in the Top Gun knockoff Iron Eagle.

While a lot of hard rock bands were exploding off the Sunset Strip in the early to mid 80's, Cinderella was launching their career from the east coast in Philadelphia. Fronted by the gritty-voiced Tom Keifer along with guitarist Jeff Labar, bassist Eric Brittingham, and drummer Fred Coury; Cinderella had a much more blues-based sound than their "hair" metal counterparts. Aaron's choice from the 1986 release Night Songs is a prime example of that sound.

2012 saw a lot of drama in the Queensryche camp but thankfully, that wasn't the story back in 1986. Chris' selection of a track from their Rage for Order album is a look back to a much happier and productive time for the Seattle-born band.

The Japanese metal band Loudness released their sixth studio album, Lightning Strikes, in 1986. Already a household name in Japan, this album helped bring the band more exposure in the American marketplace. With a slicker sound more akin to the glam rock that was dominating the charts at the time, Lightning Strikes received favorable reviews from critics while losing a bit of their hardcore fan base at the same time. Chris' choice from the album has some blazing guitar work.

The band that kicked off the Sunset Strip explosion a few years before was on there way out of fashion by 1986. Quiet Riot released QRIII to a disinterested public. Featuring no Slade cover songs, QRIII peaked at #31 on the Billboard charts and failed to reach Gold certification; quite a plunge from their multi-platinum status just a few years earlier. Chris' choice from the album shows that the public may have missed out on a solid album.

We close things out with the other side of the Van Halen split with Aaron's choice of a great track from David Lee Roth's amazing Eat 'Em & Smile album. Diamond Dave is in his full glory with an all-star band consisting of bassist Billy Sheehan, guitarist Steve Vai, and drummer Craig Bissonnette. What more could you ask for? 

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King Diamond

Ozzy Osbourne

Honeymoon Suite

Violent Femmes


Van Halen

Judas Priest








Quiet Riot

David Lee Roth

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Jerry Gaskill, longtime drummer for King's X, was in Nashville this week to resume his work with friend/producer/collaborator D.a. Karkos of Underdog Studios; work that had started in January of 2012 but was delayed for a few reasons. Jerry and D.a. were both kind enough to sit down with Decibel Geek Podcast host Chris Czynszak to discuss it all.

On February 26th Gaskill suffered a massive heart attack and briefly died before being saved via emergency surgery. In this conversation, Jerry shares what he went through during this time as well as how the presence of his then-fiancee Julie most certainly is the reason he is still alive today. 

After news broke of the heart attack, fans of Jerry from all over the globe pitched in in the form of donations and benefit shows to help out the legendary drummer during his road to recovery. 

With his body healed, Jerry and Julie tied the knot in Las Vegas just before King's X went back on a brief tour with Kansas in September. Things were looking up.....until October. 

Jerry, Chris, D.a.

In late October, Superstorm Sandy made landfall along the East Coast and devastated many along the New Jersey shore; the Gaskill's rented home and its contents among them. Once again, fans of the drummer marched into action to raise more funds to help the couple recover from the tragedy. In this discussion, Jerry shows an amazing sense of grace and perseverance. He shares what steps he's taken to continue to move forward with his life and his music.

This long-form discussion also has Gaskill sharing his memories of childhood; becoming influenced while watching the Beatles first appearance on the Ed Sullivan show as it happened live and going on to play his show at the age of seven.

Gaskill first crossed paths with future King's X bassist/vocalist Dug Pinnick in 1979. Shortly thereafter, Ty Tabor entered the picture and King's X was born. During this talk, Gaskill describes the early days of the band, the Christian ideals and labels that were attrributed to them, and how he feels about that description today.

King's X was widely considered one of the highlights of the 1994 Woodstock festival; with the band gaining new exposure in front of the 300,000 audience members as well as the millions that watched at home. In this conversation, Gaskill recalls the feeling of playing to such a large crowd, how it compared to the original festival, and the night of excess a few days before that threatened to affect King's X perfromance at the show. 

As stated before, Gaskill was in Nashville this week to continue working with Karkos as well as legendary producer Michael Wagener at his Wireworld Studio to get more drum sounds for the upcoming solo album. Jerry and D.a. are playing it close to the vest when it comes to describing what fans can expect but they do give a quick glimpse behind the curtain with a story about the unorthodox utilization of a trash can in the studio. 

With expectations of a 2013 release, Gaskill seems optimistic about the future of his music as well as his life. His positive attitude and motivation to press forward regardless of his obstacles are a testament to him and the love he receives from his fans. We hope this conversation gives you a fuller perspective on Jerry Gaskill.

Contact Info:

Jerry Gaskill

Underdog Studios

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Jerry Gaskill

King's X

D.a. Karkos

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We hope you are strapped and and have checked your tire pressure because this week we put the pedal to the metal (and rock) with volume 1 of Camaro's Cut Out Bin. 

What is Camaro's Cut Out Bin? Decibel Geek co-host Aaron Camaro is like a bloodhound when it comes to tracking down good tunes at a low cost. He's amassed an enormous collection of music from garage sales, yard sales, thrift stores, and used book/record shops and this week you'll hear some of the results. 

To go in depth about every artist played this week would take forever. In truth, most of these groups, you've never even heard of. So, with that said, here's a list of what is played in this episode:

Krokus - Round 13 (1999) – Phonag Records
Song Clip – “Blood Comes Easy”

The Panic Channel – One (2006) - Capitol Records
Song Clip – “Left to Lose”

Drama Queen Die – Self Titled Debut (2003) – Independent Release
Song Clip – “One Thing or Another”

Nerf Herder – Self-Titled Debut (1996) – My Records
Song Clip – “Van Halen”

King Missile – Happy Hour (1992) – Atlantic
Song Clip – “Detachable Penis”

Bobaflex – “Apologize for Nothing” (2005) – TVT Records
Song Clip – “Bullseye”

HardRoad – Miles (2010)
Song Clip – “Headed Home”

Buckra – So Many Weapons (2003) – Detonation Labs
Song Clips – “Shake Your Baby Fat”


Asphalt Ballet – Pigs (1993) – Virgin Records
Song Clip – “Weeds”

Voodoo Pharmacology – EP (2009) – Jam House Productions

Song Clip – “Minnesota”

Flipsyde – We The People (2005) – Interscope Records
Song Clip – “Revolutionary Beat”

Loudmouth – Self Titled Debut (1999) – Hollywood Records
Song Clip – “Not Free”

It’s Revenge – Rock N Roll Retribution (2005) – Man Made Monster Music
Song Clip – “Nothing to Lose”

One of these albums was good enough to be the winner of volume 1 of Camaro's Cut Out Bin. Which one was it? You'll have to listen to find out! If you dig it....

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The Panic Channel

Drama Queen Die

Nerf Herder

King Missile




Asphalt Ballet

Voodoo Pharmacology



It's Revenge

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We know, we know; a Best of year-end episode is not very original and many of our podcasting brothers-in-arms have done or are doing the same but you've gotta admit, 2012 was a great year for rock/metal music!

LA Guns returned to form in 2012 withe solid release of Hollywood Forever. Produced by the legendary Andy Johns, the album is, in essence, a love letter to the Sunset Strip scene that launched the band over 25 years ago. Aaron's choice of a track from this solid release is a natural choice.

While we start the show with a band with a serious amount of work in its canon; Chris' choice of a track from Sweden's Eclipse comes from just their sophomore album. We can thank YOU the listener for this as this band was suggested to us throughout the year and has gone on to become one of our favorites. Great, melodic hard rock with a metal tinge.

We follow Eclipse up with a pair of tracks from some hard rock and metal legends respecively. First, Aaron spins a track from the fantastic new album by Overkill, The Electric Age. Following that is a track from, if you believe lead singer Don Dokken, Dokken's Broken Bones album that features some great fretwork from John Levin; filling in for the departed George Lynch.

If there's one band that doesn't know the meaning of subtlety it is Jackyl. The band hailing from Kennesaw, GA has a long history of saying exactly what it feels and Aaron's choice of a track from their new Best in Show album is no exception. It will have you rethinking your dining habits, for sure.

Chris' next pick of a track from In This Moment's Blood album is all due to the power of podcasting; becoming a favorite of his after hearing it on two other great rock/metal podcasts.

Aaron Camaro recently enjoyed a night out on the town, checking out Local H's recent stop in Nashville. His choice of a track off of their 2012 release Hallelujah! I'm a Bum is a tongue in cheek barnburner that takes it's inspiration from a classic Beatles tune; sorta.

As any good Decibel Geek is more than aware, KISS released Monster in 2012; taking things up a notch from 2009's strong showing on Sonic Boom. Was this Chris or Aaron's favorite album of 2012? You'll have to listen to find out but we think Chris' choice of track from this album will definitely have you shouting to the heavens.

Pantera released new music in 2012.......really. While the idea of new music from Pantera seems pretty far-fetched since it's missing a very key ingredient, they did release a shelved track from the Vulgar Display of Power sessions in celebration of the 20th anniversary of its release. We give you some relief from the long wait with this awesome tune.

Closing things out is a track from the long-awaited return-to-Roth version of Van Halen. A Different Kind of Truth was released early in 2012 and it still resonates as loudly at the end of the year as it did in the beginning. The combination of Roth's lyrical gymnastics and Eddie's amazing guitar tone and shredding leads makes this not only a great release of 2012; it's a great release...period. We close out the show with a reminder to keep your cool in the new year.

The Decibel Geek podcast, writers, and contributors want to wish you all a Happy New Year in 2013 and we look forward to providing more entertaining shows, articles, interviews, and commentaries to help you rock out all year long. You deserve it!

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LA Guns





In This Moment

Local H



Van Halen

Ugly Kid Joe

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