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Episode 12 - Radio Sucks Radio Show

Another new episode already?? I know, it’s hard to believe but we just might be figuring out this whole podcasting thing and we’ve tried to cut back on the crack smoking in order to get some new material up for your ear holes.

In this, our 12th episode, the Decibel Geek Podcast proudly presents the Radio Sucks Radio Show. No, we’re not talking about two boom boxes giving each other head (although that is a stimulating idea). Corporate radio sucks ass. We know that you agree. Why else would you be checking out podcasts? With that thinking, we decided that we’d ignore our non-existent Program Director and play songs that we think are cool. You’ll actually get to hear stuff that hasn’t been drilled into your head for the past 30 years on a repetitive basis in order to fill a payola scheme for the sake of freebies and concert tickets.

This will become a regular feature on the Decibel Geek Podcast in the future; as long as we don’t get sued. We took pains to make sure that you hear the vast majority of these great songs but we are all about supporting the great artists that created this music.  If you hear something you dig on the show, check out the links on the Decibel Geek website to purchase music from the artist so they know they are appreciated.

Aside from the great music being played in this episode, Chris Czynszak & Aaron Camaro touch on some recent rock topics such as Anthrax’s Joey Belladonna being tackled by security at his own show and Aaron’s priceless reaction to being forced to check out the Lulu album by Metallica & Lou Reed.

We don’t wanna spoil the surprise of what you’ll hear so all we’ll share is that you’ll hear tracks by Anthrax, Metallica, Wednesday 13, Killer Dwarfs, KISS, Skid Row, Motley Crue, & Double Virgo. And we’re NOT talking about the singles you’ve heard on corporate radio! So, kick back and get ready to crank some great rock and metal as Decibel Geek Podcast presents the Radio Sucks Radio Show!

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We enter the month of November with a guest from the Great White North. Russ Dwarf has been entertaining audiences for nearly 30 years. Best known as one of the founding members of legendary Canadian band Killer Dwarfs, Russ has seen it all in the music business and gives the Decibel Geek Podcast a taste of his extensive experiences.

In this in-depth discussion you’ll hear Russ’ recollections on such interesting moments as when Killer Dwarfs were sharing the same studio as KISS, the influence of Alice Cooper on Russ’ performance, opening for Iron Maiden with a buck naked drummer and why a healthy sense of humor can get you through some of the muck that you have to endure in the music industry.

Russ also shares his views on youtube, downloading, and what he thinks of the current generation of bands in comparison to the scene of the 1980’s.

Russ Dwarf is currently touring in Canada on an acoustic tour but is also involved with providing vocals for Canadian legends Moxy as well as the project Hard Road.

You can find out more by visiting

Special thanks to Mitch Lafon at for his help in arranging this interview.

Music Featured:

Intro Music: Manic Bloom – Push Off the Ground

First Break: Killer Dwarfs – Dirty Weapons

Second Break:  Moxy – Sail On Sail Away

Third Break: Hard Road – Miles

Fourth Break: Killer Dwarfs – Doesn’t Matter

Outro Music: Mindset Defect – By the Way

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