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The guys are back this week after realizing their Canadian friends were too busy with their own podcast to cover their normal Thanksgiving duties. For five years, Rich "Meister" Dillon and Wally "Gator" Norton devotedly filled in on the last week of Thanksgiving so Chris and Aaron could enjoy time with their families and celebrate their holiday. However, this year the calls and emails went unanswered and the guys were forced to go back out and knock out an episode. The wives are none too pleased.

[caption id="attachment_33821" align="alignright" width="300"]those hosers are fired

Those Hosers are Fired


Since Rich and Wally are so caught up in their new CGCM podcast, the guys decided to just rip them off and do some of their routines (with a little tweaking for needed improvement). You'll get some special segments and a Playlist Battle that featured songs picked by each host. Artists spun include UDO, Edguy, Megadeth, Anthrax, and a bunch more. Be sure to keep up with the Decibel Geek facebook page for a poll you can vote in to pick the winning playlist.

The Canadians seem pretty full of themselves. They seem to think they don't need the exposure that Decibel Geek can bring. To that, the guys say "Those Hosers are Fired!"

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