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The podfather, Ken Mills, joins Chris & Aaron this week for KISS Shoulda Been a Single as KISSMAS in July rolls on! In this long form discussion and music episode, the guys each pick 5 songs from all of KISStory that they think shoulda been a single. These could be songs that would have rescued ill-fated albums in the KISS catalog as well as songs that could have made a successful album even more successful.

KISS Shoulda Been a Single

KISS Shoulda Been a Single


15 different KISS albums are used as sources; from the early days all the way to 2012 so there's a lot of variety on this one. We hope you enjoy KISS Shoulda Been a Single and SHARE with a friend!

Geeks of the Week:

Brad Shick, Rich Canamar, Rockin’ Ron Runyon, Mike Tyler, Todd Cunningham, Shane Hebert, Joe Royland, Sit and Spin with Joe, Joshua Toomey (Talk Toomey Podcast), Ian Wadley (Rock and Metal Combat Podcast), Matt Ashcraft, The Matty P and E Show, Thomas Mucaji, Kevin Williams, Terri Green, Kathleen Frazer Williams, Dan Chaput, Derek Leyba, Paul Watson, Christopher Williams, Brent Tibbetts, Andrew Jacobs, Brandt Cattell, Adam Cox, Joe Lascon, Wayne Cross, Rob Webb, Anthony Britt, Aaron Baker, Joe Momma’s Wrestling Podcast, Kenneth Roy, The God of Thunder, Rob Harris, KISS Army Omaha, Chad Pollock, Brian Knapp, Trevor McDougall, Mikael Burell, TJ Cullen, The Mooger Fooger, Ruben Garcia, Darren Helliwell, Derik Novak, Daniel Lee, Don Adkins, The TMJE Podcast

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