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We dive deep into a murky period for one of rock's great as we discuss the Alice Cooper Blackout Era! The substance abuse was at its absolute peak in the early 80's for our favorite shock-rocker. Many years of drinking followed by a craving for cocaine had started to destroy Alice from the inside out. Starting in 1980 with the Flush the Fashion era, Alice Cooper abandoned his classic eye makeup for a psychotic Mommie-Dearest image. Combined with his gaunt frame, it still registers as once of his most frightening looks.

Aside from the substances, the early 80's were a strangely creative time for Alice. The albums produced during this period yielded some brilliant, yet uneven, moments. Starting with 1980's Flush the Fashion, Alice takes a swing at disco and new wave with certain tracks. 1981's Special Forces is filled with an authoritarian concept while still providing a wink and a nod to androgyny. The cocaine abuse hits mass effect on 1982's Zipper Catches Skin and the songs bear that out despite some great moments. 1983's DaDa rounds out the Blackout Era in grand fashion with an album made purely from the heart. With Warner Brothers all but guaranteeing no promotional push, Cooper reunites with Dick Wagner and producer Bob Ezrin for an album that still sounds otherworldly today.

In this episode we share our thoughts on this 4 album run and spin our favorite tracks from each. We hope you enjoy Alice Cooper Blackout Era - Ep365 and SHARE with a friend!

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