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It's no secret that we like Ace Frehley around here and the new 'Space Invader' album is in constant rotation in the studio and we can't wait to hear more from the original Spaceman. And on that note....


Recently, Ace announced that the wait for his next album won't be as long as us Frehley fans are accustomed to. In fact, Ace is planning an all-covers album for the near future.


This week Aaron and Chris spin their wish list of covers that they think would benefit from an Ace-lift. You'll definitely be surprised by some of their choices that include songs from Budgie, Billy Joel, Deep Purple, Head East, Cheap Trick and much more! We also share YOUR suggestions for songs that Ace should consider for this new album. Enjoy this hour+ of songs that we want to hear covered by the space cowboy!


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Head East

Deep Purple

Billy Joel


Gerry Rafferty


The First Edition


Cheap Trick

The Normal

George Harrison

Daddy Cool

Thin Lizzy

Ace Frehley


Geeks of the Week:

Todd Cunningham, Robert De Pasqua, David Alpizar, James Brendon Dunn, Brian Bates, Andy Lafon, Billy Hardaway, Derik Novak, Shane Hebert, I-am Hoops, Lee Maslin (Audio Junkies Podcast), Joe Lascon, Matt Syverson (Paperback Rocker podcast), Mike Blount, Brent Walter, Warren Money, Joe Royland, JTB’s Groovy Record Room, Gang Forward, MusicMagsAndWax, Shane Stuckless, Don Nitschke, Nashville Metal Bands, Stitcher Radio, Adam Cox




Rhys Lett:

KISS – Crazy Nights

Daddy Cool – Eagle Rock (anthem in Australia)


Warren Money:

AC/DC – Back in Black

Van Halen – I’m the One

George Harrison – What is Life?


I-am Hoops:

Rush – Working Man


Brent Walter:

Ace demos – Catch Me When I Fall aka Audio/Video


Todd Cunningham:

Judas Priest – Victim of Changes


Ryan Bales:

Eric Clapton – Cocaine

Rolling Stones – Satisfaction

Jimi Hendrix – Manic Depression


Ben van Belzen:

VVI – Back on the Streets


James Geike:

Sea of Love

Flipp – Freak


Thomas Mucaji/Gregory Muse/Steven Conley:

Deep Purple – Space Truckin’


Robert Jackson:

Free – All Right Now


Paul Wozniak:

Motorhead – Ace of Spades


Mensch Maschine :

The Normal – Warm Leatherette


Kent Bennett:

David Bowie – Diamond Dogs


Collins Janus:

Joe Perry Project – Shooting Star


Danny Silvers:

Thin Lizzy – Thunder & Lightning, Bad Reputation, Do Anything You Want to, Havin’ a Good Time, Jailbreak


PJ Brown:  


KISS - 2000 Man


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