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We’re very excited to bring you this week’s episode. Today, we give you our recent conversation with Eddie Trunk. Mostly known from That Metal Show on VH1 Classic, Eddie has a rich rock and metal history that we delve into in this hour-plus in-depth discussion.

From High School Student to Record Executive

We venture back to Eddie’s teen years when he was introduced to the radio industry via a college station that taught radio basics to high school students. That led to his employment at a record store located across the street from a local rock and roll radio station in New Jersey. After a run of turning the radio station employees on to a number of rock and metal bands that they were ignoring, Trunk decided to take matters into his own hands and produced a deejay demo tape through a friends pirate radio station. The tape was good enough to earn him an internship at WDHA and later, his own show.

While earning his stripes in rock radio, Trunk met Jon Zazula, then a local record shop owner. Zazula was starting up his own record label and implored Trunk to give his struggling bands some exposure. With that, Eddie Trunk became one of the first major market deejays to spin tracks by bands such as Anthrax and Metallica. Trunk soon took on a job with Zazula, now known as Jonny Z, at Megaforce Records where he ascended to Vice President at the age of 25.

Meeting the Ace and Moving On

While at Megaforce, Trunk helped kickstart the careers of such bands as Kings X, Overkill, and Manowar. But it was a dream come true as a KISS fan to help get Ace Frehley back into the music world with the formation of Frehley’s Comet. Trunk quickly bonded with the guitar legend and their friendship remains strong to this day. In this discussion you’ll hear Eddie’s memories of that time working with Ace and his thoughts on Ace’s recent sobriety.

After a few years at Megaforce, Trunk had a brief stint in music management and continued to build his radio resume in the New York area; working at some of the bigger rock stations as well as being picked up for syndication in other markets.

TV on the Radio & Metal for a Cause

In 2001, Eddie began his long-term relationship with VH1 Classic; becoming the featured male host for special programming as well as interviewing many rock legends on the ‘Hanging With’ series.

Also in 2001, Trunk organized the New York Steel Concert; benefiting the victim’s families of 9/11 with a huge set by Ace Frehley, Overkill, Anthrax, Sebastian Bach, and a reunited Twisted Sister. The event raised hundreds of thousands of dollars and is considered by Trunk to be his most proud accomplishment in music.

That Metal Show & The Book Club

Eddie Trunk is currently the host of VH1 Classic’s That Metal Show; considered to be the leading talk show for all things hard rock and heavy metal. The new season will begin taping in March 2012.

Trunk also recently released his book ‘Eddie Trunk’s Essential Hard Rock and Heavy Metal’ and has appeared at book signings recently. The book is available wherever books are sold and personally signed copies are available at

Updates from Eddie Trunk are also available via his twitter page @EddieTrunk.

We want to thank Eddie again for coming on our show and hope that you enjoy listening to us discuss his history in the hard rock and heavy metal universe. Rock on!

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You just keep coming back to get your ears blasted and we thank you! Last week's Eric Carr episode really took off and we want to welcome all the new listeners. For the uninitiated, we try to mix things up throughout the month. While we love doing the interviews and have plenty more for the future, we also like to showcase some music as we're doing today.

Corporate radio sucks. That statement is about as simple as saying that the sky is blue or Nickelback is the antithesis to good music. With that said, Aaron Camaro & Chris Czynszak set out each month to play you some deep cuts from rock and metal history that the payola-induced corporate fat cats shudder away from. This is the Radio Sucks Radio Show part 4!
We've got a full slab of great music for you today. We start things off with a Motorhead track from the 'Iron Fist' album followed by a KISS track off 1974's Hotter than Hell.
Our first break is comprised of a flashback commercial featuring an unlikely pairing between two acts; especially when you consider who was opening up for whom. 
We segue into some 'Shout at the Devil' era Motley Crue as we discuss the band's recent residency in Las Vegas. We make sure to update everyone on Vinnie Vincent's recent musical output. It's buggin'! After that, we give you a track from the 31st lineup of L.A. Guns, the last one to feature Phil Lewis and Tracii Guns before they decided that two was better than one.
With this week's release of 'A Different Kind of Truth,' Van Halen is front and center on the world's radar (competing with the likes of Snookie and American Idol, wtf). We decided to avoid the lawsuit and play a classic Van Halen cover instead to get you primed for the new one. Trust us, it's worth going out and picking up.
The second break of the show features David Lee Roth extolling the virtues of the Decibel Geek podcast. We also hear from an inanimate object that is near and dear to a former WASP guitarist's heart (and liver).
The next 2 songs feature polar opposite bands but equally enjoyable. One is known for providing levity and humor in their records and their movie. The other was a legend that's music still holds up today against all of the other metal bands that they inspired. 
Next up is a band that you've probably never heard of covering a song of another band you've probably never heard of. Exciting right? Aaron really pulled out a gem with this one. Midnight Moses was originally performed by the Sensational Alex Harvey Band but covered beautifully on this track by Spearfish. 
Our next break includes Nigel Tufnel explaining why the Decibel Geek podcast is the only show that goes to eleven. We also hear from Mama Cass in her final moments.
We wrap up the show with some bands that each of us dig from the 1990's. Chris spins a track from a band that many of our listeners probably consider rap-metal but there's no doubt that musically this track slams. Go ahead and start writing your hate mail; we can take it. Aaron closes things out with a track from a band that Chris can't stand. In all fairness, Chris has only heard the one track that this band is known for so Aaron decides to expose him to a new slice of said group's catalog. Will Chris dig it? Wait and see.
That's all we got this week. Can you believe we got through all of these show notes and didn't say one thing about the Super Bowl? Dammit!!! 

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A Sister’s Culminating Tribute & Mom’s a Groupie?

In Episode 19 we chat with Loretta Caravello, sibling of the late, great Eric Carr of KISS fame.  Eric was taken way too early from the rock music world and Loretta has continued to keep his memory alive with the recent release of ‘Unfinished Business’; an album featuring now-completed versions of Eric’s songs that were previously incomplete. The songs are rounded out by a cast of special guests from the rock and metal world including Bruce Kulick (KISS), John Humphrey (Seether), and Ted Poley (Danger Danger) among others.

The discussion starts with talk of the new album including Loretta’s memory of discovering Eric’s 1980 KISS audition tape and how his rendition of Shandi was the only track recorded in stereo on the tape, thus allowing its completion on Unfinished Business.

Chris goes on to tell Loretta his Eric Carr story that involves car trouble after a KISS concert and his mother being mistaken for a lovesick groupie. Listen to the story, it makes more sense.

Kulicks, Frehleys, Wizards & Merchandise, Oh My!

Loretta tells Aaron & Chris about Eric’s bond with Bruce Kulick and Ace Frehley over the years and expounds on the stories of Eric being restricted from playing with Ace on the ‘Breakout’ track with Frehley’s Comet.

She also clears up the mystery floating around about Vinnie Vincent’s supposed ownership of Eric’s makeup design. This rumor has been around quite a while and you’ll get to hear her thoughts on this topic.

Loretta lets us know of some future Eric Carr-related endeavors down the road including a trading card set that will feature many candid photos taken by Eric himself during his time with KISS.

From Stove Repair to Stadiums

We discuss Eric’s meteoric rise from being a stove repairman playing small clubs to playing packed stadiums on the other side of the world just a few months later. Loretta tells us about the call Eric received from Bill Aucoin telling him that he was a member of the band.

This just scratches the surface of what we talked about so go check out the episode and enjoy this trip down the Eric Carr memory lane and be sure to pick up Unfinished Business at!

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Where There’s a Will (& Enough Alcohol) There’s a Way

For those of you that saw the post that was put up yesterday, you already know that Chris has had the week from hell and Aaron also had some rough news over the past seven days.  But, have no fear, another episode is here!

We may be a day late but we’ve got all the bottom-end that you can handle and we’re not talking about Kim Kardashian (thanks for the extra hits Google Alerts). We’re picking our Top 6 Favorite Bassists today! Why 6 and not the requisite 5 that we always do? Well, you’ll have to listen to the episode to figure that one out but let’s just say that it was due to one of the hosts and it wasn’t the buzzed one.

The Joy of Hops & Bulletproof Vests

We eagerly anticipate a shitstorm of hatred from this episode since it’s about as subjective as it gets. What were our criteria? Well, this week Chris was going through so much that his criteria was basically, pick bassists that he digs and that are memorable. Aaron on the other hand did his homework and has plenty to say about his choices, why he made them, the mysteries of the universe, and a dissertation on the physics of mechanical resonance in pre-Industrial Age Manitoba. Actually, the beer flowed and lots of stuff came out so that’s our best guess.

Ear Candy to Shove in Your Head Holes

With so many different options to choose from on this list, we give you a plethora to think about and digest in this episode. No clues, no hints, just listen to the show and get your torches and pitchforks ready. Some of these you will agree with and some you will not. Either way, it’ll be a good distraction from traffic, treadmills, or bosses with bad breath. We hope you enjoy it and can’t wait to get the hate mail. Rock on folksies!

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Diamond Dave & The Hype Machine

For anyone living under a rock or not named Sammy Hagar, the hype surrounding the recently-released single and forthcoming album from Van Halen has sparked loads of excitement and speculation whether the new tunes will cause us to break out our Rubik’s Cube and ponder the days of bellbottoms through Wall Street excess.  The first album released by a David Lee Roth-fronted Van Halen since 1984; ‘A Different Kind of Truth’ promises to illicit reactions of all kinds on February 7th, when it’s released. The newly released single, ‘Tattoo’ has drawn mixed reviews as well. 

The Car’s Out of the Garage & News You Can Use

We are without co-host Aaron Camaro this week, as he’s on assignment with one of his other ventures. Never fear though, we brought in guest commentator Mitch Lafon from this week.

Before we delve into Van Halen, we have a few news items to discuss in the intro to the show. By the way, if you want to skip straight to the Van Halen discussion, it starts just after the 5 minute mark though I’d rather you listen to me prattle on about other stuff for a few minutes.

We’ve brought on a few new writers to the Decibel Geek website. Please welcome J Alexander, JB, and Andrew to the team! We’ve had some amazing articles and interviews posted in the past week since these folks came on board and I’d like to tip my hat to them. JB’s first articles will be coming very soon. J Alexander wrote a fantastic article about Why Boy Bands Aren’t So Baod (trust us, it’s not what you think) and Andrew Jacobs has been churning out tons of great interviews for us including Larry Harris (former Casablanca Records), Blair N. Bitch (Betty Blowtorch), and Patrice Zappa-Porter (sister of Frank Zappa). Many new articles and interviews are planned in the future for the show and the site as well as a full revamp of the site itself that will make it much more user-friendly and fun to visit so stay tuned!

Dave, Sammy, Gary, & The Gang – A History Discussion

Chris  and Mitch first share their thoughts on Van Halen’s appearance at a cramped Café Wha? In New York as well as the then-sample of ‘Tattoo’ that was floating around. They also discuss the different lineups and albums released by Van Halen from the 1977 debut all the way to today. During the discussion, you’ll hear music from each album, some tracks you may have never heard before, and some entertaining (we hope) commercials and liners. There’s tons to discuss and we cram it all into an hour. Van Halen has seriously passionate fans and we are sure that some of our opinions will bring out some pitchforks and cause some bewildered looks but remember, it’s just our opinions. Feel free to use the comment section on the site or facebook or twitter or any of the other outlets we use to tell us how wrong we are. We like the attention.

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A Second Helping of “I Don’t Hear a Single, But Who Cares?”

We’re back with another generous portion of tunes that you won’t get to hear on commercial radio because they are too busy getting blown by a&r guys while pimping out whatever modern rock schlock is being force-fed to the masses.

We say, screw that! Decibel Geek presents the Radio Sucks Radio Show 2! We’re giving you some delicious ear candy that will exorcise any Nickelback-inspired demons.

Spacemen & Hard – Up Criminals

We kick things off with a track from KISS spaceman version 1 – Ace Frehley, singing a song that Gene Simmons provided him entitled ‘In Your Face’. This track was recorded for the 1998 Psycho Circus album but, for some insane reason, was cut from the album in favor of the cringeworthy ballad ‘I’ve Finally Found My Way to You’ as well as the self-congratulatory ‘Raise Your Glasses.’ We love KISS (as it’s obvious) but Chris was left scratching his head, and balls, over some of their decision making for this “reunion” album.

Up second is a track that went semi-viral via youtube by Beggars & Thieves.  Featuring cameos from Slaughter drummer Blas Elias, Ron Keel, and even noted rock-recluse Jake E. Lee, the video for ‘Come Undone’ drew attention from many of us with a taste for melodic hard rock and a keen sense of nostalgia. Plus, the song really gets stuck in your head which, in this case, is a good thing. Check out the video on the website.

Tony’s Fight & Tool Grabs You

We return from the break with Tomorrow’s Dream from Black Sabbath Volume 4. We recorded this episode a few days before the recent tragic news that guitarist Tony Iommi was diagnosed with Lymphoma. Our thoughts and prayers are with Tony and the Sabbath camp and hope that this excellent track will give you some joy as Tony fights this illness.

Next up is a very stripped down, hungry Tool performing a live rendition of the song ‘Jerk Off’ from the pre-Undertow E.P. entitled Opiate. This cd was on constant rotation in Chris’ dorm rooms in the 90’s as the soundtrack to many activities that are long since forgotten due to the haze from substances of old. Check out Maynard James Keenan’s scream near the end of the song. It could peel paint off the walls.

The Klok is Ticking & Diamond Dave’s Shakespearian Alter-Ego

Aaron gives us all something to think about with his choice of Dethklok’s ‘Castratikon’; a track that will surely get a giggle out of our female audience while increasing the sales of athletic supporters  simiultaneiously. Guard your junk guys!

With all of the Van Halen hoopla going around, we thought it would be nice to revisit the old days. The new single ‘Tattoo’ has certainly drawn a mixed reception from music fans but there’s no denying the greatness of this next track, ‘Romeo Delight’.  Also, stay tuned for a Van Halen special coming soon from the Decibel Geek podcast!

Chicks With Weapons & Hooded Kidnappers

Aaron shares a track by a band that’s time was cut too short by the tragic death of its singer.  Betty Blowtorch has a solid punk rock sound with the sneering vocals of the gone-too-soon Bianca Butthole. Hell on Wheels is the leadoff track from 2001’s ‘Are You Man Enough’ and is a fine example of what could have been.

2002 saw the release of The Song Ramones the Same; a tribute album to the punk pioneers featuring a cool cover of ‘The KKK Took My Baby Away ‘ by a group called Cool Millions. Pay attention for the banjo at the end!

L.A. Guns N Roses Supernova WTFBBQ & Some Rocking Little People

Chris & Aaron have a quick discussion about the ever-revolving lineup of band members for L.A. Guns after a stint with former Rockstar Supernova contestant Dilana lasted longer than Kim Kardashian’s marriage (thanks google search engine). Aaron is waiting his turn to be the 878th member of the band. Until then though, we give you a great track from Guns N Roses’ Appetite for Destruction; ‘It’s So Easy.’

We finish things off with a good friend of the show; Russ Dwarf. We interviewed Russ a couple of months ago and can’t wait to have him back on the show in the future. You may be seeing Russ as well as other friends in the wider podcasting world soon so stay tuned!

That’s all for this time! See ya next week!

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Episode 15 - Do It Live!

It’s the New Style for the New Year

You’ll notice a change immediately during the theme song; an abrupt belch which is a sign of something new. We’re giving this whole live recording thing a shot and you’ll hear everything in this episode warts-n-all including Aaron and Chris stumbling over words, getting tongue tied, and sound effects going off without warning. It’s as unprofessional as it gets but at least it’s entertaining. Plus, Chris doesn’t have to play around with hours of editing so hopefully this will be a welcome change that will provide more content in the future.

We start out talking about what we got for KISSMAS including Aaron’s review of the Ace Frehley autobiography, ‘No Regrets’ and the cool new Rocksmith game.

We update Vinnie Vincent’s output for the holidays. Impressive!

Chris gives a shout out to Cassius Morris from the Creatures of the Net podcast who recently did an impromptu interview with Eric Singer who called in during his live stream. Cassius is only 13 years old but is already on his way to becoming a big name in podcasting.  Congrats to Cassius!

Flashback Time

We share a cool radio commercial advertising the Sex Pistols tour of America in 1977 which leads to a discussion of the Sex Pistols impact in music as well as their reputation rubbing off on other punk bands like the Ramons. We also touch on a quick discussion of the G.G. Allin documentary Hated which documents all of the fecal-smearing, heroin-induced debauchery leading up to Allin’s death.

Ramones in Kindergarten

Chris shares his thoughts on a recent video that’s been sweeping youtube of a kindergarten class singing the Ramones’ classic ‘Judy is a Punk.’ It makes you feel all snuggly inside and gives hope to the world. There’s nothing that will renew your faith in mankind like a bunch of kids singing “perhaps they’ll die”….oh yeah!

Corabi Rocks for Tots & a Cinderella Story

Chris and Aaron reflect on their recent outing to see John Corabi’s Toys for Tots where they got to talk with Corabi as well as Jeff Labar from Cinderella; fresh off his hip-replacement surgery and filled us in on the possibility (or lack thereof) of new music from Cinderella. We recap the setlist and describe our trek over to a hipster bar invaded by metalheads with the strangest mix of songs from the jukebox you’ve ever heard.

Van Halen & the Little People

Chris & Aaron discuss the recent announcement of Van Halen’s new album and new single ‘Tattoo’ due next week. We’re totally excited to hear a song about the little guy from Fantasy Island (thanks to the guys from From Out of Nowhere for that joke). We also bemoan how much cooler this news would have been with Michael Anthony involved.

Shameless Self-Promotion 101 & The Days of Axl’s Life

The guys give their take on the recent induction of Guns N Roses to the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame with a discussion of Eddie Trunk’s recent grilling of the CEO of Hall of Fame as well as the big question of who is going to show up for the ceremony. Will it be the old guys or the new guys? Or, will Axl’s ego be big enough on its own to fill the whole stage. They wind up rambling quite a bit so we hope you dig listening to these guys yack on and on about Axl and co.

Chris & Aaron make the announcement of their expanding roles in the podcasting world as they will be contributing members of Podkisst, the leading KISS podcast as well as some contributions to the great Mars Attacks podcast for their Class Albums series.

That’s our first foray into the recording live thingy. We promise we’ll get better at it. In the meantime, feel free to laugh at all of the mistakes.

Smell ya later!

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Episode 14 - Top 5 Early 90's Albums

We decided that we wanted to have a healthy dose of pissed-off listeners and were pretty sure that this episode is a prescription for just that. The early 1990s for us old folks that remember it was a strange and magical time for rock music. Lots of transition was taking place in the pecking order of rock musics hierarchy with the mass music-consuming public deciding to ditch the Aqua Net and makeup mirrors and adopt a lumberjack-chic style to go along with their newfound depression. 

In a quest to try and come up with a tougher Top 5 list than our previous episode that involved Top 5 Non-Makeup Era KISS Songs we decided to try and pigeonhole 5 albums out of this crazy matrix of material that was being produced in this Gulf War era of change.

Full shownotes at

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Episode 13 - Nashville X-TRA

We hope everyone is over their tryptophan-induced coma. Thanksgiving was a great time for us at the Decibel Geek Podcast. We had a lot to be thankful for this year. We launched the show this year and added co-host Aaron Camaro.  Our audience is growing and we love talking about music! In short, we’re thankful to YOU for listening to the show.

Today’s episode is a Nashville X-tra episode. We kick things off with a new Rage Against the Scene segment where Chris reviews some recent articles from the Nashville Scene and his reaction is not totally what you would expect. Could Chris be moonlighting as a hipster and disguising himself in skinny jeans, bad facial hair, and a bowler hat? Doubtful, but you’ll have to check out the segment to find out. Chris also has a bone to pick with 102.9 The Buzz. There’s been a lot of aggression building up over The Buzz in recent years and Chris is ready to let it all out. Hear his thoughts on their choice to constantly spin 90’s tunes and the complete degradation of The Buzz Around Town. Something smells rotten in Nashville and it has dollar signs all over it.

This episode we also announce Decibel Geek’s recent inclusion to Stitcher Radio. If the tedious task of pushing “download” is just too much for you and you have one of those intelligent phone thingy’s, you can now check out the show through the Stitcher Radio app. Simply download the app, search for Decibel Geek, and you’ll be up and running and listening to us bitch about bands in no time! Just go to to try it out!

Next up Aaron & Chris intro a review of the new 3 Minutes to Live album. Well, I guess it’s not exactly new now since we drug our feet a bit on getting this up. Once we’re over this crack habit, the shows will be better (we think).  Anyway, Chris gives a track-by-track review and shares the good, the bad, and the ugly about this record. We promise, it won’t hurt a bit.

We finish off the show with some full tunes for your ear holes. We went for variety this time, so you’ll get Piranah, fORMER, and Fist of the North Star; something for ALL tastes. There will be more music-based episodes in the future so you’ll have a nice break for our droning voices. Hope ya dig it Nastyville!

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Episode 12 - Radio Sucks Radio Show

Another new episode already?? I know, it’s hard to believe but we just might be figuring out this whole podcasting thing and we’ve tried to cut back on the crack smoking in order to get some new material up for your ear holes.

In this, our 12th episode, the Decibel Geek Podcast proudly presents the Radio Sucks Radio Show. No, we’re not talking about two boom boxes giving each other head (although that is a stimulating idea). Corporate radio sucks ass. We know that you agree. Why else would you be checking out podcasts? With that thinking, we decided that we’d ignore our non-existent Program Director and play songs that we think are cool. You’ll actually get to hear stuff that hasn’t been drilled into your head for the past 30 years on a repetitive basis in order to fill a payola scheme for the sake of freebies and concert tickets.

This will become a regular feature on the Decibel Geek Podcast in the future; as long as we don’t get sued. We took pains to make sure that you hear the vast majority of these great songs but we are all about supporting the great artists that created this music.  If you hear something you dig on the show, check out the links on the Decibel Geek website to purchase music from the artist so they know they are appreciated.

Aside from the great music being played in this episode, Chris Czynszak & Aaron Camaro touch on some recent rock topics such as Anthrax’s Joey Belladonna being tackled by security at his own show and Aaron’s priceless reaction to being forced to check out the Lulu album by Metallica & Lou Reed.

We don’t wanna spoil the surprise of what you’ll hear so all we’ll share is that you’ll hear tracks by Anthrax, Metallica, Wednesday 13, Killer Dwarfs, KISS, Skid Row, Motley Crue, & Double Virgo. And we’re NOT talking about the singles you’ve heard on corporate radio! So, kick back and get ready to crank some great rock and metal as Decibel Geek Podcast presents the Radio Sucks Radio Show!

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